September 8th, 2011


Recochoku’s weekly download charts for 08/31~09/06

Recochoku has just updated their weekly charts for the week from August 31st to September 6th.

Check out the top ranking digital singles, chaku-uta, and music videos for this week below!

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The complete top 100 and other rankings are available at the source: Recochoku


Fukuyama Masaharu becomes the best-selling male soloist for his latest CD!

On September 5th, singer Fukuyama Masaharu (42)’s latest song “Kazoku ni Narou yo/fighting pose” topped the Oricon Weekly Single Rankings for September 12th. As a result, he also became the best-selling male solo artist by selling a total of 21,271,000 copies in total including his singles and albums.

This is the thirteenthtime that Fukuyama has topped the Oricon single charts and as a singer-songwriter, this is the best record yet. Currently, Kondo Masahiko (47) is holding the record as the male solo singer for topping the single chart for sixteen times, and Fukuyama is now second after Kondo.


Mental care centers planned for kids orphaned by disaster

The welfare ministry decided Wednesday to set up mental health care centers for children who lost parents to the March disaster in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, ministry sources said.

The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry has concluded that such facilities are necessary to enlist more psychiatrists and provide thorough care to more than 1,500 children now without one or both parents.

The program will be financed by ¥2.7 billion earmarked for that purpose in the first extra budget following the disaster.

Among children aged 17 and younger, there were 234 orphans as of Aug. 31 — 93 in Iwate, 120 in Miyagi and 21 in Fukushima.

Another 1,295 children lost one parent — 445 in Iwate, 711 in Miyagi and 139 in Fukushima.

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Sandaime J Soul Brothers suprisingly beat Domoto Tsuyoshi on Oricon

The newly-issued Oricon daily chart for Tuesday shows Sandaime J Soul Brothers taking off at #1 with their new song, "FIGHTERS," with 51,492 copies sold in the first day. They have shown a strong start for the week by defeating the highly favored Domoto Tsuyoshi, although no one is sure of the weekly outcome. Domoto has taken second place with 35,437 while flumpool is in 3rd with 12,772 copies sold in the first day.

Sandaime J Soul Brothers, the younger brother group to EXILE, took #1 with their song, which is the theme song to the drama, "Rokudenashi BLUES." A two-version release, this comes after their previous single, "LOVE SONG" (a pre-album single) hit #7 on the Oricon charts with 39,000 copies sold in its first week. Within just the first day they have outsold the first week of two of their three previous singles, showing a strong start.

The sudden surge in popularity might be attributed to the recent "EXILE TRIBE" special event, in which fans could reserve copies "FIGHTERS." There is a large possibility that all preorders at "EXILE TRIBE" were concentrated into the first day sales. Therefore a sudden drop and reversal with Domoto Tsuyoshi wouldn't be odd. Because of this we cannot be sure who will get the weekly #1.

Translation - koutaishi

Happy for these lovely boys! Selling better than 2PM and SHINee! This combined with Happiness selling twice as much with their latest single as their previous ones... I am a satisfied LDH stan.

Ebisu Muscats to release new single in October

Sexy idol group Ebisu Muscats will be releasing their new single, “Ropponpon☆Fantasy“, on October 12th.

The title song was produced after a staff member from Ebisu Muscat’s regular show, “Onedari Muscat DX!” requested a collaboration between Ebisu Muscats and rock band Kishidan’s leader Ayanokoji Sho. The lyrics were written by the Muscats members themselves, but at one point, the lyrics were so absurd that the leader refused to provide the music. Eventually, the song turned out to be a catchy pop tune, and was played for the first time on September 7th during “Onedari Muscat DX!”.

The single will come in three different versions: a limited edition (CD+DVD), a regular edition (CD+DVD), and a CD-only special price edition. The limited edition will come with a DVD containing a live documentary, and the regular edition will include a DVD with the music video for “Ropponpon☆Fantasy”. Meanwhile, the coupling song will be selected songs from the group’s one-man live, “Souda! Minna de Yaon ni Ikou“, which was held back in July at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall.

Additionally, Ebisu Muscats and Kishidan will hold a two-man live titled, “Kishidan Presents Kyokutou Rock ‘n’ Roll High School ~100% Danjo Kousai!!~ Kishidan vs. Ebisu Muscats“, on September 15th at SHIBUYA-AX.

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KUNTT drama, bitch please

So KUNTT recently did a little inner-group ranking of various superlatives and Japanese netizens are tripping all over themselves over the fact that

(1) Kame was the only one to vote himself as “hottest” and

(2) Ueda “Demon” Tatsuya was the only one to vote for Kame as “Would actually get dumped (rather than doing the dumping)” and “Person you would not let your daughter date” and the only one not to vote him as “hottest.” Naturally, all the blogs are posting about “Kame is full of himself and Ueda hates him.”

