September 4th, 2011

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which super celebrity senpai are you unintentionally attracted to?

Yamamoto Yuusuke stars in the drama Ouran Host Club with a super gorgeous senpai role. Which super celebrity senpai are you unintentionally attracted to?

...Is what the blog thing says, but kaycry is more saddened that Goo wants to be all mayor of Tokyo and is deleting all the actually remotely interesting 3-Day Ranking Polls. (Fact: 3-Day Ranking Polls are more interesting than regular polls, perhaps because they're user created or perhaps because there is a bunch of horny fangirls running around. Like "Which artist has the most annoying fanbase?" "Artist most likely to have STDS?" I mean, just yesterday I saw a poll that says "What Johnny looks like he sleeps around alot?" Srsly. And guess who was winning? Sexual Powerhouse. Srsly.)  Now its just full of what tea shop do you like in Tokyo and favorite movie. guurl no1currr. not that anyone cares about the aforementioned 

In other words your stuck with this docomo ranking bros.
Btw, celebrity here can be said to mean somewhere with gorgeous, elegant, eyecatching, etc.

So I'm just gonna leave this here.
Let ya'll dwell on it.

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Seoul Drama Awards 2011: Most Popular J-Actor & Actress

I was waiting for a japanese news site to post this.. but there aren't any. I must be looking at the wrong sources.

Kamiki Ryunosuke and Ashida Mana won the "Most Popular Actor" for the 2011 Seoul Drama Awards opening last Aug 31st. The results were taken from Yahoo! Korea's online popularity poll.  Both of them will be given the "Netizen Favorite" Award.

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Mana wasn't in Seoul to accept her award though but HERE's a vid of Kamiki accepting his.
I won't be embedding since it might get deleted.

Source: khmerstar, yt
Thank you to miss_lonliah for the clearer pictures and names of the nominees.
Someone give these two a project together... they'd be the cutest older brother- younger sister tandem. XD
Looks like a lot of the voters saw Kokoro no Ito (since there's 3 of them in that poll).

AKB48 reveals the title to their upcoming single at handshake event

Popular idol group AKB48 held a handshake event at Nagoya Dome on September 4th, where they announced the title of their upcoming single. Scheduled to be available on October 26th, fans can look forward to “Kaze wa Fuiteiru.” The members told the 20,000 fans, “It will be a cool song, so please look forward to it, everyone.

The handshake event was held for their latest single “Flying Get” which sold over one million copies on its release day. Member Oshima Yuko thanked fans, saying, “Thanks to you guys, we were able to get No.1 on the Oricon weekly ranking for nine consecutive works.”  Takahashi Minami also said, “I am very happy that many people are listening to this song. We, all the members, will try our hardest, so please continue to support us.


AKB's Tomo-Angel takes a break from singing activites

AKB48's Itano Tomomi (20) announced on the 4th that she is taking a break from singing activities due to vocal nodules and acute vocal cord inflammation. At AKB48's "Flying Get" nationwide handshake event at Nagoya Dome, she explained to fans, "I won't be able to sing for a while. I really want to do what I can, but recovery should be my first priority. Please respect my decision."

The doctors at the hospital diagnosed that she doesn't need surgery but will need 3 to 4 weeks of recovery time. "She will recover if she rests her throat," says the doctor. Itano will still take part in variety shows and gravure photoshoots, but will be absent from theater performances and music shows.


f(x) to debut in Japan next January

On September 4th, SM Entertainment’s maknae group f(x) announced that they’ll be making their official Japanese debut in January of 2012!

f(x) successfully introduced themselves to several thousand Japanese fans at the ‘SM TOWN Live in Tokyo‘ concerts with their hit tracks, “La Cha Ta“, “Chu“, “Hot Summer“, and “Pinocchio“.

The girls stated, “It’s an honor to perform in the Tokyo Dome. We’ve brought with us some good news — we’ll be officially promoting in Japan starting next year. We’ll return to Japan with a more mature image, so please wait for us.”

In the press conference after the concert, leader Victoria elaborated, “Every time we perform at the SM concerts, I think that we learn a lot from our seniors and come away with the determination to work harder.  Early next year, we’ll be making our debut, so we want to take this opportunity to get our name out there.  I hope that when we make our debut next year, we’ll receive a lot of support from our Japanese fans.”

薮宏太 - my ココロ went ドキドキ

Kanjani9-- I mean Hey!Say!JUMP's Magic Power full song + 10 second PV preview

After having showcased a more mature sound their past few singles Hey!Say!JUMP is back where they started with a cute sound that almost  brings back the innocence they lost not too long ago. The song Magic Power will be used for the upcoming SMURF movie in which members Chinen Yuri and Yamada Ryosuke are casted as voice actors.

In a setting that reminds us of the fifties/sixties a lot, the members are preforming their newest song. In the PV preview the members of JUMP are wearing the same set of very bright, colorful clothes as the ones they wear on the regular edition cover of their single. 

The single will officially be released on September 21.

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sources: rikomotmot@YT, sprinklebunskoharu@YT

For some reason this PV just screams (as far as we can see now) Kanjani8 to me. Might be the band setting, might be the colorful clothes. All I can say is that I really like it and I'm finally getting excited for this release.