April 13th, 2010


They already broke up last Fall... Okada Junichi & Aoi Yu

V6's Okada Junichi (29) and Aoi Yu (24) stopped dating ever since Fall 2009. Both of them were busy due to working schedules, this made it hard for them to meet and had been the grounds for the break up. Okada and Aoi both acted in a 2005 drama (Tiger & Dragon) which started the said relationship. In 2008, the couple had a picture in which they were caught shopping together (and sharing an umbrella), this started the issue of the intimate relationship between them. Aoi is a very talented young actress while Okada is a popular Johnny's idol and actor. Okada had his house renovated last Summer 2009 with Aoi, but even before they could live together, their relationship had already ended.

Source: nikkansports (20100412... yeah its new)
~translated with the help of felly80.

NOW WHICH IS RUMOR IS A RUMOR? I dunno. But this is nikkansports, it's news enough. It had been much of a roller coaster before this came out.
So much for OkadaXAoi babies... *again*. But look, they both have movies lined before them.
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Ayu interview on Ustream tomorrow!

To celebrate the release of Hamasaki Ayumi's 11th original album "Rock'n'Roll Circus" on April 14th and her new tour "ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2010 A ~Rock'n'Roll Circus~" (started on April 10th, she will perform in 13 different cities throughout Japan for a total of 34 shows), Yahoo!Music Japan will broadcast a 45-minute long live interview with Ayu using Ustream on April 14th.

It's the first time for Yahoo!Music to broadcast a live show using Ustream. The show will be broadcast from Ustream×Yahoo studio, and it will be possible interact with the show using twitter (attaching the #ymu_ayu hashtag to your tweets.
The questions have been collected through Yahoo!Chiebukuro (the Japanese version of Yahoo!Answers). This is like a new version of "Hamasaki Ayumi ni kore kikita~i!" ("I want to ask this to Hamasaki Ayumi!", a popular corner of her concerts where guitarist Yoshio Nomura reads questions from fans and Ayu answers).

You can watch the show on Yahoo!Music's official event page, it will start tomorrow April 14th at 21:00 (Japanese time).
Don't forget to attach the #ymu_ayu tag to your tweets!

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SHIT I'LL BE AT WORK. Is there any way to record Ustream shows? I promise I will translate it all for arama if someone records it for me T___T
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Leah Dizon is making a comeback

Leah Dizon revealed on her blog that she is finally back in the studio working on her musical comeback. Her last album Communication!!! was released two years ago.

blog entry
Hey! How YOU doin'?
I'm great!

It looks like Ameba has updated it's program. I can only access mail from April (^_^;).
I'll look into it ...

I feel so happy to finally be back in the studio!!! ... And so incredibly blessed to be able to put out another album for you guys. Thank you so much for all of your support. The music, everything, it's all for you. It's all because of you. Thank you so much for allowing me to sing my songs to you m(_ _ )m.

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