August 23rd, 2010

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6%DokiDoki World Tour: Harajuku Kawaii Experience

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World, get ready – “sensational lovely” cuteness is coming your way, via the 6%DokiDoki World Tour!

This year, Japanese fashion brand 6%DokiDoki celebrates its 15th anniversary. To commemorate fifteen years of kawaii fashion – and to share the brand’s unique look and philosophy with fans abroad – 6%DokiDoki will hold special fashion shows in five cities in four countries on three continents. They are calling the tour the Harajuku Kawaii Experience World Tour 2010!

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Narimiya Hiroki transforms into a Net Criminal!?

Actor Narimiya Hiroki plays the part of cyber criminal "N" in the streets of Shibuya. His images will be splashed across Shibuya in a limited 2-day media blitz on the 23rd and 24th. There are 3 versions where he transforms into a robber, swindler and stalker, declaring "I am the net criminal N, and I'm preparing a cyber crime against all of you. Look forward to the noon of 25th August."

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Tegoshi Yuya spotted on a hairdressing date?!

Thanks to some awesome TMZ-age out in Japan, NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi was spotted last night entering a hair salon in Roppongi with a blonde foreigner.

The salon is known for catering to foreign clientèle, and the salon closed shop for the pair so that it would be a private event.  While the two were successful entering the salon quietly, the opposite happened when they exited.

Despite getting noticed by people, Tegoshi never let go of the girl’s hand. The two were last seen headed toward the Ginza district.


boredom. ♥ seto kouji

Japanese man swims Fehmarn Belt Strait

Japanese man swims Fehmarn Belt Strait

TOKYO, Aug. 23 (UPI) -- A Tokyo man became eighth person to swim the 15-mile Fehmarn Belt Strait between Germany and Denmark and said he was glad to "come home alive."

Yasutaka Kurokawa, 40, swam Aug. 15 from Germany's Fehmarn Island to Denmark's Lolland Island with three judges and a friend following in a boat, The Yomiuri Shimbun reported Monday.

He was the first person from Japan to swim the strait.

"It was really cold. I'm glad I've come home alive. I felt several times that it was beyond the limits of my ability. I'd like to thank the people who supported me," Kurokawa said.

Kurokawa said the stim took a total 6 hours and 24 minutes. (sauce desu + my e-mail)

that's pretty awesome. :) arama, what do you think?
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AKB48 joins the ranks of Ayumi & Utada

AKB48's latest single "Heavy Rotation" has sold 527k in one week. For female artists they are only the third ones to have two consecutive singles sell 500k+ in one week. Ayumi Hamasaki and Utada Hikaru are the only other two female artists to accomplish this. For female groups AKB48 is the first.

On the album chart B'z singer Inaba Koshi achieved the number 1 album for the week selling 127k.

NARSHA // lady crimson

Studio Ghibli Could Be About To Close Down… Or To Make A Porco Rosso Sequel

Upping the ante somewhat from his recurring talk of retirement, Hayao Miyazaki is now pitching the dissolution of Studio Ghibli. He told Cut Magazine.

Suzuki-san is making a dissolution program for Ghibli. No joke, we talked about it the other day. For example, Ghibli should be able to continue with about five staff members as a copyright management company even if we smash the studio. So, Ghibli can say ‘We stop film production. Goodbye’. I do not have to be there.

Wow. On the other hand, they might not do this at all. Apparently the exit plan is in place should their latest film, Arietty the Borrower, turn out to be a box office bomb. Surely there’s no need to take it so hard, guys? Can’t you bounce back from one wobbly performance?

On the other hand, if Arietty is a success, there’s an entirely different plan. Miyazaki wants to make a sequel to his wonderful fighter pilot pig picture, Porco Rosso:

So I want to escape to Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie. I have all its materials. It should be interesting. It is set for Spanish Civil War.

To get there, however, Miyazaki says Ghibli need to make successes of their next two films. There’s not much info on either available, other than Miyazaki has written the proposals for both and will script them, and that the first of them will once again have a girl as its protagonist, and reading between the lines, it seems that the second will too.

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source 1, source 2

not gonna lie, Porco Rosso is one of my favourites and I pray for Ghibli's success but... I don't know how to feel about the situation as a whole :/ Studio Ghibli is just a massively important institution in terms of cultural value and closing it down would be a massive loss. And the Suzuki-san referred to is Toshio Suzuki, the producer of Studio Ghibli.

Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy get a makeover

You may recall, a few months ago, when early screens of the GEN-5 games were only just starting to trickle out, we noticed that the nurse behind the counter at the Pokémon Center — well, one of them anyway — had brown hair instead of the usual pink, which led us all to believe it wasn’t Nurse Joy.
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old design VS new design


Tohoshinki Trio’s First “Summer Stage”

Tohoshinki Trio’s First “Summer Stage” – 6 Songs Performed Passionately


From Tohoshinki, the 3 member group JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN (Junsu = 23, Jejung=24, Yuchun=24) with their great dance performance, captured the hearts of the audience.

From the darkened sky, Junsu’s, Yuchun’s then Jejung’s voices rang out. From last year’s Osaka performance, it’s been a year, and the 3 were welcomed to their first a-nation. While preparing, “We are really happy to be doing this” they said on stage, and the fans who have been waiting for the 3, were charmed in that moment.

This April, the trio formed a new unit. In June, they had concerts in Tokyo and Osaka Domes, and attracted a total crowd of 200,000, a huge success. On 8 September, the album “The…” will be on sale. This is the first step towards the earnest start of their activities.

The three, as if to show their determination for the future, gave it their all on stage. There were exciting dance numbers like“Get Ready,” and also touching ballads like “Itsudatte kimi ni”. A total of 6 songs were passionately performed, and furthermore, they showed that they had evolved to a higher level of performance.

 “Everyone in Osaka, for the passionate support given, we too cannot lose out, and will fight to the end!”they said, in a venue that was half-filled with fans of the trio. To fans wearing the orange towel, Jejung said “Thank you!* This is Jejung!” in Kansai dialect and got a great response, Junsu’s sexy solo dance caused screams, and at Yuchun’s soulful shout, the fans kept waved their hands wildly.

*T/N: He said “Maido Ookini,” which is Kansai Dialect for “Thank You”
Source: [Daily Sports Online]
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Beckii Cruel makes another MV!!!!

After making her original You Can't Kiss Me MV private on YouTube, Japan's rising star Beckii Cruel made yet another unofficial music video for her millions of fans to enjoy!
Beckii herself typed this:
"to be honest I think the old video was very far from what I usually do, and I'm not sure I liked it. So here you go :)
This is just something I made, official M/V will come some time whenever xD

So not only did we see two great, flawless music videos to accompany her hit single, we can look forward to an official one coming soon!

Beckii Cruel's YouTube channel