January 18th, 2011


Maaya Sakamoto tops the charts for the first time with “You can’t catch me”

According to the results of the ‘Oricon Weekly Album Ranking‘, voice actress and singer Maaya Sakamoto has finally attained the number one spot!

Although the singer has previously released 7 original albums and 18 singles since her debut nearly 15 years ago, her newest album “You can’t catch me” is her first to become #1. Prior to this achievement, her highest ranking on the single and album charts had been third place – her ‘best-of’ albums “Single Collection Niko+pachi” and “everywhere”, her original album “Kazeyomi,” and her 2009 single “Triangular” had all peaked at third.

The singer’s 15th anniversary album, “You can’t catch me”, was released on January 12th, and sold 27,000 copies in its first week.

Congratulations to Maaya Sakamoto on achieving her longed-for goal!


She deserves it!!

Nanba Shiho performs first single "Aurora ni Kakurete" live

Following two mini-albums, a remix album and her first full album, seventeen-year-old indie pop idol Nanba Shiho interestingly made her single debut just last year with "Aurora ni Kakurete" on December 1st. The writing and production of her music is the collaborative effort of many artists including Toki Asako, Kotringo, and most recently YUKI, who wrote the lyrics to the single's title song (and who Nanba herself claims to adore). Four days after its release, she performed it at her first solo event THE NANBA SHOW, and HoriPro's official YouTube channel has just now posted the footage alongside a short comment from the singer herself:

Nanba says she hopes the song will become a winter classic sometime in the future.

You can watch the original PV here on Dailymotion.

Source: horiprochannel (YouTube).

Nanba Shiho is my recent obsession. I wish she'd done more of the dance. :(

Evangelion Plug Suit-Based Wetsuits for Sale in Japan


The Japanese design firm Lightair announced that three types of wetsuits inspired by the plugsuits in the anime film Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance will go on sale in Japan. The zipper-less wetsuits will match the outfits worn by the EVA-01, EVA-00, and EVA-02 pilots (Shinji, Rei, and Asuka, respectively) and will sell for 163,800 yen (about US$1,985, tax included).

Last October, singer, voice actress, and manga creator Shoko Nakagawa ("Shoko-tan") modeled a wetsuit based on the Evangelion character Mari's plugsuit on Japanese television. Also last year, drivers of Run'a Entertainment's "Evangelion RT-01 apr Corolla" team wore uniforms patterned after Shinji's plug suit to match their Evangelion-themed car in the Super GT300-class grand touring championship series.



They should consider constructing a life-size Eva next...
my immortal..
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Final Fantasy XIII is getting a sequel

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A Final Fantasy XIII direct sequel was announced today at Square Enix's 1st Production Department Premier event in Roppongi. Square Enix even showed a trailer, which we can confirm was completely free of dance numbers.

Taking a naming hint from Final Fantasy X-2, this latest direct sequel is titled Final Fantasy XIII-2 (pronounced "Thirteen Two"). Square Enix is developing the game simultaneously on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for domestic release some time in 2011. For players outside of Japan, the game is due for winter release, suggesting another fast localization.

The short trailer shown at the event began with main character Lightning narrating over what looked like scenes from FFXIII. The trailer then took on a slightly darker tone as we saw Lightning, fully decked out in armor, in a standoff with a new male knight character.
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I'm ok with this..just improve the battle system!!!

Tsubasa Imai to star on NHK’s Spanish lesson show

Tsubasa Imai has been given the chance to level up his love for Spain as NHK has announced he will be the new navigator on their Spanish language lesson TV show from spring, reports Oricon and NHK.

 Imai himself had previous said he had become fond of Spain after learning the Flamenco.  Now by learning about the history and way of life in Spanish cities like Salamanca, and more about the country’s language, Imai said he hopes to “find a phrase that represents me now and in the future”.

 The Johnny’s talent will star on 24 episodes of “テレビでスペイン語 (TV de Spain-go)” from March 31 to September 2011.  His co-stars will include Nihon University professor Tetsuyasu Sumita, who will be the show’s teacher, and two native Spanish teachers.


Masaki Aiba surprised his little brother is getting married before him

Aiba-san says his family is his rock.

“I’ll call them up a lot to ask, ‘do you want to go out for dinner?’, and we’ll go out as a family.  My family runs a Chinese restaurant and the other day they asked me, ‘what should we put on the new menu’ (laughs).  How am I supposed to know.

“Just recently, my little brother surprised me by saying he was going to get married.  I’d met his girlfriend a number of times, and she’s had dinner with us, but, I can’t help but feel that he beat me to it really easily (laughs).”

Having just turned 28 himself, Aiba-san contined to tell us about his reaction.

“I’d always felt that marriage was something still way down the line, but now it feels quite close,” he said.

So what kind of woman would he want to marry himself?

“I’d rather be with a woman who is straightforward and puts her best effort into everything than someone who’s always formal.  It would be great if we could encourage each other for the better.”

