March 15th, 2011

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MISIA and TAKURO donate to Japan relief efforts ‎

mudef (which stands for Music Design Foundation) is an organization established to organize people’s message power through music and art. They have been working on programs that contribute to the accomplishment of all 8 MDGs (Millennium Development Goals), including MISIA's Child AFRICA activities.

Two of its board members are MISIA and TAKURO (from GLAY). The mudef website announced that they have each made a 10 million yen donation to Japan relief efforts through the mudef fundraising campaign "HOPE FOR JAPAN". As of now mudef has raised over 32.8 million yen (~USD$405,564).

source: Hope For Japan

Kuwaiti family missing in Japan
While, following the news about the humanitarian disaster created by the earthquake in Japan and destructive survey of whole cities out of existence, and the loss of tens of thousands of people, First Secretary at the Kuwaiti embassy in Japan Mohammad Al-Mutairi informed about a family of Kuwaiti missing composed of five people in the area «Teshunoma» in Miyagi Prefecture in northern Japan. (Which was damaged most by the earthquake)

Their father lives and works as a professor in Japan for 23 years,  his name is Abdullah Ali Ahmed Muzaffar. He has two sons and a girl named Yousif, Kazem and Sarah. His wife is originally Japanese but she got the Kuwaiti nationality and changed her Japanese name «Miyuki
» to an Arabic name  «Ameena » and converted to Islam duing the 80s.
They opened a private school to teach English in their home city. The family earned honor from the Citizens of the city and they held a ceremony in a Japanese way on that occasion.

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Transated and summaried by [info]foreverstorm90

Please forgive me if there are miskates, because English and Arabic are not my mother langauge.
Please guys, keep praying for Japan and all missing people to be found..


Update: Both AKB48 and H!P Reschedule Events and Postpone Releases

Both AKB48 and Hello! Project have postponed upcoming releases in responce to the recent tsumami.

List of Postponed Releases:

AKB48 - 1st Album [Koko ni Ita koto]
Kikkawa You - 1st Single [Kikkake wa YOU!]*
Morning Musume - 45th Single [Maji de sukasuka!] and [Rival Survival] Bluray DVD
C-ute - 6th Album [Chou Wonderful! 6]
SDN48 - 2nd Single [Ai, Juseyo]*
Kara - 3rd Japanese Single [Jet Coaster Love]*
All Avex releases for this month

Cancelled/Postponed Events:

AKB48 - Concert at Yokohama Arena  [Takamina ni tsuite ikimasu]
All Hello! Project Events happening before the 26th of March (This inclueds the Moning Musume Tour.)

No word yet on whether the Not Yet, French Kiss, DiVA singles,Berryz Kobo Album and S/mileage Limited Live will be effected. Not Yet, DiVA, Berryz Kobo Album and French Kiss *should* go ahead as planned but the S/mileage live is cancelled.

*Both Kikkawa,SDN48 and Kara are effected by Univerial Japan postoning all releases that were set to release on the 23rd and the 30th of March.

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In tragedy, Japan impresses the world

Despite the horrific scenes of destruction, Japan may emerge from its quake-tsunami disaster with a stronger international brand-name as the nation's resilience wins wide praise.

Television stations around the world have broadcast the footage of the seismic waves as they razed homes and carried away cars as if they were toys, stranding dazed survivors on the brutalized landscape.

But coverage has also shown another side -- Japanese showing calm as they search for loved ones or wait for basic necessities. There is not a hint of looting or violence, even as residents line up at half-empty stores.

Entries on the English-language blogosphere speak of the Japanese as "stoic" and wonder the reaction in Western countries would be to a disaster of similar magnitude.

Harvard University professor Joseph Nye said that the disaster may turn out to benefit Japan's "soft power" -- a term he coined to describe how nations achieve their goals by appearing more attractive to others.

"Though the tragedy is immense, this sad event shows some of the very attractive features of Japan, and thus may help their soft power," Nye told AFP in an email exchange.

"In addition to the sympathy it will engender, it shows a stable, well-mannered society that was as prepared for such a disaster as any modern country could be, and which is responding in a calm and orderly way," he said.


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AKB48 groups pledge 500 million yen for earthquake relief + AKB48 appeals to fans for earthquake don

Members of the AKB48 idol franchise announced on Tuesday that they plan to donate 500 million yen towards the ongoing earthquake relief efforts. The group also announced yesterday that they are collecting donations from fans on behalf of the Japanese Red Cross.

The 500 million yen was gathered from the members of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and SDN48, as well as others who are managed by AKS and producer Akimoto Yasushi’s own agency.

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Hello Project Girls blog about about the Earthquake

Many of the Hello Project girls have blogged after the earthquake. They've confirmed that they and their families are safe, and what they're doing to help the efforts.

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Most of the girls blogged about conserving energy, so I included only the posts that involved donating. All the posts can be found translated at the source.

Johnny & Associates cancel concerts + provide free trucks for disaster relief

On March 15th, entertainment agency Johnny & Associates announced that all planned domestic concerts by their artists in March have been canceled. Instead, the transport and power unit trucks normally used for these live performances will be lent to disaster-stricken areas in Japan, free of charge.

In total, 18 performances by 6 artists have been canceled (including TOKIO, Tackey & Tsubasa, Hey!Say! JUMP, and Yamashita Tomohisa).

At every concert, Johnny’s uses several 10-ton transport trucks and a few electric power unit trucks. The agency has a contract in place with truck companies for these, but since the concerts have been canceled, they announced, “If it can help with the disaster relief in stricken areas, we are prepared to lend them out for emergency transport and supplementing electricity … [For example,] transporting material aid, and providing electricity to hospitals…

Food transport and power shortage are big problems at the affected areas, and Johnny’s says they will consider requests by local authority groups involved in the relief effort for the trucks.

Source: Sanspo via tokyohive

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Watanabe Entertainment donates 100 million yen, launches charity project

Management agency Watanabe Entertainment is also pitching in to the earthquake relief efforts, launching a charity project called “WAE ~Wa e~ Imakoso Danketsu!” A special website for the project indicates that the WAE also stands for “Water Air Entertainment.”
The company is donating 100 million yen to the disaster areas. In addition, there are at least three other plans:
  1. Starting at noon on March 18, an online charity auction will be held, involving all Watanabe Entertainment artists and including autographed personal items
  2. Watanabe Entertainment will be soliciting donations from fans
  3. The agency will donate the revenue received from the chaku-uta downloads for D☆DATE and the machi-uke images for 5 artists, including Nakagawa Shoko and Shirota Yu
More information is available on the project website.

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