March 13th, 2011


"SHOW YOUR HEART!!!" - ♥ GACKT on the current events in Japan

The current events in Japan have lead GACKT to finally create a twitter account, too. He is trying to reach out to everyone in Japan as well as the world through both, Twitter and his official website, including his blog.
Furthermore, GACKT has been able to launch a charity project called "SHOW YOUR HEART", and tweeted about it.
the messages, and they are available in several languages on his page↓

There is an entry on "SHOW YOUR HEART", including the data you need to help on ohgacktyoudidnt.

Translation of the first blog entry after the earthquake can be found here on ohgacktyoudidnt, translated by excused_early.

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If you can, please retweet the message!
Even if this is all you can do, it would help! Many artists and individuals alike have retweeted, and sites such as, are reporting as well.

DEARS or not - We've got to stick together in these times!
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Citizens of Japan turn to Twitter to conserve electricity through “Operation Yashima”

In order to conserve electricity, the people of Japan have turned to the social networking site Twitter to both save energy and contact loved ones in this time of crisis.

Because the earthquake has caused power outages, the Tokyo Electric Power Company has called on citizens to help conserve electricity, leading celebrities and average citizens alike to utilize Twitter instead. The collective effort has been nicknamed “Operation Yashima” in reference to the classic anime, “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, in which the Evangelion units defeat their enemy with the use of a rifle that drains power grids across Japan.

TEPCO is currently unable to produce enough electricity during peak hours, predicting a shortfall of approximately one million watts – or 300,000 households.

Please continue praying for the country of Japan as they recover from this disaster.

Source: Tokyohive | IT Media

Keep on praying for their safety.

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15sec Snippet Of Song Of The Year + Our Messiah Speaks

Commercial for the TV Asahi drama Iryu Sousa featuring the theme song, "Kioku" by MISIA:

Most E-P-I-C 15sec snippet ever!!
Drama starts in April, song comes out in May!!


Also, here is MISIA's tweet on Friday's quake/tsunami disaster:

Everyone, I hope you are alright...
The damaged homes, the people in shelters who are going through physical and mental exhaustion, the secondary disasters from the quake and tsunami as well as epidemics and side-effects to the ecosystem. These are the many problems we face. The aftershocks keep coming. The situation is serious so let's remain calm and help each other out.


Bunch of celebrities doing charity events for earthquake relief

T.M Revolution to turn concert into charity event for earthquake relief

Singer T.M. Revolution has revealed that he will be donating all ticket revenues to relief efforts for the recent earthquake in Japan. He posted a tweet on his twitter and with the help of his followers, things are being set up rather quickly.
T.M. Revolution was also scheduled to hold a live concert on March 30th for his new album “Cloud Nine.” While there were talks of canceling the live event, T.M. Revolution decided to turn it into a charity event instead. He has admitted that he is not sure about the full extent of these plans, “I don’t know how much I can or cannot do, but I am going to start moving with all my effort to face the problems that come our way.”

Currently, with the help of more than 200,000 followers, the artist hopes to gather the help of other artists and producers.


GACKT, Izumiya Shigeru, and Shinya start off their “SHOW YOUR HEART” Project

With the current situation in Japan caused by the 8.9 earthquake and big tsunami, GACKT and others have started the “SHOW YOUR HEART” Project for fundraising purposes.

GACKT has commented that he has decided to start with things that he could do to support the victims. And he has also said that, “We would be very thankful for everyone’s support. Although it is impossible to make a difference alone, by working together, we can make a huge difference.”
The special website for this fundraiser has opened in the “Hangame” website (online free game) and displays messages from Izumiya Shigeru, Shinya (LUNA SEA), h.NAOTO, DAIGO (BREAKERZ), Ni~ya (Nightmare), Yoshimoto Daiki (doa), Takahashi Hisanori, DJ SINJI, Kazuhiko Gomi, etc.


Matsuki Ayumu’s supporting song for free downloading

Matsuki Ayumu has started the free downloading for his new song “3 Gatsu 11 Nichi Mimei”. It also be accessed from iPhones.

“3 Gatsu 11 Nichi Mimei” is a song written for the victims of the earthquake. He has commented on his twitter saying things such as, “I know that many of you cannot afford to be listening to music at a time like this, but I hope those that cannot move from where they are now and are having hard and painful times can cheer up by listening to this song.” and “Everyone LIVE!”


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