August 26th, 2011


Chinese Netizens weigh in on anti-Fuji TV demonstrations

Lately in Japan, talk over whether or not the recent Korean Wave has been forced by the media has become a hot topic, and Chinese netizens have weighed in on China's popular forum, Tianya, creating the thread, "It seems that there have been demonstrations against the Korean Wave in Japan; when will the Wave stop in China?" China is seeing Korean dramas being broadcast as well. What do Chinese people think about this? We translated their reactions below:

OP (Roberccino)
● On 8/21 in Odaiba in front of Fuji TV's headquarters, hundreds gathered to protest its overemphasis of the Korean Wave. This "Anti-Hallyu" protest was the second, and was mostly borne from Internet communications.

● 女孩的馬尾
The Korean Wave isn't much here in China. There aren't many idiots here.

● 素言
In China, those interested in the Korean Wave are idiots born in the 1980s. I'm not saying all people born in the 80s are idiots, but just a few morons. I wonder how many people born in the 90s like the Korean Wave?

● lolicon2011
Now, if you make a thread about Korea, you'll be scorned and the thread won't rise. Of course, girls who like Korean dramas are out there. But, just like males who like pornography, one one hand they like it, on the other, they scorn it.

● zwen1111
In China, not only is it the anti-Korean Wave that's important, but the anti-American wave as well.

● 321281198
Why are people tortured by having another country's culture in their own?

● sd2464588
There are so many Chinese that even though the ratio is small, Korean-influenced people are definitely in China.

● 山黒黒
There are no children of Chinese who are interested in the Korean Wave. But there are those who have fallen for Ultra Man and  Ikkyusan. (original translator's note: for some reason Ikkyusan is still popular in China).

● 異度氷藍
It is not necessary for everyone to become anti-Korean Wave. Our society needs to be pluralistc. That being said, if I can say one thing, it's that the Korean Wave is more of a Cold Wave (translator's note: Kanryu (Cold Wave) is a play on Hanryu (Korean Wave)). It will never become the mainstream.

Translation - koutaishi

I edited out the ones that seemed to have nothing to do with the topic/Japan. interesting, I would've thought Chinese netizens would've been more audacious with their comments.
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Tamaki Hiroshi signs onboard to Chinese movie 'Tong Que Tai'

Movie Tong Que Tai's Director Zhao Lin Shan revealed on his Weibo that Japanese actor Tamaki Hiroshi, Korean actress Yun Eunhye (Goong, Coffee Prince) and Taiwanese Actor Alec Su will co-star in this high-budget historical film.

Tong Que Tai (literally translated as Copper Sparrow Platform) takes place in the Chinese Three Kingdoms period and is related to the figure Cao Cao. The movie will start shooting in October and rumoured to cost 130 million Yuan (~20 million USD) with specific details still under wraps.

The director posted a picture of Tamaki, his first time filming in China, discuss the script together through an interpreter. Director Zhao also praised Tamaki for his work ethics as well as his good looks.

Of note is that Tamaki has already gathered some following in China due to his role in the popular drama Nodame Cantabile.

Source: ifeng , udn, weibo

kyaaaa.... can't wait for this film..... and whatever Tamaki's new *look* will be
I want more of historical Tamaki like in Ooku xD

Japan’s Prime Minister Kan announces resignation

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Friday announced his resignation, ending a 15-month tenure defined by crisis and opening the door for this country’s seventh leader since 2006.

Kan’s decision to step down, coming after months of criticism over his government’s response to the disaster reconstruction and the nuclear emergency, turns the attention to Kan’s successor — to be determined in a ruling party election Monday.

Japan’s next prime minister will inherit all of the problems that Kan struggled to handle. Even before the March 11 disaster, Japan was dealing with a soaring debt, a stagnating economy and a shrinking population. Now, dealing with its biggest crisis since World War II, Japan also faces critical decisions about energy policy, nuclear reform, and the viable reconstruction of its northeastern coastline.

