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Kuwaiti family missing in Japan
While, following the news about the humanitarian disaster created by the earthquake in Japan and destructive survey of whole cities out of existence, and the loss of tens of thousands of people, First Secretary at the Kuwaiti embassy in Japan Mohammad Al-Mutairi informed about a family of Kuwaiti missing composed of five people in the area «Teshunoma» in Miyagi Prefecture in northern Japan. (Which was damaged most by the earthquake)

Their father lives and works as a professor in Japan for 23 years,  his name is Abdullah Ali Ahmed Muzaffar. He has two sons and a girl named Yousif, Kazem and Sarah. His wife is originally Japanese but she got the Kuwaiti nationality and changed her Japanese name «Miyuki
» to an Arabic name  «Ameena » and converted to Islam duing the 80s.
They opened a private school to teach English in their home city. The family earned honor from the Citizens of the city and they held a ceremony in a Japanese way on that occasion.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Khaled Al-Jarallah said that the authorities are still looking for the Kuwaiti citizen Abdullah Mozfar, his wife, and his children, after the earthquake hit Japan a few days ago. He stressed that there is constant communication with the Kuwaiti Ambassador in Japan Abdulrahman Al-Otaibi concerning the citizen and his family. He mentioned that the Kuwaiti authorities have provided the Japanese authorities with information about the missing citizen, in order to aid in the search.

He went on to say that the ministry has asked the Red Cross in Japan to inform the embassy with any updates concerning the whereabouts of the missing citizen. He revealed that the ministry communicates with Kuwaitis in Japan through Facebook and other channels.

This morning, the oldest son, Yousif, who was studying in Tokyo, was found by the Japanese Air Force in Tokyo. He stated that he had lost contact with his family since Friday.

First Picture: During the ceremony in their city
Second Picture: Abdullah Ali Ahmed Muzaffar and his wife Ameena.

Sources: 1 2 3
Transated and summaried by [info]foreverstorm90

Please forgive me if there are miskates, because English and Arabic are not my mother langauge.
Please guys, keep praying for Japan and all missing people to be found..

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