August 24th, 2010

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Sane Guardian TV review: Beckii: Schoolgirl Superstar at 14

Hoping for £50,000 . . . Rebecca, aka Beckii Cruel, with her parents. Photograph: BBC/Hey Buddy TV/Paul King/Hey Buddy TV

Beckii is 15 and famous in Japan for dancing on the web. Isn't that a little bit odd?

Rebecca Flint, or Beckii Cruel as she renamed herself, has big eyes, a sharp chin, fluffy hair and slender limbs. It's a look that, in the cartoon worlds of anime and manga, is about as cute as it gets. So when Beckii posted a video of herself dancing to a Japanese pop song in her bedroom at home on the Isle of Man, she became an instant internet sensation 6,000 miles away in Japan. She's the subject of Beckii: Schoolgirl Superstar at 14 (BBC3), a fascinating but worrying documentary.

Beckii's parents' first thought was: "Hang on, what's going on here then?" But then a couple of things persuaded them that it was all actually OK. First of all, there's the fact that in Japan it's perfectly acceptable for pretty young girls to be worshipped in a way that is a bit creepy anywhere else. Cultural differences: you've got to accept them, haven't you? And when you factor in Beckii's earning potential, suddenly it all becomes absolutely fine.

So she goes over there, gets a manager, does a photo book, dances on TV, does a shoot with a sumo wrestler. And the YouTube hits stack up. We don't find out who exactly is watching Beckii's dancing videos, but another British girl trying to make it over there, 16-year-old Gemma, has done some research into her own YouTube demographic. Of her male fans, which make up 53% of her audience, a tiny proportion are in the 13-to-17 age range; the biggest are in the 45-to-54 group. That's a bit alarming, isn't it?

Apparently not. "Any mother of teenage daughters knows they're going to get a bit of extra attention, so what can you do about it?" giggles Gemma's mum.

Beckii, meanwhile, receives gifts from her fans; one in particular sends her boxes of noodles and a Fender bass guitar for her 15th birthday. They've met him on their trips to Japan. "He's very quiet," says Beckii's mum. "Very nice, very shy, as most Japanese men are." She doesn't say how old he is, but admits there's a massive gap.

Beckii's dad, policeman Derek, has thought seriously about how much he'd like his daughter to earn to make up for her school work suffering. "The GCSE year has to be worth £50,000 to compensate for the deterioration in grades," he says. "It would be a tragedy to miss that 15 minutes of fame. And not maximise it to the extent that she could set herself up very comfortably."

Quite right. What are children for, if not for cashing in on? No, it's her money, he says. "If she wants to buy me a nice car, I'm not going to turn it down. Or pay my mortgage off, that'd be great – thanks Rebecca."

They don't say how much they've made so far, but it's clearly not enough, because Derek's now getting involved, bringing in new people to help her record singles, stuff that might appeal beyond Japan. I'm not convinced it's going to work. Because while she may look like a character in a Japanese cartoon, she doesn't have the greatest singing voice in the world, and isn't even the greatest dancer. Why should she be? She's just 14. OK, 15 now.

Beckii seems remarkably level-headed, and doesn't seem to need advice from anyone. But I'm going to offer mine anyway. Maybe don't give up on the old GCSEs, just in case the noodles stop coming through the letterbox (as the ancient Japanese saying goes). And dad can take care of his own mortgage. Well, at least until you're 16.

There's something of teen drama The OC about Natural World: California Sea Otters (BBC2). A troubled otter – or "arder", because this film has a syrupy narration from Bonnie Greer – from the rocky coast of central California takes up residence among the gleaming yachts of a luxury marina in Monterey Bay. There are problems and misunderstandings. She (the otter, not Bonnie) doesn't know that, in polite society, it's not on to crack open your shellfish against millionaires' boats. There are problems with the other posh marina otters, too – fights and jealousies, love across the tracks. Somehow, she struggles on, against the odds.

The ones who stay put in the wild seem to have it easier, now that they're no longer hunted for fur. They lie in the kelp, sunning their bellies; it looks lovely. A sea otter floating around on its back is a very cute thing. Some of them have posted themselves on YouTube. Check them out. Unless you're a dirty old man.


FINALLY. Thank you Guardian, ilu again. I actually wrote a criticism section on wikipedia but it got deleted for having invalid sources. Oh well, I tried.

Congratulations/comisserations to arama members who took their GCSEs and got their results, on that note.
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Preview of Kamei Eri's graduation photobook

The latest issue of "Up To Boy" magazine had a small preview of Eri Kamei's graduation photobook set to be released September 23rd. According to the photobook description it will show us the other side of Kamei as a college student while she goes to class, plays tennis and goes to the gym. As usual swimsuit shots will be included. Eri will be graduating from Morning Musume on December 12th along with Junjun and Linlin.