Kan had hinted three months ago that he would step down once Japan’s parliament had passed three final bills, and Friday the final two — one related to renewable energy; another related to the approval of new bonds — were finally passed.

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Jang Geun Suk to appear in Ep 8 of Japanese remake Ikemen Desu Ne

Korean star Jang Geun Suk (24) will be appearing in TBS' drama 'Ikemen desu ne' as himself. Jang acted in 09 in the original Korean version of the drama. This is the first time Jang will participate in a Japanese drama.

The drama is a remake of Jang's hit Korean drama of the same name. The story is about an orphaned girl who grew up in a covent and aspires to be a nun, Miko (Takimoto) had to stand in as her twin brother in the popular ikemen band A.N.Jell.
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yahoo japan

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Another banning, another country

China’s Agency for Cultural Affairs has recently put a ban on various songs. Users in China will not be able to search for
these songs or download them from music sites, as the country will be  removing them. In total, this ban will prohibit people from trial
listening to the songs, hearing them on broadcasts, and downloading them.

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...could someone explain to me? I'm at lost. Paganism? I mean I know the definitions, but why?

Kimura Kaela "Kidoairaku plus Ai" Excite Interview Translation

Original: Excite

--First of all, what were your thoughts as you transitioned from production work to having the finished product?

Kaela: I had a lot of different thoughts, but the number one thought hasn’t changed. I’ve given birth to my son, so the feelings and sense of responsibility that I have for my child have changed from what they were before. But the love that I have for music and singing hasn’t changed, and that’s good. It’s been very fun to be both “Kimura Kaela” and “Mother” without having to change who I am. Now, when I go home, ready or not, I step into my role as a mother, so there’s a very clear division there. And when I get to be Kimura Kaela [the performer] I do it with all my strength.

--I can see you putting everything into the performance of your new song, “Kidoairaku Plus Ai,” which is definitely a violent rock tune.

K: I’d decided to do a live because it’s summer, so I said to Shinoppi (Watanabe Shinobu), “Give me something crazy.” I’d been in a soft, tender mode, so I wanted to go hard instead. I asked him to give me something hard that I could sing during the climax of a live.

--What was your impression when you first heard it?

K: I thought, “Oh my god, this is so cool!” I wanted to write the lyrics right away, and I wanted to sing it. With the lyrics, I had a theme going of expressing love, which has no form, and other things that we don’t really understand. In my mind I had the image of joy, wrath, grief, and pleasure entering into love. My idea was that everything changes when you come into contact with someone if you add love to the equation.

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Full interview available at

NINKI ratings for the week of 30/8~5/9/2011

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Except for Ayu, RHCP and UNICORN, albums chart next week is gonna look bad, again. Rooting for Masha in the singles chart, though SHINee release earlier and will have extra-day advantage over Masha. Also for the best for the GazettE and JUJU.

Source 1, 2

AKB48 breaking another record; what else is new?

AKB48’s 17th single “Heavy Rotation”, which was released back in August of 2010, has come in at number one on Oricon’s Karaoke Ranking this week, making this their 43rd consecutive week at number one! Up until now, ORANGE RANGE’s “Hana” has held this record for six years with 42 consecutive first place wins.

“Heavy Rotation” was the result of AKB48’s “2nd Senbatsu General Election”, where Oshima Yuko took first place and was in the center position for the first time. This track was second to AKB48’s first million-seller “Beginner” in Oricon’s 2010 Yearly Ranking, selling 713,000 copies.