You seem like you’d look after a girl, but what if you abandoned her to hang out with your guy friends!?

“No, of course not.  I’d even bring her along when we play baseball.  I’d be like, ‘you, be our manager’.  I’d make sure that we can enjoy things together!!”

Perhaps the force behind Aiba-san’s unlimited energy isn’t just his fellow Arashi members or fans, but also his family…

--BAILA magazine, February 2011 edition



URAKARA is successful despite crappy timeslot + 4 of the 5 members are leaving DSP!

Following KARA’s successful start to their new Japanese drama, ‘URAKARA‘, on January 14th, it was recently announced that the drama will soon be aired on Korean cable TV this coming January 28th.
Cable channel tvN will begin KARA’s 12-episode drama broadcast on the 28th at 8:30 PM KST under the name, “KARA’s Double Life”.

“KARA’s Double Life” illustrates a story about the girls transforming into spies, and they are given missions involving both virtual and reality dating. The members think of ways to catch the heart of a man, through which they gradually learn about true love and become perfect and charismatic top stars.

The first episode of “URAKARA” on January 14th received a viewer rating of 4% despite being broadcast at midnight. According to a representative in the Japanese TV industry, even receiving a 2% viewer rating at this time slot is a magnificent achievement in itself. 

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Reports of KARA splitting from their agency, DSP Media Entertainment, has sent shockwaves throughout the music industry.  The members of KARA, excluding leader Gyuri, reasoned that they had lost their confidence in their relationship with DSP Media Entertainment, and that it could never be regained again.

Landmark, KARA’s lawyers, reported on January 19th:

Despite KARA receiving much love from their activities in both Korea and Japan, the members have experienced inexplicable pain that brought them to this decision.  They’ve held it in for a long time, but in order to protect their rights and their future, the members have decided to part ways from their company.

KARA has tried their absolute best in compromising with their company prior to their decision, but their agency used their power in forcing the members to fulfill schedules that they did not want, and continuously added activities on top of a loaded schedule without prior consent or discussion.  The psychological damages that the members were forced to endure cannot be explained in words, and their efforts have gone to waste.  Their misery is severe, and they can no longer remain under such a company, which is why they decided to declare their withdrawal.

Trust is the most important aspect of a relationship between an agency and its artist, but the agency has been using KARA as a way to make money.  A variety of issues that have not been stated are still present.  The agency has decided the majority of the girls’ celebrity activities without any sort of discussion or meeting, and has rejected requests asking for explanations or for proper documents.  Their relationship has been destroyed to the point that it could never be restored again.

Representatives of DSP Media commented, “This is ridiculous, we are not sure what went wrong.  We have yet to understand the situation.  We’ll be releasing an official statement soon.”

Source: akp / akp + NATE + cksavestheday

Tegoshi, policing phones at a club

" " is translation and [ ] is a translation of someones comments.

"It's been discovered that 2 AKB girls, whose entire group is forbidden to have relationships, got their little paws on a Johnny's boy.

This shocking information came in from a reader."

[Last month in Roppongi, [the speaker] met T-kun. He was in a good mood bragging about knowing AKB's O and K, and making the girls skull tequila.]

"Johnny's, with the male idol world under their thumb, and AKB48 at the lead of the girls world.

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Source: here at zurui_koi 's journal.

The easier to understand version: Tegoshi disgust women, brags a lot, probably slept with two girls from AKB48, is paranoid that people recorded him, checks the phone of all the patrons. Nothing recorded, he's in the clear. Story still got leaked to the tabloids.

J-Rock Band Vidoll to Disband

Last year in September, due to the treatment concerning the throat of Vidoll vocalist Jui, the band had announced its pause of activities. However, despite this, the group now revealed its break-up for May eventually. Still, they claim it to be a “positive break-up” and that they want their fans to watch over each member from here on.

The reasons for the disbandment are stated to be differences in musicality, along with the businesses, which have been started by the members, which also resulted in different orientations on an individual level.
In a “NicoNicoDouga” comment and on Twitter, the members are planning to comment on their plans and the break-up.

Other than that, on January 19th, Vidoll will be releasing their best-of album “BEST” and while still holding in-store events, they will be facing the last live performance as Vidoll on May 7th at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST.

Moreover, vocalist Jui will also be releasing his solo debut album on April 20th, which will contain new songs with the thought and memories of Vidoll.    

Shattered Tranquility

I was really hoping that this year will be the year for J-Rock! Things aren't looking good right now...I hope it gets much better! U_U


NTV names successor to "Zoom In!! SUPER"

Earlier this month, NTV announced that it would be ending its morning show "Zoom In!! SUPER" after March. The network has now revealed that its replacement will be called "ZIP!," an abbreviation of "ZOOM IN PEOPLE."

The show's concept is reportedly to make a program that can continue even 10 years from now. Announcer Taichi Masu (29) has been chosen as the main MC, along with popular talento Mari Sekine (26). Masu has only been with NTV since 2006, and currently he appears on the shows "DON!" and "Zoom In!! Sunday."

