January 12th, 2011

NIKIIE's new single "HIDE&SEEK" to be released on March 9th

After debuting with her first single "Shunkashuutou" just over a month ago, singer-songwriter NIKIIE is already preparing for her next release, titled "HIDE&SEEK" and set to drop on March 9th.

Though it retains the pop melody of her previous single, as well as her own distinctive characteristics as an artist, "HIDE&SEEK" is said to be an impressive rock tune with a refreshingly fast arrangement handled by Nomura Yoichiro, formerly of the now-disbanded unit Nichika and more recently active as a part of the hit-making production group agehasprings. The song is currently featured in the new 2011 Yoyogi Seminar CM, airing country-wide as of January 11th, and will also be available for purchase through Recochoku as early as January 19th.

Following the single's release, NIKIIE will also begin her first one-man tour "It's ME, NIKIIE TOUR!!" in April with performances in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

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Source: Excite + NEWSJERO (YouTube).

SuG announces new album!

Rock band SuG recently dropped their new single “Crazy Bunny Coaster“, and on January 11th they held a special release event at the Tokyo Suidoubashi Laqua Garden Stage.  The band performed in front of their fans and announced to the happy crowd that they would be releasing a new album, “Thrill Ride Pirates,” on March 9th.

SuG kicked off the event by performing the coupling track on their new single, “NO OUT NO LIFE.”  Vocalist Takeru MCed the event saying that “‘Crazy Bunny Coaster’ is a roller coaster theme, so it is an honor to have an event at such a cute amusement park.

After celebrating the release of the new single, they declared that March 9th would be “SuG day” and that they would release their new album then. This caused a great deal of excitement, as fans were already anticipating some new work from the band.

Currently SuG has their manifest plan to get “Crazy Bunny Coaster” on the Oricon charts.  Depending on their ranking they will give a reward at the January 19th fan event at the Tokyo TFT Hall.  If they rank #1, they will give everyone attending the event a kiss.

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Yay for new album!!! :D
If they get #1...those lucky ass fans .>_> Well anyways GL SuG!

Oricon Weekly Chart: Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs

Uemura Kana
is at the top of the single chart for 2 consecutive weeks. This is the first time since Mr.Children did it 2 years and 4 months ago with "HANABI", and for female artist, this is the first time since Utada Hikaru did it with "Flavor of Life" 3 years and 10 months ago. Meanwhile, Ikimonogakari reclaim the top spot in the album chart since DREAMS COME TRUE did it 1 year and 9 months ago for DO YOU DREAMS COME TRUE?.

Posting the top 30 albums/singles, as well as top 10 music-DVDs (acoompanied with last week's top 10 music-DVDs because I didn't post it then). The number in the 2nd column refers to sales for Oricon 2011. New release in bold.

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Finally the dismal week is almost over (for me)! I cannot wait for the new week to start.

Anyway, congrats to Uemura Kana and Ikimonogakari! Really, don't Iki know when to stop selling so many every freaking week? XD

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Oh! No! It’s Heavy Polysick!!!


Dance/rock group POLYSICS has announced that they will be releasing their first full original album in over a year, “Oh! No! It’s Heavy Polysick!!!“, on March 9th.

The last work they released was the mini album “eee-P!!!” back in December, but this will be the first full album with the new three person lineup.  They plan to carry on with the momentum from their mini album release into the full album, using a wide range of musical styles to appeal to their fans.

“Oh! No! It’s Heavy Polysick!!!” will contain the fan recording that POLYSICS conducted last month with the song “Let’s Dabadaba“, as well as twelve other tracks.  Fans who pick up the limited edition DVD version will also get footage of ten songs from the November 5th live at the LIQUIDROOM ebisu.


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I dont know a thing about them...but i do like the album title :)
Looks like i got some video researching to do

Survey shows rising indifference to sex among male teens, couples+

One-third of Japanese men aged 16 to 19 were uninterested in or even averse to sex as of last year, doubling from 2008, a government survey showed Wednesday.

The survey, conducted in September, also showed more married couples were also found sexless than before, with more than 40 percent saying they had no sex in the past month.

The last survey was conducted by a research group of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry to study people's views on lifestyle. It is based on replies provided by 671 men and 869 women aged 16 to 49 in interviews.

"The survey result confirmed that young men have become 'herbivorous'," said Kunio Kitamura, head of the Clinic of the Japan Family Planning Association who took part in the survey, using the term used increasingly in Japan to describe young males who are shy and passive in relationships with women.

