September 23rd, 2010

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Plastic Tree's New Single to be release in December

Plastic Tree, who have held the live concert in Nippon Budokan in August, are about to release a new single.

"Mirai Iro", the new single to be released on December 15th, is decided to be used as the ending theme song of the TV anime "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's", which will be on air since October. At the same time, the Live&Documentary DVD "Ch.P" will be released in October as well, including the video of Nippon Budokan live, rare shots of members, and precious interviews.

Moreover, since November, their autumn tour "Gessekai Ryoko" is decided to expand to other area in Asia. Two Lives in Taiwan and Hong Kong have been scheduled. Keep your eyes on Plastic Tree.


articles from music japan plus are awkward but you get the message, new plastic tree single!
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AAA officially announces their new single

Avex idol group AAA has officially announced their new single, set to come out on November 17th.

The single is presently untitled, but they have announced that it will be produced by Avex mastermind Max Matsuura. The CD will have a title track and a coupling track, however the regular version release will contain a cover of globe’s song “DEPARTURES.”

So far three versions are planned for the single: CD regular, CD + DVD jacket A, and CD + DVD jacket B. The jacket A version will come with unannounced two songs, plus instrumental versions of each. It will also come with a DVD containing 10 minutes of extra footage: the music video for the title track and a live performance of “WOW WAR TONIGHT” from their September 12th show at Yokohama Arena. Jacket B will contain the same CD tracks, but a different DVD. The DVD for jacket B will contain 20 minutes of footage: a making-of video for their previous single “Makenai Kokoro” and a live version of “Makenai Kokoro”, also from the Yokohama Arena show.

All first press versions of the CD will come with trading cards. There will be eight different cards available and each CD will come with one random card.

Not a massive fan of AAA, but the mention of a DEPARTURES covered caught my eye. I hope for their sake, they do it well because that is a globe classic!

KARA Opens Japan Mobile Fanclub Site - "KARA MOBILE"

3 carriers, Docomo, Softbank and au, will open KARA’s official mobile fanclub site called “KARA MOBILE”.

“KARA MOBILE” will naturally have their biography, discography and latest news. It will also have original content like off-shots and video messages. It will also be fully loaded with news that you can only see on “KARA MOBILE”. In commemoration of the site opening preparations for a lottery are underway, where an autographed Polaroid will be raffled as well as an invitation to a screening event of a documentary film following the girls’ footsteps in Japan.

Furthermore, their best album “KARA BEST 2007-2010” will be released and is furnished with songs they have released in Korea. Also, the ringtone of original version of “Mr.” will now be distributed.

“KARA BEST 2007-2010” Song List
1. Mr.
3. Honey
4. Pretty Girl
5. Wanna
6. Rock U
7. Umbrella
8. Watashi wa…(ing)/I am…(ing)
9. Tasty Love
10. AHA
11. Break It
12. Good Day

Translated by: gator_yoong
Source: Natalie
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Ayase Haruka and her huge balloon

Today was a PR-Event for Panasonic's digital compact camera "Lumix FX700" in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It was attended by their current image character actress Ayase Haruka (25), but she wasn't alone. A gigantic 10m high Ayase Haruka balloon towered above the stage. Ayase herself was surprised by its dimension as well. "Please take a picture of my huge self instead of me," she said.

The camera with the touch screen has been on sale since late August and on their web page they had a special game called "Scale Up Ayase Haruka Touch! Game". Almost 9 million "touches" have been registered until the end of the game and thus they've made the scaled-up Ayase become reality.

Further she promoted the Lumix FX700, "It might have a touchscreen and all that, but it's still very simple to take a picture!"

Reporters eventually asked her again about her rumored relationship with actor Osawa Takao, but Ayase refused responding to any questions related to that rumor.

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Tsuji Nozomi's return to music!

Tsuji Nozomi will finally be making her return to the music scene! She will release her first solo album titled "Minna Happy! Mama no Uta" (Happy Everybody! Songs from Mama), the release date is set for November 24th. Since the album is priced at only 1800 yen many believe it will be a cover album (most likely of children songs)

Tsuji's last official music release to be released physically was her solo version of "Koko ni Iruzee!", back in 2007.


News on Hello! Project + Nice Girl Project! collaboration single

A Double A-Side single is set to be released in October 13th, 2010 featuring stars from both companies.

The single features Nice Girl Project!'s soloist Ogawa Mana, a member of Canary Club who has been working solo in the soundtrack for the anime Mecha Motte since 2009. Her most succesful work was the single "Daisuki ni Naree!" which reached #10 in Oricon weekly charts and sold over 18,500 copies. In this single she will sing "Oshare My Dream".

