August 21st, 2010


AKB48’s Itano Tomomi in new Ito Yokado CM

AKB48 member, Itano Tomomi, will star in a new CM for Ito Yokado, which will start airing on August 21st. In a previous CM, Tomomi showed herself off in a bikini and Yukata (Summer kimono), creating a very summer-like and cute image. In this CM however, she will show off a more mature side.

Tomomi says, “Since I turned 19 years old now (on July 3rd), I’m a little more mature than the previous CM.”

Check out the new CM and making video below.

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The official Body Heater site is up and you can watch the longer version of the CM and the making here.

Japan's porn stars make their way in the real world

Japan's pornographic industry, known locally as AV (adult video), is widely known to be somewhat different to the West, not least due to its mainstream acceptance in daily Japanese culture. AV stars can enjoy a high-level of celebrity not only in Japan, but across Asia, with women like Maria Ozawa, Ai Iijima and Sola Aoi variously promoting games, anime and starring in reputable films, TV dramas and theater. The industry is thought to churn out more than 3,000 features a year -- compared to around 400 regular Japanese films -- and have a value of ¥100 billion ($1.2billion).

When Ai Iijima passed away aged 36 in December 2008, found lying in her apartment, rumors abounded of a drug overdose or succumbing to a sexually transmitted disease, such was the notoriety of the 1980s and 1990s industry. The police pathology report eventually revealed the cause as pneumonia.

In 2010 the world of AV is presenting itself as cleaner, safer and more mafia-free compared to Iijima's heyday thanks to a breed of new 'clean' companies taking it mainstream, so CNNGo spoke to recently retired AV star Saori Tsuchiya, current superstar Sola Aoi, and an agency chief manager to find out what today's generation of adult video actresses do once they decide to call it quits and what kind of support is on offer for them.


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Mr Children's Sakurai, Yuzu, Okuda collaboration... 24/10 Nippon Budokan

Perhaps you've heard of this event of the congregation of musicians around the passion of performance, music and get together, [Golden Circle] has been going on since 2001, and it's founder and main organiser is 寺岡呼人 Yohito Teraoka who use to be a part of the band JUN SKY WALKER(S).

Some of Japan's most well-known musicians who have performed at the [Golden Circle] live events include Kiyoshiro Imawano and Yumi Matsutoya (Yuming). Or you can check out the list of previous guests here.

On the 24th October of this year, [Golden Circle] (of friends) will once again be having a live gig at Nippon Budokan. Those performing will include Yohito Teraoka, Mr. Children's Sakurai Kazutoshi, Nakaido Reichi, YUZU, Tamio Okuda and Nakamura Ataru. (These musicians are pretty popular in Japan in their respective genre of music. I've given wikipedia links if you want to check them out.) To top it of, Golden Circle will be releasing a collaborative album on the 20th October featuring about 11 tracks split between various artist that include those above and the likes of Oda Kazumasa, Saito Kazuyoshi etc. Check out the promo listing here.

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Karina promotes Nissen’s autumn/winter collection

Actress Karina (26) walked along a short runway today to present her new commercial for the major online clothing shop Nissen.

The new commercial promotes their autumn/winter collection 2010. Karina wore a tweed jacket, a culotte skirt and long boots to give us a nice example at the event. Since she's a model as well, she showed us her favorite pieces in form of a short walk on the runway.

In the commercial we can see her multiple times at the same time in a somewhat futuristic train. Each of her roles wears another outfit from the new collection. It's supposed to show that you can express lots of different feelings with different styles. Karina said that it was fun wearing all those clothes and looked back at the filming. "We had to film each outfit at once first and then they all got edited into one commercial. It was difficult for me to move the right way and find the right positions," she explained.

Before and after the presentation of the new commercial, nissen also held the "nissen BEST STYLING CONTEST 2010" where 100 of their customers had the chance to show their skills as a stylist by coordinating their own outfits based on the 4 categories "Natural" – "Cool" – "Sparkling" and "Sweet". The various clothes were provided by nissen, of course. Karina also participated at the contest as one of the judges.

The new "nisse, autumn edition" commercial with Karina's collection can be seen on TV as of today.

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Ghibli to remove Totoro from nuclear power PR facility

Studio Ghibli Inc has decided to remove a shop selling goods depicting Totoro and its other popular characters from a public relations facility promoting the safety of nuclear power plants in Fukushima Prefecture following criticism.

The animation studio led by director Hayao Miyazaki is known for producing animated films centered on concerns about human impacts on the environment including ‘‘Tonari no Totoro’’ (My Neighbor Totoro) and ‘‘Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa’’ (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind).

Studio Ghibli President Koji Hoshino apologized in a statement on the company’s website, stating that it was an ‘‘unwise move which could cause misunderstandings.’‘

The statement said that the company will close the shop ‘‘Donguri Kyowakoku’’ (Acorn Republic) which opened in 2005 in the town of Tomioka inside the PR facility of Fukushima No. 2 nuclear power plant.