According to the ministry, 35.1 percent of men aged 16 to 19 said they are uninterested in or averse to sex, surging from 17.5 percent in the previous poll in 2008.

The percentage climbed to 21.5 percent among men aged 20 to 24 from 11.8 percent two years earlier, and among women of any age group, the survey showed.

Those married men and women who said they had no sex in the past month totaled 40.8 percent, up from 36.5 percent in the previous survey and 31.9 percent in a 2004 study.

Respondents cited vague reluctance after childbirth, a sense that it is a bother and job-related fatigue as reasons for shunning sex with their partners.

"Some measures are necessary (to deal with the increase in sexless couples) as it is directly linked to the declining birthrate," Kitamura said.

melon unnie

Idol vs. Otaku: “Have You Losers Ever Had a Date!?”

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Recently several seiyuu seem to have lost their patience with creepy otaku stalkers, making some distinctly unkind remarks about their annual seiyuu surveillance operations.

The practice they mention is the infamous Christmas seiyuu stalking event seiyuu otaku run each year, (otaku's on 2ch supervise female seiyuu to make sure they aren’t spending time with a man) with the Christmas 2010 event provoking even more contempt than usual online.

In this event seiyuu otaku gather data on each seiyuu over Christmas (such as whether they updated their blog on Christmas Eve, whether they had an alibi, and even whether their photographs were correctly dated) and construct a chart of their evidence in the hopes of making sure their target seiyuu spent their Christmas chastely preserving their maidenhood.

Masaya Onosaka (best known as Vash the Stampede) and Yui Kano (Cecil in Gosick) had the following exchange about it on a recent seiyuu radio programme


Onosaka: “Have these losers ever even been on a date!?”

Kano: “I don’t see what’s so interesting about who I’m having sex with. It’s flattering they’re interested at all I suppose.”

Kano: “It is quite cute… they are showing what pure little hearts they have!”

Onosaka: “It’s idiotic. I want to know just who does this stuff.”

It should be noted Kano was given a “white” rating by 2ch as she was in the studio, as was Aya Hirano, who appeared live on TV. On the other hand, Nana Mizuki was given a “black” rating for not updating her site to let 2ch know she was not having sex with some male in their imaginary stead.

Kano also ponders whether she would still be considered “white” if she spent Christmas having sex with another woman…

source: sankakucomplex

haha good

Maaya finally reaches #1 on Daily Ranking

 Following the release of her much talked about 7th studio album 「You can't catch me 」 yesterday, Sakamoto Maaya finally debuts at #1 on Oricon Daily Ranking. This marks Sakamoto's first time at #1 since 13 years of her career as well as the second seiyuu-singer to do so. (The first being Mizuki Nana's album "ULTIMATE DIAMOND") Her past album, Kazeyomi, is by far her best selling studio album but only peaked #3 on Weekly Ranking. Whether or not 「You can't catch me 」will be able to stay on at #1 for the whole week is left to be seen. If it does, this would prove a big accomplishment for Sakamoto, considering for someone who has been in the industry as long as her. 

「You can't catch me 」received a lot of media attention due to the fact a number of well known musicians have come forward to assist Sakamoto in the album. Kanno Yoko, Tomita Keiichi, Suemitsu Atsushi, Suneohair, Tokita Shintaro (Sukima Switch), Sakurai Hidetoshi, Suzuki Syoko, Shibata Jun and Cano Caoli were among the musicians involved. Also, as previously mentioned, the track "Tegami" will be used as the main theme for the live-action movie "Kimi to Boku" in which Sakamoto will voice the cat.


*sniff* So proud of her ;__;

New Mini-Album by Aya Kamiki!!

Rock-pop singer Kamiki Aya announced on her official website that she was going to be releasing a new mini-album titled “EVIL ÄLIVE”!

The mini-album will follow the footsteps of her last release, “GLORIOSA”, and deliver a hard-hitting rock sound, showing the duality of Kamiki Aya both as an artist (girly but manly rock) and as a person (a girly “uncle” type who likes to drink and gamble). The title itself is also a palindrome with a special meaning that Aya wants to convey with her upcoming release.

“EVIL ÄLIVE” includes six new tracks from the artist for a total of seven songs: EVIL ALIVE, oneweek, Yell, Again, cross over, and Japanese Rock’n Girls. Fans can pre-order the album on mu-mo or wait until the album drops on March 9th.

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FUDGE YEA!!! *huggles Aya poster*

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