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Shun Oguri, Mao Inoue reunite in "Veterinarian Dolittle" drama

It is now confirmed that Shun Oguri (27) and Mao Inoue (23) will co-star in a new drama series this fall. The pair, who appeared together in the live-action "Hana Yori Dango," have been cast in an adaptation of "Juui Dolittle" ("Veterinarian Dolittle"), a manga written by Midori Natsu and illustrated by Makiyoshi Chikuya.

Oguri plays the part of Kenichi Tottori, a highly capable veterinarian known by the nickname "Dolittle." He has a sharp tongue, and he maintains a strict attitude about issues such as money and proper pet care. But in addition to saving animals, he also helps fix the problems of their owners.

Inoue plays the female lead as Kenichi's co-worker Asuka Tajima, while Hiroki Narimiya (27) as rival veterinarian Masaru Hanabishi. The show will also focus on the love triangle between the three characters.

The show will air on TBS in the Sunday 9:00pm time slot, starting in October.
Source: Tokyograph

AAA UPDATES, New vids, song etc

 HELLOOO arama! So It's been awhile since I spammed AAA here.
In this post, there will be:
1. New AAA song
2. Makenai Kokoro Live Performance
3. AAA on Pokemon Sunday

HAHA well 1st upp, I thought I would like to share the 2nd FULL song from AAA's Makenai Kokoro single called Day by Day.
Personally, this song is like one of my FAVOURITE songs from AAA ever!!
It's kinda old school AAA but even BIGGER and BETTER. YAYY BONFIRE! Here's the sound clip ENJOY!

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Yamada Takayuki confirmed for Yamikin Ushijima-kun!

The manga that has sold over 2 500 000 copies painting a story of the reality of a disparate society "Yamikikin Ushijima-kun" is being turned into a drama serial with Yamada Takayuki as the lead actor. It has been 4 years since his last lead role in a drama serial and now he's back challenging the role with a new appearance featuring shorter hair, glasses and a goatee. He will be playing Ushijuma Kaoru, a loan shark who takes us with him as he explores the dark sides of the world. 9 episodes for the drama are planned.
Source: Matan-web

Other cast members includes Katase Nana, Sakimoto Hiromi, Yabe Kyousuke, Yokoyama Miyuki, Kasumi Risa, Tokui Yuu and Kazaki Jessica amongst others.

Source: Official website

LUNA SEA's big announcement is.....another big announcement

Everything about LUNA SEA’s “REBOOT” will finally be revealed!!

LUNA SEA’s urgent press conference scheduled for 8/31(Tue) starting from 15:00 (JST16:00) will be broadcasted live via USTREAM to the whole world.

LUNA SEA is one of the most legendary rock bands that Japan is highly proud of. Formed on 5/29/1989, they came like a storm and swept away the Japanese music scene. They have marked the history with many of their legendary lives such as the live with an audience of 100,000, outdoor lives during smothering hot summer or freezing cold winter and the first Asia live tour ever for a Japanese rock band, covering various places like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai. When they reached the peak of their career as a successful band in 2000 while they were on the Asia tour, they suddenly announced their ‘drawing of curtains.’ After they finished the 2-day lives on 12/26 & 12/27/2000 at Tokyo Dome, they put a period to their band activities.

After 7 years since the last live, on the sacred night of a total eclipse in 2007, LUNA SEA was back on stage for just one night to perform at [GOD BLESS YOU ~One Night Dejavu] at Tokyo Dome, bringing back the legend to be remembered even more vividly.

Now, it has been 3 years since then… and on the night of a full moon on 5/29 (their 21st anniversary), LUNA SEA sent out a message with one word “REBOOT” to all of us. The video clip with the message has been renewed on every night of a full moon since then, unveiling the news little by little. Finally tonight on 8/25, the 4th night of a full moon since their first message, the once empty couch is filled with all of the members. Even after 10 years, their eyes are ever glowing with passion and their presence bursting with such strong auras calling for another legend to begin.

Along with the teaser clips, they have been focusing on net media such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Ustream to spread their info out all around the world.

The ‘drawing of curtains’ of LUNA SEA from 10 years ago took place in Hong Kong. Tonight, they revealed to the whole world that an urgent press conference will be held at the very same place. As they reveal themselves in front of the eyes of the entire world, they will unveil everything in their own words.

There is absolutely no doubt that this day will mark the history as yet another legend.