“Heavy Rotation” officially entered the karaoke ranking on September 13, 2010 at #12. It gradually moved up in rank until November 1, 2010, where it finally took the first place position and has continued to keep it for 10 months. More than a year after its initial release, “Heavy Rotation” is still in the TOP100 single ranking and is a song people love to sing at karaoke. –

<Most Consecutive First Places On Oricon’s Karaoke Ranking>

1. AKB48 – “Heavy Rotation” : 43 weeks (November 1, 2010 – August 22, 2011 [still going])

2. ORANGE RANGE – “Hana” : 42 weeks (November 29, 2004 – September 12, 2005)

3. GReeeeN – “KISEKI” : 37 weeks (June 23, 2008 – March 2, 2009)

Source: Oricon, TokyoHive Flawles AKB, got to admit this song is mad catchy

Some haters are probably going to say AKB fans "bulk-sing" in Karaoke lols....

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Solio's on a Roll with KAT-TUN

KAT-TUN's nth commercial for Suzuki Solio

Theme Song: & Forever (KAT-TUN)

At the end of the new Suzuki Solio CM, Junno goes 'Isn't that Nessie?!'. Nessie is on the left side of the screen in the lake, lol. This is Junno's ad-lib and Suzuki liked it, so they added Nessie in.

credits: 1, krysyuy

lol Ueda, hyper much
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Curry — it's more 'Japanese' than you think

Special to The Japan Times

To many people in Japan, summertime is synonymous
with hot and spicy food. Spices are believed to cool you down by making
you perspire, as well as stimulating an appetite dulled by the
sweltering weather. The quintessential spicy dish in Japan is curry,
which is so popular that it's regarded, along with ramen, as one of the
top two national dishes — ahead of sushi and miso soup.

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Ok, I'm hungry. I have a pack of  SB curry roux that I haven't got  a chance to cook. Maybe later :p

cute @!

What’s your favorite song by Hamasaki Ayumi?

Recochoku recently revealed the results of its latest group of rankings, asking users to choose their favorite songs by beloved pop singer Hamasaki Ayumi.

The ranking was split into three different categories, each describing a different aspect of the famous singer. The first is a lyric ranking, where users picked a song whose lyrics they most sympathized with. Coming in first place for this list is the title track of her first album, “A Song for XX“. Both male and female users responded that they could relate to the themes of insecurity as a young person. Despite being released in 1999, “A Song for XX” continues to be one of her most popular songs.

The second ranking is “The Ayu song you want to hear in the summer”, and was easily dominated by her sunny 2006 track “BLUE BIRD“. The PV for “BLUE BIRD” features Ayu singing cheerfully on a beautiful white beach, perfectly fitting the summer atmosphere of the upbeat song.

Lastly, Recochoku asked users to rank which Ayu song made them cry the most. Since releasing the song “Days” in 2008, Hamasaki has continued to perform the song at concerts with her dancer Syu-ya, who helps paint a sad story that elicits tears from both Ayu and her fans.

Check out the full ranking for each theme below!


< The Ayu song whose lyrics I sympathized with >
01. A Song for XX
02. Days
03. MY ALL

< The Ayu song I want to hear in the summer >
02. July 1st
03. Greatful days

< The Ayu song that made me cry the most >
01. Days
02. You were…


What songs would you have chosen?

TH via Barks

I never cared for Days but I am happy the readers picked Ayu's more modern songs!!!

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Guess who's going nude in anan's annual sex edition?

Johnny's 7 member group, Kanjani8's member Ohkura Tadayoshi (26) will be featured in Anan magazine to be sold on the 31st, in full nude.

The Anan sex special edition happens once a year. Last year's featured Ikuta Toma (26) creating a stir. When asked amongst editors 'who do readers want to see most naked?' Ohkura with 178cm height and a model-like body stood out.

Before the shoot, 'So, it will be me? That's totally a prank' was what the dubious Ohkura thought. The shoot contains a shower scene, posing in bed, and pants hanging dangerously low to bare his hips, even the staff exclaimed 'to that extent?!' The magazine will have an 8 page spread of sexy shots.

'Going nude on anan was the goal' and for 1 month before the shoot, Ohkura hired professional trainers to help him get in shape. This will be his first time nude and which fans will definitely keep an eye on.
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Source: yomiuri weibo livedoor

wow it's turning out to be quite the k8 year this year!