In the other hand Sugaya Risako, a popular member from Hello! Project's Berryz Koubou, will sing the other a-side song "Elegant Girl".
Both songs will be used as opening and ending theme in the anime Mecha Motte.

This is the first interaction between H!P and NGP! since the Hello! Project Egg-based group "THE Possible" was transferred to NGP! back in 2006.
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AKB48’s latest photobook tops on Oricon weekly book ranking

AKB48 has released a photobook “AKB48 Sousenkyo! Mizugi surprise Happyou 2010 (AKB48総選挙! 水着サプライズ発表 2010)” on September 14th, and it topped reached #1 on the Oricon weekly book ranking (rankings of comics and pocketbooks are different) for 9/27, with the sales of 71,235 copies in six days.
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Source & Photo: Tokyohive, Oricon Style
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V6 lose a show and get another while Ken just loses one...

Earlier this month rumors were going around that V6's late night program Shinchishiki Kaikyuu Kumagusu on TBS would end this month and be replaced with a new program by the new spring season. The program's tentative title was "Mission V6." It turns out that the rumors are true, but this new program will start airing as early as October 22nd at midnight. The title has remained the same.

Kumagusu has been airing since October 17th, 2008 and was the successor to Gakkou e Ikou!, another V6 hosted program that debuted in 1997 and ended in 2008.

The program was centered around various subjects and the experts on them. Its more recent topics included Akihabara 'culture' and 'cuisine' through the eyes of a Goku cosplaying foreigner, and a focus on idols with bizarre/quirky interests and charm points.

Also, the program KoisuruTV Sugokyun hosted by V6 member Miyake Ken, comedy duo Hannya and FujiTV announcer Kato Ayako is set to end this Friday on the 24th. The program airing this April and had semi-regular guests such as Haruna Ai and MAX.

source 1 + 2

a post that isn't about snsd! i hope this appeases most of you lol

sad that kumagusu was ending, i thought most of the idols they brought were kind of cute...a little nuts but cute. gonna miss MAX on koisuruTV too they were adorable.

Ayaka speaks about Hiro Mizushima leaving Ken-on

Earlier this week, the entertainment world was surprised by the news of actor Hiro Mizushima (26) leaving his management agency Ken-on in order to pursue writing. On Thursday, some information about the situation was revealed on the Fuji TV program "Tokudane!"

Singer Ayaka (22), who is married to Mizushima, replied to an e-mail sent by the show's newscaster Tomoaki Ogura (63). Ogura summarized her response by highlighting four major points:
  • Ayaka also left Ken-on at the end of last year.
  • Mizushima will be focusing on writing and creating works, but his activities will also include acting.
  • The company that Mizushima and Ayaka have started is in charge of managing Ayaka's music.
  • The two plan on continuing their activities independently, without a management agency.
Ayaka's response contradicts Ken-on's statement earlier this week, which stated that Ayaka was still signed with the agency and that her contract would not be affected. Ken-on has not yet commented on Ayaka's statements.



A Japanese comedian does a duet with enka singer Jero:

The comedian says it took many requests before he finally got Jero to join him in the show. Jero looks a bit nervous – perhaps because he’s on a goofy comedy/variety program…or perhaps because of brown face paint? Anyway, it’s always good to get exposure on TV, so even this appearance should help advance Jero’s career.
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Goro Inagaki plays Aya Ueto's brother in "Nagareboshi"

SMAP member Goro Inagaki (36) has been cast in the upcoming Fuji TV drama series "Nagareboshi," which stars Yutaka Takenouchi (39) and Aya Ueto (25).

The series, announced last month, has Ueto playing a young woman working in the sex trade in order to pay off her brother's debt. It is now known that Inagaki will play the cruel brother, who is willing to ruin his sister's happiness for the sake of money. However, the character is also said to have a timid side.

"Nagareboshi" airs on Monday nights at 9:00pm, starting on October 18.

source: Tokyograph


Pop-rock band DREAMS COME TRUE will release their new single LIES,LIES on October 27th.

The title track of the single is being used as the theme song for the new Japanese drama “Nasake no Onna~Government tax official~”. The single will be available in two editions. Both will contain a piano version of the LIES,LIES, featuring pianist and composer Koh Otani, and a guitar version, featuring JUON from the band FUZZY CONTROL. The limited edition will also include a bonus DVD.