October 14th, 2010

Fukada Kyoko and Utada Hikaru in love?

A rather unique dating rumor has been published by a couple of tabloids yesterday. They claim that actress Fukada Kyoko (27) and songstress Utada Hikaru (27), who is currently on a hiatus, are in a love relationship.

Apparently both of them have often been seen at a certain bar in the Shinjuku Ni-chome district of Tokyo. That district is known for having the world's highest concentration of gay bars and thus there are a lot of places made for lesbian women as well. However, recently there have also been an increase of heterosexual women that just want to be more comfortable without any men around who visit such places.

One witness who saw the two celebrities at such a bar back in July described their appearances. First she saw Fukakyon sitting at the counter, having a few glass by herself. She was a wearing quite a revealing dress and showed a lot of cleavage that day. A little later Utada appeared at the bar as well and unlike the feminine appearance of Fukakyon, she had more of a rockish vibe wearing a shirt with a skull design and trousers. It wasn't the only time they have been spotted in this district. In fact, several people working in Ni-chome revealed that they have been seeing those two quite a few times already.

Only a month later Utada suddenly announced her hiatus, but the tabloid isn't trying to indicate any connection to those sightings.

An official of a TV station commented, "Since last year I've often heard stories about both of them being spotted in Ni-chome. There even have been a couple of interesting reports going a bit more into detail about their encounters… Anyway, it's been known for a while already that Fukakyon really loves lesbian bars. She always goes there to have a drink and raise her spirit just before filming a drama and so on. There even is one favorite place she likes to go when she finishes a project."

Throughout her career, Fukakyon has been in quite a couple of official and unofficial relationships with men. She's already being referred to as a "nikushoku joshi", a so-called "carnivorous woman" that is very active in the field of love. Her most recent relationship with Shimizu Akira's son that started last year already came to an end earlier this year. Now people start to believe that the end of her relationship with him could be related to her new relationship with Utada.

"Utada and her are very close friends and almost meet each other on a weekly base. Moreover it's an inviolable rule that even as a celebrity you never get any kind special treatment in such bars and after all there aren't really that many places where they would be able to share a few drinks without having to worry about attracting the public attention….," the TV station official continued.

Source: www.kawaii-joyuu.com


NHK Chooses This Years Kouhaku Theme

On the 14th, NHK announced that the theme for “NHK’s 61st Kouhaku Uta Gassen” would be “Let’s connect through songs”.

NHK explained, “Songs are what connects people to people. We want Kouhaku to connect the bonds of people.” Last year’s theme was “Memorial Tournament”, but this year, “Kouhaku will take the first step towards a new era.”

It will be broadcast from 7:30pm~11:45pm. The news will interrupt it from 9:25~9:55. Last year, it started at 7:15pm, because it was delayed 15 minutes. Since the 55th Kouhaku in 2004 it has started around 7:30pm, with the 56th~59th starting at 7:20pm.

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Source: Sanspo

Kobukuro Donate To Damages Caused By Foot-And-Mouth Disease

Male duo Kobukuro performed in Miyazaki prefecture around September-October and a portion of their earnings has been donated to the damages caused by Foot-and-mouth Disease in the prefecture. Kobukuro donated 5,000,000 yen (~61,390 USD) to the cause. Kobukuro consists of Kobuchi Kentarou 33) and Kuroda Shunsuke (33), Kobuchi is from Miyazaki.

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Source: Sanspo

Namie Amuro Falls Ill With Chorditis Vocalis

Yesterday, Namie Amuro quickly had to postpone her concert at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A for her nation-wide tour “namie amuro PAST < FUTURE tour 2010”.

The reason is because Amuro fell ill with Chorditis Vocalis (inflamed vocal chords). She personally wanted to start at the normal time and see if she recovered, but her doctor said she should stop and so she had to stop the performance after the venue had already opened.

In addition, the ticket for today’s performance will be effective and can be used during the new performance on December 1st . Refund information will be available on her official site and the ticket sites on October 15th at 3pm.

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Source: Natalie

Erika Sawajiri in hiding?

