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Bunch of celebrities doing charity events for earthquake relief

T.M Revolution to turn concert into charity event for earthquake relief

Singer T.M. Revolution has revealed that he will be donating all ticket revenues to relief efforts for the recent earthquake in Japan. He posted a tweet on his twitter and with the help of his followers, things are being set up rather quickly.
T.M. Revolution was also scheduled to hold a live concert on March 30th for his new album “Cloud Nine.” While there were talks of canceling the live event, T.M. Revolution decided to turn it into a charity event instead. He has admitted that he is not sure about the full extent of these plans, “I don’t know how much I can or cannot do, but I am going to start moving with all my effort to face the problems that come our way.”

Currently, with the help of more than 200,000 followers, the artist hopes to gather the help of other artists and producers.


GACKT, Izumiya Shigeru, and Shinya start off their “SHOW YOUR HEART” Project

With the current situation in Japan caused by the 8.9 earthquake and big tsunami, GACKT and others have started the “SHOW YOUR HEART” Project for fundraising purposes.

GACKT has commented that he has decided to start with things that he could do to support the victims. And he has also said that, “We would be very thankful for everyone’s support. Although it is impossible to make a difference alone, by working together, we can make a huge difference.”
The special website for this fundraiser has opened in the “Hangame” website (online free game) and displays messages from Izumiya Shigeru, Shinya (LUNA SEA), h.NAOTO, DAIGO (BREAKERZ), Ni~ya (Nightmare), Yoshimoto Daiki (doa), Takahashi Hisanori, DJ SINJI, Kazuhiko Gomi, etc.


Matsuki Ayumu’s supporting song for free downloading

Matsuki Ayumu has started the free downloading for his new song “3 Gatsu 11 Nichi Mimei”. It also be accessed from iPhones.

“3 Gatsu 11 Nichi Mimei” is a song written for the victims of the earthquake. He has commented on his twitter saying things such as, “I know that many of you cannot afford to be listening to music at a time like this, but I hope those that cannot move from where they are now and are having hard and painful times can cheer up by listening to this song.” and “Everyone LIVE!”


YOSHIKI’s cherished piano to go on auction
It has been revealed that YOSHIKI from X JAPAN will be putting his cherished crystal piano on auction and using that money to donate to the victims of the earthquake.
On March 11th, the day that the earthquake occurred, YOSHIKI had been shut up in his studio for song-making purposes, and had twittered a message wishing for everyone’s safety. Day by day, the destruction that the earthquake had brought became evident and he decided to support this unfortunate even as much as he could do as a musician.
The piano that he is going to be auctioning has his name logo on it and has actually been used during a LIVE in 2009. Details about the auction will be posted up on his mobile site “YOSHIKI mobile”.


Kanno Yoko posts up her message song


【English transration】
I am worried for you,
and the world is worried for you,
searching for your name

Together with you
The world is always with you
I'm coming to see your soul

Your mind, your body,
Hold yourself in your arms
I pray that you are safe, and please be yourself,
Till I will see you.


Inoue Takehiko prays for the victims through his illustrations

Inoue Takehiko (known for writing the manga SLAM DUNK etc.) has been posting up over 30 illustrations related to the earthquake over his Twitter since yesterday. His illustrations are a series of black and white pictures titled “Smile” and have been posted from his account (@inouetake). His posting speed rose from one of his pictures titled “Inoru” (Pray) and his number of pictures have exceeded 68 as of now.
The link for his twitter is as follows: http://twitter.com/inouetake

Link to his Twitpic: http://twitpic.com/photos/inouetake

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I know the news bit about gackt was posted, but there are several more that havent been posted... I'll try to update when I find more!
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