August 10th, 2010


miwa releases PV for new single ‘chAngE’

Singer / song writer, miwa released a promotional video for her new single titled “chAngE.” This song is used as the opening theme song for the popular animation “BLEACH.”

This new song will be miwa’s third single and is slated for release on September 1st with two different versions, a Regular Version and Limited Edition Version. The Limited Edition Version will come with a DVD, which includes a music video for “chAngE” and a Bleach Sticker.

CD information:
1. chAngE
2. you can do it!
3. Amayadori
4. chAngE ~instrumental~

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Love it <3 It's pretty different from her previous stuff.
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Erika Sawajiri semi-nude in September’s ‘Numero TOKYO’

Actress, Erika Sawajiri, has posed semi-nude for the international fashion magazine, Numero TOKYO. The photos will appear in the September issue of the magazine. Erika, herself came up with the shoots theme which is “exposed” and “entangled.” The photos will show Erika with a foreign model entangled relationship, while showing ‘sexy’ facial expressions.

She also stated in an interview that it did have something to do with the relationship she had with Tsuyoshi Takashiro.

The recently divorced actress/singer/model is often the target of tabloid criticism, but she appears to march to the beat of her own drummer and continues to push the envelope in her comeback to the Japanese entertainment industry.

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Avex had a 1.5 billion surplus in the last quarter (Apr-Jun)

A month ago Oricon reported on 2010 first-half sales and revenue ranking giving the three first places to Sony, Avex and Universal. Now we can convert at least part of those percentages into real money. From April to June 2009 Avex had a 1.6 billion deficit. Same period in 2010 their benefits made up for a 1.5 billion surplus. Insiders attribute it to the company's big names like EXILE and Ayumi Hamasaki among others, best albums and drama/anime theme songs (such as One Piece's). Avex online sales also increased by 11%. Let's celebrate!


Crisis? Who said crisis?
[AAA] Misako - Get Chu!

Dream to release a new single titled “My Way ~ULala~"

Newly formed girl group Dream has announced the release of a new single album titled “My Way ~ ULala~” on August 18th. The song “My Way ~ULala~” will also be the theme song for a TBS show titled “Zenbu.” The song will also be the ending theme song for another show titled “Gachikame7″ on Yomiuri TV.

The new single album comes with a DVD which contains the music video of “My Way ~ULala~.”

Dream consists of members Abe Erie, Takamoto Aya, Nakashima Ami, Nishida Shizuka, Tachibana Kana and Yamamoto Sayaka. The group recently completed their free live concert around Japan to increase their fan base in the Middle School and High School age brackets.

CD Information:

1. My Way ~ ULala
2. Get my way – Dance Ver. w/o Bridge-
3. FantAstrip
4. Himawari
5. My Way ~ ULala~ [Instrumental]
6. Get my way – Dance Ver. w/o Bridge- [Instrumental]
7. FantAstrip [Instrumental]
8. Himawari [Instrumental]

1. My Way ~ ULala [Music Video]
2. My Way ~ ULala [Making Video]
3. I Believe [Music Image Video]
4. FantAstrip [LIVE from Dream Live Tour 2010 ~Road to dream~]

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Not as good as Perfect Girls or Breakout but nnnngh so glad they're actually releasing stuff.

X Japan Finally Play in U.S.

The dream is finally realized. 18 years after X Japan held a press conference in New York to announce their U.S. concert debut, it finally happened as the band took to the stage at the Lollapalooza rock festival in Chicago yesterday. They stuck to their hard rock/speed metal numbers for a 5-song set that included English language versions of the classics "Rusty Nail" and "Kuranai," the more recent "Jade" and "I.V." and ended with the fan favorite, "X."

The front rows of the audience were dominated by Japanese faces, some with the elaborate fashion, makeup and hair that X Japan and their fans established as the dress code of visual kei rock. And unlike many of the locals, they certainly didn't need any encouragement to sing along or make the traditional X symbol with their forearms. Many were reduced to tears, especially when slow motion images of the band's late guitarist Hide were projected on a screen during an interval.
X Japan return home for two shows at the Yokohama Nissan Stadium next week, before returning to the U.S. for a full North American concert tour. The tour was scheduled to start in October but the date for the opening show has been announced as September 25 in Los Angeles, where drummer and band leader Yoshiki is based. Plans to go on a European tour from January were also revealed yesterday.

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Over the weekend the first “TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL” took place in Shinegawa, Tokyo, and was met with great success. It was formed to “create a flow for new idols in Tokyo,” “form a new relationship between idols and the media,” and “to create a trade fair for the biggest idols in Japan.”

The event spread to multiple venues in the Shinegawa area and fans could see their idols in a number of diverse settings. Events ranged from live concerts to meet and greets to dolphin shows to even bowling. The range of events to chose from over the two day span truly made it a festival for fans.

At the eve of the event on August 6th many of the top idol groups in Japan gave special live performances. Idoling, Vanilla Beans, Fudanjuku, and Momoiro Clover all made appearances. For the following two days of the festival over 30 different idol groups made appearances including new Avex idol groups TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE and SUPER☆GiRLS. The live events and meet and greets were spread across eight different venues.

This was quite the unprecedented event and filled with new debuts of idol groups, but fans who couldn’t attend shouldn’t fear; the event will be broadcast on television. The live footage from the TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL will be shown on Sky Channel on September 10th and 20th. It may be a long way off, but fans will surely find it worth the wait!

I'm not too familiar with all these groups so I hope my labeling isn't too off. If anything's incorrect just tell me.
These pics are from natalie because tokyohive is lazy~ I hope I didn't miss any! More pics at the Japanese source

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Mano Erina 8th single "Genkimono de Ikou!" full PV!

Up-Front uploaded Director's Cut version of Mano's new single promotional video! The video was directed by famous Japanese television and film director Tsutsumi Yukihiko and it's a Mano x TV Asahi collaboration with lots of product placement and a funny story full of spanking, slapping and other nonsense. Check it out!

On sale 09/15!

(source) (erina's official site)
(genkimono de ikou! x tv-asahi special site)


ABC WORLD NEWS: "Japan's Bono" Yoshiki Is Ready to Take on the U.S.

He may have a small U.S. fan base but he has been called the Bono of Japan.

Yoshiki, the drummer and pianist of the rock band X-Japan, has sold millions of records and regularly plays to 50,000 to 70,000 people. He has a branded Visa card, a fragrance line and a race car team.

He's the first human to have a Hello Kitty doll named after him. And now he wants to conquer America.

"We wanted to come here [to America] a long time ago," Yoshiki said. "Because of our influence. ... Kiss, Metallica. Also it's a center of entertainment, center of pretty much everything."



Collapse )Yoshiki Hayashi, 44, of Tateyama, Japan, and a classically trained pianist, discovered U.S. heavy metal as a kid. Collapse )He only listened to Beethoven, Bach and Chopin until he was 10 and discovered Kiss, he said. "I saw, like, Gene Simmons, the face with the blood, like what is that? I want it," he said.
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