August 31st, 2011

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The doctor with the (bad) perm reign the screen in Japan for now

The powerhouse that is “Harry Potter” was dethroned from the top spot, and this time by a Japanese production.

The movie that dethroned the king was, “Kamisama no Karute“, starring Arashi’s Sakurai Sho and actress Miyazaki Aoi in a touching human drama, that put Japan back on the top for their weekend box office ranking. The debut work of Natsukawa Sosuke, an actual doctor, was given into the hands of director Fukagawa Yoshihiro (“60-sai no Love Letter”, “Byakuyako”, “Yougashi Coin de Rue”) for a much anticipated movie adaption.

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Congrats Sho-chan! Hail too future Prime Minister of Japan! and please don't bring back the perm ever again :P

Live DVD from Mika Nakashima

Singer Mika Nakashima has announced the release of a live DVD, titled MIKA NAKASHIMA CONCERT TOUR 2011 "THE ONLY STAR".

The release will come with two DVDs and will feature footage from the singer's concerts held at Tokyo International Forum on July 28th and 29th. These concerts were part of her national tour MIKA NAKASHIMA CONCERT TOUR 2011 "THE ONLY STAR", which was attended by approximately 100,000 people.

The DVD was set to come out on November 2nd, but its release has been postponed. Further details on the release date are expected to be revealed soon.

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Kuriyama Chiaki gets first lead role in drama series as secret spy

Actress Kuriyama Chiaki (26) is confirmed to be starring in a new drama series this fall. Although she has appeared in many television dramas during her 13-year career, this will be her first time playing the sole lead role in a series.
Titled “Himitsu Chouhouin Erika,” the drama has Kuriyama playing Takahashi Erika, a former secret spy for Japan’s Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office. One day, she met an ordinary salaryman and his son, and she ended up retiring and getting married to him while concealing her past. However, a year later, her former boss (played by Sugimoto Tetta) calls upon her to return to work, so she begins leading a double life as a housewife and a spy.
The show is described as a mystery series, with each episode revolving around a single case. Using her instant memory, excellent hearing, fighting skills, and mastery of disguise, Erika sets out to resolve a variety of incidents.
Ide Takuya will play a graduate school student who helps out as Erika’s assistant.
Seki Erika (“Jigyaku no Uta,” “Teppan”) is in charge of the screenplay, while Ueda Hisashi (“Shiroi Haru,” “Ohitorisama”) is directing.
Kuriyama has been chosen for the show’s theme song. The song is planned to be written, composed, and produced by Shiina Ringo.
NTV will broadcast “Himitsu Chouhouin Erika” on Thursdays at 11:58pm, starting on October 6.

source: Tokyograph


Gravure idol group G☆Girls ready for CD debut

Gravure idol unit G☆Girls will make their CD debut on September 14 with a single titled “Mahou wo Kakete Love Me Do.” The group just made their first public appearance in front of fans at the Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 that took place in Odaiba on August 27-28.

The G☆Girls group was born from the Miss FLASH gravure idol audition, which is held annually by publisher Kobunsha. The group consists of the four Miss FLASH 2011 winners – Kuroda Arisa (23), Saito Marina (19), Suzuki Fumina (21), and Nito Misaki (18) – plus five additional girls who failed to advance in the competition but were recognized for their potential. Those girls are Ishihara Miyu (19), Otsu Koto (23), Shiina Ayumi (20), Shizuka (19), and Horiguchi Anna (18).

For their first single, the 9 members have recorded two songs. The title track is described as a cute electropop tune, while the B-side is a dance number called “SPY GAME.” Three different jacket designs are available.

G☆Girls will hold a mini-live and handshake event at Sofmap in Akihabara on September 17. On September 25, they will have a gravure photo shoot in Azabu-Juban.

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Top Ten Highest-Paid CM Actresses

Here is the top ten highest-paid actresses in commercials for the first half of 2011. (This list is sorted by the total number of endorsement deals and total earnings.)

10. Koyuki (34)
7 contracts - 210 million yen (~US$ 2.7 million)

"Since starring opposite Tom Cruise in the Hollywood film "Last Samurai", Koyuki's value as an actress and spokesperson has increased. She maintains a nice balance between films and commercials." -- Masahiro Kitagawa

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Lucky people in Baltimore gets to meet Japan's hottest duo <3

Last month power house duo CHEMISTRY came to the U.S. and performed in front of hundreds of fans in Baltimore, MD. They attended one of America’s biggest animation conventions, OTAKON and met with their U.S. fans for the first time. CHEMISTRY held an autograph session and a Q&A panel with fans.

Although the duo had a really busy schedule, they still made time to sit down with tokyohive for a little one on one. Find out about their thoughts from when they started until now, their influences, their new single, and much more!

Check out our exclusive interview with CHEMISTRY below!

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  , Source 2, Source 3, Source 4 My country, I demand you to make a big anime/manga convention and invite cool artists like this! Onegai!

2pm oppas are chivalrous, Perfume swoons

2PM’s Taecyeon was recently praised for his gentlemanly manners when the group met with Japanese idol group, Perfume, during the “K-pop Artist” special on NHK’s “Music Japan” on August 28th. After their performance of “I’m Your Man” that night, 2PM headed over to their waiting room and had a small chat with three members of Perfume.

Before the start of their conversation, however, Taecyeon realized that member Omoto Ayano would’ve felt uncomfortable in her seat due to her exposing shorts, and so he took off his jacket and placed it over her legs.

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Sources: allkpop, nate

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THE BAWDIES Announce New Single Release!

On October 19th, rock band THE BAWDIES will be releasing their new single "RED ROCK SHIP", which will be their 5th major single.

The title track of the record will be embodying the feeling of their beginnings, just as there are heading towards their first one-man show at Nippon Budokan on November 27th 2011.

Moreover, the coupling track will be a medley of songs they have played at their Shimokoazawa performance "I'm A Man", which was limited to male fans only, held on May 15th 2011. The medley includes nine tracks; among them "IT'S TOO LATE" and "YOU GOTTA DANCE" and also includes the cheers as they announce their first Nippon Budokan performance.

The limited edition of the single will come with a serial number from 1 to 12898, the exact capacity of Nippon Budokan and a limited opera glass in a package.

Next to their fans, the band does seem excited about their performance coming up soon and if you have a chance, don't miss it.

Source: musicJAPANplus