The Sports Nippon newspaper is reporting that people have recently been unable to contact actress Erika Sawajiri (24). According to Sawajiri's mother Lila, who was interviewed by the newspaper, the actress has not been heard from in the past three weeks.

Lila, who currently lives with Sawajiri in a Tokyo apartment, mentioned that her last contact with Sawajiri may have been as much as 20 days ago. However, when the newspaper asked for more details, Lila declined to comment and completely stopped speaking on the subject.

Sawajiri was scheduled to appear at a press conference for a new commercial on September 21, but she canceled the day before, apparently due to a high fever. Her last appearance in front of the press was on September 5.

Sports Nippon speculates that Sawajiri's disappearance may be related to an article published on a CNN website on September 1. In the article, Sawajiri stated that she reluctantly gave in to her former management agency, which forced her to give a tearful apology on TV in 2007 after she was criticized for unprofessional behavior at a press conference for the movie "Closed Note." The article has apparently caused trouble for her former agency and other parties, so Sawajiri may simply be avoiding the spotlight for the time being.

Source: www.tokyograph.com/news/id-6817
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Hikki denies dating Fukakyon

A rather interesting dating rumor published yesterday was denied by Utada Hikaru herself on twitter. A fan tweeted Utada with the link to the kawaii-joyuu post asking if "Utada Hikaru and Fukada Kyoko in Love" was "for real." Hikki replied with "you wish! lol"

Utada later said: "You wish!" is kind of hard to translate in Japanese~. It means something like "Really not possible~ lol" and "Only in your dreams!". 'lol' or 'LOL' is an abbreviation for 'laughing out loud' which would be "笑" (laugh) in Japanese. Same with LMAO.

Source: Hikki's twitter 1 & 2

Anyone want to help me translate? :( If not I'll have fun with that after dinner. Translation by imolestjyanniz, thank you :)

Aw man, I thought she was linked to arama. & wth, Fukada Saki tag but no Fukada Kyoko tag?

Perfume's Tokyo Dome concert to be aired later on WOWOW

Perfume has announced that their November 3 concert at the Tokyo Dome will be broadcast on WOWOW on November 23, starting at 9:00pm. The show is said to already be sold out, so fans unable to attend will have the opportunity to enjoy the performance on television just 20 days later (both November 3 and November 23 are holidays).

In addition, Perfume has also revealed images from their next single, "Nee," set to go on sale on November 10. The single has a second track titled "FAKE IT," and the limited edition will come with a DVD containing the music video for "Nee." The limited edition will also incorporate an accordion jacket design, featuring 10 photographs in honor of the 10th anniversary of their formation.

"Nee" is currently being used in new commercials for the fashion brand Natural Beauty Basic. The full song is planned to be aired in full for the first time on October 21, during the group's "Perfume LOCKS!" on Tokyo FM.



Ohoku movie might be released in Asia and North America

Kazunari Ninomiya’s (27) movie “大奥 (Ohoku)” has been seen by more than a million people in Japan to date and has been getting numerous overseas offers, it was revealed at an event in Tokyo yesterday, reports CinemaCafe.net.

The film’s director Fumiki Kaneko and Ninomiya appeared at the event to thank their fans for the movie’s success to date.

Since its release on October 1, more than 1.1 million have seen the movie, taking in 13 billion yen at the box office so far.

“The real test is from now. I really want to thank the huge number of people who have said that they loved the movie,” Ninomiya said.

It has been reported the movie has already had several screening offers from companies in Taiwan and across Asia. The movie has also had positive reviews in North America, which could lead to a western release.

“I think some parts of the movie show cultural things that only a Japanese person would be able to understand, but perhaps the role reversal between men and women would help get the idea across,” Kaneko said.

When asked whether there were any plans for a sequel, the director’s response was careful, but optimistic.

“I don’t have any concrete plans yet, but having seen how much people have enjoyed it so far, it gives me the motivation to want to make something they’ll enjoy even more. But making it would mean I’d have to create something above what it is now so this isn’t a question I can answer very easily,” he said.

Finally, Mr Kaneko talked about how he felt working with period film first-timer Ninomiya.

“I’ve already praised him enough, but he is just a genius. To a national treasure extent,” he said.

Source: cinemacafe.net and momoedgewood