NTV has chosen Tatsuro Yamashita to provide the show's theme song.

"ZIP!" will air from 5:50am to 8:00am on weekdays, starting in April.

Source: www.tokyograph.com/news/id-7339

S/mileage sub-unit Lilpri to hold a handshake event at the World Hobby Fair

S/mileage sub-unit Lilpri will be giving out free handshakes at the World Hobby Fair ‘11 Winter!

The unit, which consists of members Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuuka, and Fukuda Kanon, will be making a special appearance at the game and anime fair to promote the anime, “Hime-Chen! Otogichikku Idol Lilpri,” often shortened to “Lilpri”, much like their group name. The charming magical girl anime tells the story of three elementary school students who can transform into princesses from fairy tales.

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Chatmonchy reveals details on their new album “YOU MORE”

Female rock group Chatmonchy recently revealed that their new album “YOU MORE” will be released on March 23rd. In addition, the group has finally revealed some details on the track list.

The group revealed the title of the release on January 18th while being guests on the TOKYO FM program “SCHOOL OF LOCK!” in the corner “Chabobe LOCKS!“  “YOU MORE” will be the first full, original album from the band in almost two years since the release of “Confessions” back in March of 2009.

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Yamapi doesn't like getting punched on an empty stomach

A private showing of the upcoming movie “Ashita no Joe“, starring Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS), was held on January 17th, and cast members including Yamashita, Iseya Yusuke, Kagawa Teruyuki, and Karina showed up.

Karina confessed her feelings regarding Yamashita and Iseya, who both underwent fierce food restriction and stern training to modify their bodies into boxers, “They were both so fierce looking, and had an aura which made me hesitate to speak to them.

Yamashita, who played Yabuki Joe, the legendary manga character, said, “I felt a lot of pressure, and wasn’t sure if I would be able to fulfill the role of Joe.  However, I have learned from Joe that it’s important to keep challenging.  I never thought that I would be able to be immersed in one thing this much.

Yamashita also confessed that there was a time when he really flew off the handle during the shoot after he received “real” punches in his empty stomach.  Yamashita said while looking back to those days, “I thought, ‘So, this is the fighting spirit…’, by looking at my truly angry face.

Iseya Yusuke, who played the role of Rikiishi Toru, the rival of Joe, described Yamashita as an “ab freak.”  According to Iseya, Yamashita kept doing sit-ups in the corner of the studio even when he felt sick.

The official release of the movie will be on February 11th.

Source: tokyohive

NHK announcer Yuko Aoyama to tie the knot

There have recently been reports that NHK announcer Yuko Aoyama (38) is getting married, and she personally confirmed the rumors at the end of Monday's broadcast of "News Watch 9."

According to Sports Hochi, Aoyama's fiance is a 37-year-old employee of a company related to medical welfare. They are apparently planning to register their marriage within the next several days, then hold their wedding ceremony in March.

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YOSHIKI appears at the ‘Golden Globes’ with Stan Lee

Last October, X Japan’s YOSHIKI and American comic books legend Stan Lee announced at the New York Comic Con that they would be collaborating for a new superhero comic based on a character who’s a musician. It appears that the two have become quite close, as they made a joint appearance on the red carpet Sunday night at the “68th Annual Golden Globe Awards” in Beverly Hills, California.

Yoshiki had already announced last year that all members of X Japan would be moving to Los Angeles. This appearance is yet another big step for the legendary J-rock group, as it brings more global mainstream media focus upon the band.

Sources: Anime News Network, AllVoices,tokyohive

Kyo - Sing


DIR EN GREY has finished filming the video for LOTUS. The director is non-other than Mr. Hiroyuki Kondo, who was also responsible for two videos that won the MTV HEADBANGERS BALL Best Video award two years in a row, “SAKU” and “DOZING GREEN” as well as the video that was banned from TV, “OBSCURE” due to censorship issues.

As a reminder, LOTUS is to be released on January 26th in two editions, normal and limited.

Source 1 and 2

How fucking sweet does this PV look? Well done, Mr. Kondo, well done.

Okinawan Goddess being classy like none of those hoes in movie & magazine

Actress Uehara Takako (28) of the Jpop group SPEED lands her first movie lead in “Koitani bashi La Vallee de l’amour.”
The movie is set for a summer release and is directed by Godo Koichi.
It takes place at a hot spring in Misasa, Tottori and is centered around a soon-to-be proprietress (Uehara) who restores her family’s Japanese-style inn that’s located in her hometown.
Takako did star in another movie back in 1999 called, “Dream Makerwith Da Pimp, but that project was related to her activities with SPEED.
That same year she won the Japanese Academy award for best new actress.
After that she’s polished off her acting skills in small roles in movies and dramas, now she’s taking on her first major role in a film.

They’ve been shooting in Tottori on location for the past 3 weeks.
Actress Uehara commented, “I believe I will portray this character very honestly when it comes to facing this movie.”
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