May 24th, 2011

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flumpool to sing the theme song for “Rugby World Cup 2011″

This fall, NTV and J SPORTS will be broadcasting the “Rugby World Cup 2011”, and flumpool has been chosen to sing the theme song.

flumpool previously sang the support song “reboot ~Akiramenai Uta~” for the Japanese soccer team at the “2010 FIFA World Cup”, which was also broadcast on NTV. This year they have been chosen to sing again for the Japanese rugby team, which is ranked #13 in the world with no opponents in Asia.

flumpool began working on this theme song while they traveled the nation during their hall tour, “Fantasia of Life Stripe ~Boku-tachi wa Koko ni Iru~”. Furthermore, details about a CD release or digital release are still pending, so fans should look out for a follow-up report.

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KAT-TUN score their 20th consecutive #1, 2PM bows in at #4

KAT-TUN's "WHITE" is their 20th consecutive #1

KAT-TUN's 15th single, "WHITE" has sold 151,000 copies this week, ascending to the #1 spot. Since their debut in March 2006, KAT-TUN has had 15 singles top the charts consecutively. Combined with their five #1 albums, the boys have seen 20 consecutive releases reach the top of the Oricon weekly charts.

"WHITE" is the group's first single in three months, since "ULTIMATE WHEELS" in February. The title track served as the theme song for the Kao "Sofina Adult Skin Whitener" CM, while the song "PERFECT" was used in the "AOKI 3D SLIM" CM featuring group member Kamenashi Kazuya.

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source: Oricon 1 + 2
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Erika withdraws divorce papers from Spanish government office

It has been revealed on the 20th that actress Erika Sawajiri (25)'s divorce papers from Tsuyoshi Takashiro have been withdrawn from a notary public's office in Spain.

On the same day, Sawajiri returned on an Air France flight from Europe to Haneda Airport after doing various works throughout the continent. Journalists asked the famous actress, "Did you bring your divorce papers back here with you?" to which she said, "No, they're in Japan now." According to authorized people, on the 16th the papers were withdrawn from a Spanish notary public's office and mailed to Sawajiri's lawyer in Japan.

When asked when the divorce papers would be submitted, the mogul replied "I haven't decided yet."

In February during a Takanoyuri Beauty Clinic CM interview, Sawajiri reported that the papers were in the custody of a Spanish notary public's office. On the 16th through Sawajiri's legal power, the documents were withdrawn. Though Takashiro has already signed the paperwork for divorce, it seems that there is a possibility that government offices have yet to approve it, meaning that there is possibility that divorce will not happen any time soon.

Sawajiri visited Prague this month for the filming of a new CM. She later spent time in Bali for vacation, and returned to Europe for work and private time. It's rumored that she also visited Spain during this month. While being attacked by over 40 reporters at Haneda, the actress/model/singer/CEO kept a smile on her face, obviously in high spirits.

A known fashionista, Sawajiri donned a skirt with a high slit and a scarf, as well as a large hat, making for a chic outfit. She reportedly embraced a man on her staff who came to pick her up, surprising reporters.

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Quiz Show Sho, Love Sho

Arashi has heard about Arashi Peru fundraising efforts

  It seems like the good news never stops. :)

VS Arashi Producer Masafumi Futagawa tweeted today that the Arashi members have read the Yomiuri Shimbun article on the efforts of Arashi Peru to raise money for the disaster victims:

Thanks for your support!! All the member of Arashi had read the newspaper of Pelu!! They were very impressed!!

VS Arashi Producer Yatagawa tweets about Arashi Peru


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Oricon weekly chart (5/30) is out

Weekly Singles
*1 150,944 KAT-TUN
*2 *93,828 Perfume
*3 *73,890 DiVA
*4 *59,059 2PM
*5 *28,747 Nishino Kana
*6 *19,242 NIGHTMARE
*7 *18,674 BUMP OF CHICKEN
*8 *15,497 Kanjani8
*9 *13,458 9mm Parabellum Bullet
10 *12,645 Hotei Tomoyasu

Weekly Albums
*1 36,980 FTISLAND
*2 24,775 Amuro Namie
*3 17,926 Shibasaki Kou
*5 12,945 BIGBANG
*6 12,057 wowaka
*7 11,626 Tokunaga Hideaki
*8 11,352 Oda Kazumasa
*9 11,316 Song For Japan
10 *8,532 Jennifer Lopez


if anyone was curious as to why 2PM flew off the charts so fast, their limited cd had tickets for an mini concert event/high five that was held today. considering the only way to attend was to buy the single and then, in order to get to high five and talk to the member, you needed their photocard... well certainly explains both their high sales and why it dropped so fast (no need to keep trying to get tickets or try to get the photocard you want). makes you wonder how they'd sell without these fan events.

p.s. ¡estoy emocionada to see señorita Lopez y Kanita spicing up the charts this week! ¡ya tu sabes!

Okinawan Goddess poses for Weekly Playboy and remains classy like none of those hoes

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Weekly Playboy released a 6 page spread of Takako Uehara from the legendary jpop group SPEED, to promote her upcoming movie "Koitani Bashi", which is released on June 13th. The all star cast also includes Nakazawa Yuuko, Tsuchiya Anna, Mikami Kensei, Matsuda Miyuki & Iwasa Mayuko.

Flawless, exotic and classy 
I want a new photobook for her, already!!!

Sources: Daigong@HPhip, SIB,takako_daily