【LUNA SEA Urgent Press Conference Info】
Place: Hong Kong
Date: 8/31/2010 (Tue)
Time: 15:00~(JST 16:00~)

【Access below for USTREAM Live Streaming】
LUNA SEA – Official MySpace

 [Translated by SYC]

LUNA SEA – Official Website
LUNA SEA – Official MySpace
LUNA SEA – Official Twitter
LUNA SEA – Official Facebook


OGRE YOU ASSHOLE to perform in America & Canada

Japanese rock band, OGRE YOU ASSHOLE, who’s scheduled to release a new album titled “Ukareteiru Hito” on September 1st, has recently announced that they will be coming to United States and Canada for their upcoming tour, “OGRE YOU ASSHOLE U.S TOUR (WOLF PARADE TOUR support).”

The tour kicks off on November 3rd at The Wellmont Theatre in Monteclair, New Jersey and will end in Toronto, Canada on the November 26th. OGRE YOU ASSHOLE will tour with Canadian rock band, WOLF PARADE immediately after they complete their upcoming Japan tour in September and October.


11/03(Wed) The Wellmont Theatre(Montclair, NJ)
11/04(Thu) Trocadero(Philadelphia, PA)
11/05(Fri) Ram’s Head Live(Baltimore, MD)
11/06(Sat) Lincoln Theatre(Raleigh, NC)
11/08(Mon) Music Farm(Charleston, SC)
11/09(Tue) Social(Orlando, FL)
11/10(Wed) Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason(Miami, FL)
11/12(Fri) Variety Playhouse(Atlanta, GA)
11/13(Sat) The Lyric Oxford(Oxford, MS)
11/15(Mon) Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater(Austin, TX)
11/16(Tue) Granada Theater(Dallas, TX)
11/18(Thu) The Englert Theater(Iowa City, IA)
11/19(Fri) Granada (Lawrence, KS)
11/20(Sat) Pageant(St. Louis, MO)
11/22(Mon) Exit/In(Nashville, TN)
11/23(Tue) House of Blues(Chicago, IL)
11/24(Wed) Crofoot Ballroom(Pontiac, MI)
11/26(Fri)Sound Academy(Toronto, Canada)


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Award-Winning Anime Director Satoshi Kon Passes Away

Director of Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Paranoia Agent, Paprika

Jim Vowles, a member of the Otakorp Board of Directors for the Otakon convention, has announced on Tuesday that director Satoshi Kon has passed away. Kon was 47. The staff of Otakon confirmed his passing with MADHOUSE studio founder Masao Maruyama. Maruyama had wrote on his Twitter account on Tuesday night in Japan that an important director of the studio had suddenly passed away. However, Maruyama declined to name the director at the time.

Kon began working as a manga creator on such works as Kaikisen (1990) before deciding to delve into the anime industry with the script and art direction of Katsuhiro Otomo's Memories (1995). He first drew worldwide attention with his feature film directorial debut, Perfect Blue, in 1997. He would follow that with a string of critically acclaimed anime projects: Millennium Actress (2001), Tokyo Godfathers (2003), Paranoia Agent (2004), and Paprika (2006). At the time of passing, Kon was working at MADHOUSE on a new feature film called Yume-Miru Kikai.


Takako | 100 questions - Glowing Sunflower SPEED's tour pamphlet

I'll post the responses of every member. I'll start with Takako's first.

1. What is your recent recommendation?
Lip balm.

2. What is your motto?

3. Please tell us how your name, “Takako” came about.
Being able to spread the different aromas of mankind (relates to the kanji of her name).

4. What is your method to relieve stress?
Dance until getting tired.

5. What is a reward you would give yourself?
Buy expensive water.

6. What is your treasure?

7. What makes your heart skip a beat?
Pink coloured things.

8. What was your dream in the past and what is it now?
Before was to own a house made of cake.
Now is to fly in the sky. (LOL, where else would you be able to fly, girl?)

9. What is your dream when you grow old?
Play gateball (a Japanese game, popular with elderly people, combination of golf and croquet)

10. Is there any differences between the times you were in the 10’s and now in the 20’s?
The difference in my ability to recover when I'm tired .

11. What is your plan for 20 years in the future?
To have a son of my own.

More here: What does LOVE mean to you? Care, protection

Source: Maddie@

Genki Rockets New Song "make.believe"

Genki Rockets recently announced through their official Twitter and the agehasprings production group website that a new song and PV "make.believe" (pronounced make dot believe) will be available on the PlayStation Network store in Japan.

The song was previously debuted at Sony's "make.believe" 3D event but only officially announced recently.

"make.believe" is the Sony Group's brand message and the video is made in full 3DCG. The video is available to buy for 730 yen on the PlayStation 3 from August 25 2010. 3D compatible TVs are required for the video to be seen in 3D, if this is not the case then a 2D version will be played.

Sources: 1, 2, 3

not as good as Star Line or Heavenly Star but it's a decent enough song and I am more hyped for Child of Eden now, for some strange reason.