November 26th, 2009

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Marie moves on after relationship with Aussie rocker goes sour

Celebrity Marie, 22, and model Kozue Akimoto, 22, attended an event in Shibuya this week to promote merchandise for the American TV drama “The Hills.”

Marie and Akimoto – daughter of former yokozuna Chiyonofuji – showed off “The Hills” merchandise, holding official guidebooks and soundtrack CDs in one hand and glasses of wine in the other.

Marie said she was having a drink to move on from a break-up, so reporters turned their attention to the latest saga in Marie’s hectic life. Marie said she had been in a long-distance relationship with vocalist and guitarist Dougie Mandagi, of Melbourne rock group The Temper Trap, since they met at Summer Sonic in August. Marie said she really liked him but felt it was a bit one way. When Mandagi told her recently how he felt, she said wasn’t interested anymore, and that it was over.

“The Hills” airs on TV Tokyo on Wednesday nights, starting at 12.43 a.m.
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Tamaki, Rina unveil NEC handsets

Actor Hiroshi Tamaki and model Rina gave consumers a glimpse of NEC’s winter lineup of mobile phones Wednesday at Roppongi’s Oribe Hall, displaying six new handsets to a crowd of fans.

Tamaki, whose hobby is photography, displayed a photo he had taken of a guitar with the 12.2 megapixel camera on one of the phones and marveled how the quality was better than the digital camera he has at home. One handset that features a design inspired by a manicure also has a “Bihada (beautiful skin) Mode” camera setting, which Rina suggested would be “great for fashion photography.”

Tamaki, who insists he never sends any mail, played it cool in answering questions about his relationship with 21-year-old actress Yuriko Yoshitaka. “We have a friendship that sprung up from being costars,” he said
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Noriko Sakai scandal being made into movie

The deadline for appeal in the Noriko Sakai (38) case passed on Tuesday night, finalizing the 18-month sentence (suspended for 3 years) that she received on November 9. Although the trial is over, the case is still on the media's mind, and an upcoming movie will extend the story for at least a couple more months.

Film distributor Psydirec announced that shooting has already started for a movie titled "Setsuna," a semi-documentary about the Sakai scandal. Masao Kasahara is directing the picture, which is based on the book "Sakai Noriko: Kakusareta Sugao" by entertainment reporter Masaru Nashimoto. The lead actress is said to be a former top star of the Takarazuka's Snow Troupe, though the specific name has not yet been publicly revealed.

"Setsuna" is expected to be released in January 2010.


Kouhaku Newcomers Express Their Joy Through Their Blogs

The final list of performers have been confirmed for the 60th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen. This year, all eyes are on Kato Seishiro, a familiar face to all who know him as the "Child Storekeeper" on Toyota's advertisement, and Ayaka, who have taken her rest from many activities this year, and many other Kouhaku first-timers who have expressed their excitement on their official blogs.

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SOURCE, GOOGLE IMAGES, and my mediocre translations.

AMTD, who are you looking forward to see on Kouhaku?

aiba saibaba

Watanabe Naomi loses 8.5kg, says Carnivorous Diet Might Be Effective

Widely known as the "Japanese Beyonce", comedian Watanabe Naomi (22) went on a Carnivorous Diet for 45 days consecutively, and her weight dropped from 90.4kg to 81.9kg. Her body fat also reduced from 41.8% to 31.8%. During this period, Watanabe also refrained from taking too much carbohydrates and food containing sugar, and therefore attained such a marvellous result.

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I think she's kinda awesome.
{film}: prelude to death

The power of #eggplant is strong in him.

"Bandage" movie sells 70k advance tickets on first day

Advance tickets for the movie "BANDAGE" (opens January 16) went on sale last Saturday. Now, Toho has revealed that about 70,000 tickets were sold on the first day, setting the record for a live-action film distributed by the studio.

Directed by music producer Takeshi Kobayashi and written by Shunji Iwai, the film has received lots of attention for being the first movie to star KAT-TUN member Jin Akanishi (25). In the movie, he plays the vocalist of a rock band called LANDS. The film's theme song was released this week as a single under the band's name, and it immediately captured the #1 spot on Oricon's daily ranking chart.


So how many of you did #eggplant on Twitter yesterday? It trended for over 15 hours. :)
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Ayumi Hamasaki has a new boyfriend?

After the Former issue of Ayumi Hamasaki's Mother upon the revealed drunk case, Ayumi is back with another new issue of having a new boyfriend. This new mate is the one who was rumored to Kuriyama Chiaki, TAMAYAMA Tetsuji.

Speaking about TAMAYAMA Tetsuji, who was actually suspected to having affair, is about to be revealed.

Exposed by Ayumi Hamasaki's close friends :" The fifth floor of Ayumi's residence, which is Ayumi's room, is not allowed to enter even the manager, but This TAMAYAMA Tetsuji leisurely entered the house and personally took the lift up to and went straight to her room."

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Japanese cops cross-dress for bag snatch dragnet

Patrolling in high heels, wigs and designer bags, Japanese black-belt policemen have been cross-dressing in a bid to beat off bag-snatchers, a report said Wednesday.

The all-male squad has been deployed since last month on night patrols in central Aichi prefecture, wearing skirts and stockings and carrying eye-catching handbags as bait for potential thieves, the Asahi daily reported.

So far the unit has failed to nab any muggers, the Asahi said, and Aichi police declined to comment to AFP on the report.

To qualify for the special squad, police have to be young, slim and hold the top rank of a black belt in a martial art such as karate or judo, the report said. A 26-year-old officer -- measuring 1.71 metres (5.6 feet) in height and weighing in at a dainty 61 kilograms (134 pounds) -- expressed pride in the mission, telling the daily: "It's cowardly to target women who are weak."

The operation has not been without its pitfalls. Some of the stylish policemen have become targets themselves -- of cat-calls and lewd propositions. One 25-year-old officer said he "panicked" one night when a male driver leaned out of his car window and asked if he wanted to go for a drive.

Source: Yahoo News

jaejoong of tohoshinki denies relationship with abiru yuu

Yes, THAT Abiru Yuu.

How come this was never reported? The November 26 issue of Josei Seven reports that Jaejoong/Hero of Tohoshinki fame was seen on a date with Abiru Yuu (you know, Yamapi's ex). The direct quote:

“JaeJoong and Abiru Yuu were seen on a date late night in Tokyo recently. The date between the 2 was first witnessed in early October where they were spotted very initimately together on late night date at about 3am.”

A representative of Tohoshinki has come forward to deny these allegations, however.

“Totally absurd. The date which the magazine stated – early October – JaeJoong was in Korea. How can the 2 be together, we really cannot understand. And according to Avex Japan, JaeJoong has never met Abiru Yuu before.”

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Goddamn. I was going to say something about Abiru movin' on up in the world. Say goodbye to those Johnny's, baby, the hallyu movement is where it's at!

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Nana Eikura, Naohito Fujiki, Jun Kaname in workplace drama

Fuji TV has unveiled another drama series for next season, titled "Nakanai to Kimeta Hi." Actress Nana Eikura (21) will be the star of the show, playing an office lady for the first time.

Eikura plays a graduate of a second-rate university who manages to find a job at a top-notch company. But after a minor mistake, she becomes the subject of serious bullying by her superiors and other co-workers. Ultimately, she chooses to endure the harassment, not wanting to simply run away from it.

Naohito Fujiki, Jun Kaname, Anne, Yasunori Danta, and Yoshino Kimura are part of the supporting cast. Fuji TV will broadcast the series at 9:00pm on Tuesday nights, beginning in January.

Source: TokyoGraph

Do want, so very much. *___*