August 27th, 2011

Victim of Abuse

Beckii Cruel officially announces departure from 'Life Is So Cruel'

It has been known Beckii Cruel has been having trouble with her management for awhile. Earlier in the year she revealed that she was no longer a Cruel Angel, and in July she left 'Life Is So Cruel', but finally has come out and made a video about it, in both English as well as Japanese.

No longer with 'Life Is So Cruel', Beckii is in talk with multiple companies in hopes of finding new management. She plans to work in both Japan and Europe, with a possibility of changing her stage name in the future and finally free herself from all things Cruel.

Transcription of Video:
For over half a year, I have been unhappy with my management.

I will not say too much but mainly about the lack of information we were receiving, a lack of control over my professional output, a lot of untruthfulness and lack of professionalism.

I would like to officially announce my departure from the company 'Life Is So Cruel'.

I am still continuing to work in both Japan and Europe, and the companies we have been speaking to are fully aware and supportive that I wish to continue working in Japan.

I would like to reiterate that I have chosen to terminate my contract with Life Is So Cruel early.

This should not affect my content too much, though I have been considering a stage-name change, however this is not official, and still needs a lot of thought.

I hope you all continue to support me thoroughly, and I thank you for understanding my troubles.


Girl needs to realize she's never going to be anything in the entertainment business and should stick to her youtube videos. I don't think she even listens to Japanese music anymore so why is she trying to promote there still? The few that cared stopped already. 15:01

Television networks looking for new hosts after Shimada Shinsuke’s retirement

Ever since the sudden retirement of talento Shimada Shinsuke (55) a few days ago, television networks have been faced with a dilemma in their prime time schedules. In the Kanto region, Shimada was the host of five different shows, including Fuji TV’s popular “Quiz! Hexagon II” (Wednesdays 7:00pm). While it was initially expected that the show would be cancelled, it appears that Fuji TV is currently considering continuing the show with different hosts.

Shimada announced on August 23 that he was retiring due to his association with yakuza members, discovered by his agency Yoshimoto Kogyo. Fuji TV quickly replaced its August 24 episode of “Quiz! Hexagon II” with a special program featuring comedy duo Taka and Toshi, though ratings ended up dropping 3.4 percentage points from the previous week to 8.6%. Fuji TV has already announced that the August 31 broadcast will also be replaced.

Episodes had already been recorded for up until September 7, but those will all be shelved. Filming for the September 14 episode and onward was scheduled to take place in early September, and at this point, there has been no notice of cancellation sent to the staff or the performers.

Completely taking the show off the air could prove to be problematic, since filling in a prime time slot with a new show would require a lot of preparation. The show also has events related to “Quiz! Hexagon II” already planned, such as Sata Andagi’s concert scheduled for October 7. Tickets have already been sold, further complicating the matter.

If Fuji TV continues the show, it seems that the primary candidates for the hosting duties are comedy duos FUJIWARA or Shinagawa Shoji, who are already regulars on the show. One source says that bringing in big name celebrities from the outside may not work if they aren’t familiar enough with the show’s atmosphere.

Meanwhile, other networks are also looking for replacements for Shimada. NTV already announced that it will cancel the August 28 broadcast of “Gyouretsu no Dekiru Houritsu Soudanjo” (Sundays 9:00pm) and the August 29 broadcast of “Jinsei ga Kawaru Ippunkan no Fukaii Hanashi” (Mondays 9:00pm).

Possible candidates for the host of “Gyouretsu” are regulars Higashino Koji (44) and Miyasako Hiroyuki (41). For “Fukaii Hanashi,” NTV is considering promoting freelance announcer Hatori Shinichi (40) to the host position and bringing on big name guests each week.

TBS revealed that they will replace “Shinsuke Shacho no Produce Daisakusen!” (Tuesdays 7:00pm) with special programs until September 13. Nothing has been announced yet regarding the network’s plans after that.

TV Tokyo has decided to proceed with taping on Saturday for its show “Kaiun! Nandemo Kanteidan” (Tuesdays 8:54pm). Imada Koji (45) and actor Ishizaka Koji (70) are serving as the temporary replacement hosts. TV Tokyo plans to record three episodes for broadcasts on August 30, September 6, and September 13, but the future of the show after that is undecided.


Who do you think should be the new hosts? If shows are canceled, what should they be replaced with?

Which group would be more fun if they added more members?

Recently, S/mileage added five new members to their line-up. The announcement was both exciting and scary for fans of S/mileage and the members even sobbed at the announcement.

With this recent addition, goo polled its users to find out which group they thought would be interesting if they daringly added new members.

Check out the results below and let us know which group you would want to add members to!

01. Other – 3102 votes

02. Tohoshinki (TVXQ) – 2978 votes

03. Arashi – 2655 votes

04. Perfume – 2601 votes

05. Kanjani8 – 2148 votes

06. AKB48 – 1484 votes

07. EXILE – 1143 votes

08. KARA – 1031 votes

09. SMAP – 1021 votes

10. Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) – 520 votes

Source : Tokyohive