Criticism has been posted on the Internet questioning if it is suitable for Ghibli characters to be used for promotion of nuclear power and according to Ghibli the studio has also received calls and e-mail messages.

Public relation officials of the power station operated by Tokyo Electric Power Co said the company which operates ‘‘Donguri Kyowakoku’’ has expressed its intention to remove the shop but the utility firm hopes to continue negotiations.

Annually, about 80,000 people visit the PR facility, which opened in 1988.

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Love Hina Manga Returns with 1-Shot Story in September

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This year's 39th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine is announcing on Wednesday that Ken Akamatsu's Love Hina romantic comedy manga is returning with a one-shot manga story in the next issue on September 1. The memorial revival special will have six full-color pages and feature the characters Keitarō and Naru. The same 40th issue of the magazine will also run the 300th installment of Akamatsu's Negima! Magister Negi Magi manga and offer an exclusive Negima t-shirt.

Love Hina ran in the same magazine from 1998 to 2001, and Tokyopop published its 14 volumes in North America. Del Rey published the 27th Negima manga volume in July.


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Japan's Missing Old People Issue Gets Stranger

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The remains of a Japanese woman have been found in a backpack, in the latest gruesome discovery by investigators searching for missing old people.

The woman's son told police his mother died in 2001 but he had not been able to pay for a burial.

A similar discovery weeks ago sparked a search for people who are registered as being more than 100 years old.

According to Japanese media, the audit has so far identified 281 centenarians who are missing or have already died.

The inquiry followed the discovery last month of the mummified remains of a man registered as being 111 years old.

He had died 30 years earlier. Those unaccounted for include a 125-year-old woman whose registered address was turned into a park in 1981, according to media reports.

In the latest find, a 64-year-old man told officials that his mother had died at home in Tokyo in "about June 2001".

"Because I didn't have money for a funeral, I didn't report her death," the Sankei Shimbun newspaper quoted him as saying.

The AFP news agency reported that he told police: "I laid out her body for a while, washed it in the bath, then broke up the bones and put them into a backpack."

But the woman's pension continued to be paid and police are now investigating the son on suspicion of fraud.

There are more than 40,000 registered centenarians in Japan, according to government data, but the number of missing has raised concerns that the welfare system is being exploited by dishonest relatives.

Analysts say there is dismay in Japan that a rich, efficient society could have lost track of its senior citizens to such a degree.


Morning Musume's Tanaka Reina worries fans with seemingly insomnia-driven blog updates

Tanaka Reina (20), member of popular girl group Morning Musume, has been writing on her blog that she "can't sleep" seemingly every day for some time now, causing her fans to worry for her physical health. As she's been writing on her blog of "hallucinations," as well, her fans have begun to wonder if it has some connection to insomnia. Tanaka joined Morning Musume in 2003 after passing the group's sixth generation audition, and since then, she's been seen as the core of the unit with many individual parts in their songs.

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Source: livedoor News.

Excellent management courtesy of UFA as always. She sounds sick; I really hope they can find a way to help her deal with this, whether she has to graduate or not... girl is going to lose it if they don't do something soon. :(

Boom Boom Satellites, Zazen Boys to join Puffy at New York Anime Festival

Boom Boom Satellites recently announced details about their upcoming U.S. tour and best-of album. Then on Thursday in the U.S., the New York Anime Festival further revealed that the band will be part of the festival's Far East To East Showcase, joining a lineup that already includes pop duo Puffy AmiYumi.

The Boom Boom Satellites tour will span the U.S. in October. In their original press release, a total 13 dates were listed, starting with Philadelphia on October 6 and ending in Seattle on October 30. The press release also said that more dates would be announced, which apparently included the NYAF appearance.

NYAF's Far East to East Showcase will take place on October 10 at the Irving Plaza. It was already revealed in July that Puffy AmiYumi is headlining the showcase. Along with Boom Boom Satellites, the event will also feature the bands ZAZEN BOYS and Echostream.

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Jero to co-star with Kobayashi Sachiko in new CM for “Maru-chan”

Enka singer, Jero, will star in a new CM for cup ramen company, “Maru-chan“, and it will start airing on August 23rd.

Although Jero starred in the summer version of the CM, this time around, veteran Enka singer, Kobayashi Sachiko (called the queen of Enka), will co-star with Jero. As an Enka singer, Sachiko is Jero’s senior, so he said, “I am happy to co-star with my respected senior.”

They will also have a bit of duet in this CM.

You can check the previous version here (summer version with Jero and Erena Mizusawa, with the song Shiki no Uta from Jero's Usonaki single).

Not gonna lie, I feel slightly weirded out seeing him in a yukata and still wearing a cap.