This seems pretty middle school, but this is actually A Really Big Deal™ in Japan right now.

gazoudaisuki & choscandalous & gazoudaisuki

SMAP hates Arashi?

The only places where you see anything mentioned about this are on anon boards where you can basically say anything you want. Most of it was produced from this screencap of Kimutaku supposedly giving the stink eye to Arashi while on Music Station. I’m not sure whether these 2chan commentators watch Music Station as religiously as we do, but that’s how SMAP looks like every. time. they. go. on. Mste. Did you all see their recent appearance? They all looked like they were So Over It. Nakai basically hid in the back so he wouldn’t need to actually dance and/or sing. While it would be really delicious if SMAP hated Arashi, each member of SMAP still pull in almost 5x more than any member of Arashi and they could probably sell useless products to old ladies until they die. I think SMAP is mostly just over everything, not just Arashi specifically.

The biggest talk about the two groups is the fact that SMAP’s heyday might be over and that the next King of Johnnys will be Arashi. There have been reports of TV execs increasingly garnering the favor of Arashi (although sources also say that TV execs are simply using Arashi more because they “are cheaper” than SMAP) and ratings show that Arashi is now starting to pull more viewers into their variety shows than SMAP’s. I mean, I don’t blame the Japanese variety show watching public: Arashi is kinda the new hotness right now and they do a better job of pretending to like each other whereas cameras always seem to catch members of SMAP snapping out of their cold, apathetic stares a second too late.

Can someone please make a reality TV show where the members of SMAP are forced to share rooms in a tiny apartment in Tokyo and they “stop being polite…and start getting real”™?

Jem girls are besties

Sailor Moon Is Coming For The Male Superheroe's Wigs

We are well into the age of the second-string superhero. In the past, to get star billing and a supersize promotional budget, heroes had to actually be iconic. Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, even X-Men—they're all marquee stars with decades of pop culture exposure. But Iron Man? Green Lantern? Thor? Unless you've spent the past few decades huffing the effluvia of mylar protective comic bags, you probably hadn't heard of any of those people before their big screen debuts. It makes you wonder who's next. Elongated Man? Ant Man? How long before Bouncing Boy gets his own feature film?

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8O ♥ choi siwon

Miyavi Concert to Be Streamed Worldwide

Miyavi Concert to Be Streamed Worldwide

The Ustream and Nico Nico Douga websites will stream Japanese musical artist Miyavi's concert worldwide on Tuesday, September 13 at 11:30 p.m. in Japan (10:30 a.m. EDT). The "Miyavi 30th B-Day Live From Tokyo 2 the World" concert will commemorate Miyavi's last concert in his 20s. The concert will go from 11:30 p.m. until 12:30 a.m., passing into Miyavi's 30th birthday on September 14.

Miyavi will also kick off his "What's My Name? World Tour 2011" in October, and will visit 11 American cities and one city in Canada in October and November:

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The guitarist was a former member of the Due'le quartz band, but he is better known for his solo career and his touring in the supergroup S.K.I.N. featuring Miyavi, Yoshiki, Gackt, and Sugizo. S.K.I.N. had previously played at Anime Expo 2007. Miyavi toured 12 American and two Canadian cities in 2010.


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IchigOhchan 1

Kamisama and his chickens reveals their awesome PV

Ever since musician GACKT announced his new band, “YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz“, fans have been anxiously awaiting for their first official single, “THE END OF THE DAY“. The single is scheduled to drop in one week on September 14th.

Fans got a preview of the song last month when the band released a PV teaser, and now they’ve finally revealed the full PV!

Check it out here :)

TEOTD-YFC_mp4_h264_aac_hd by katzsong1

Oooh cool! I like the duet scenes ;D ok it works on small vid :3 idk, LJ did it ;; it showed up on my preview :P

Fairies reveals the short PV for “Song for You”

ISION FACTORY’s new idol group Fairies who will be making their debut with the single “More Kiss/Song for You, recently released the full PV for one of the title tracks, “More Kiss. Now, they’ve finally revealed the short PV for the other title track, “Song for You.”   Additionally, “Song for You” is now available on mobile music download site  Recochoku starting today on September 7th.

Fairies’ debut single “More Kiss/Song for You” is scheduled to be released on September 21st.


This year’s Kohaku Uta Gassen will be the longest in history

In order to cheer up victims of the Tohoku earthquake with the power of music, NHK announced on September 8th that this year’s “62nd Kohaku Uta Gassen” will air 15 minutes earlier than the usual, at 7:15 pm. With this earlier airing, this year’s Kohaku will be the longest broadcast in history (tied with the 2009 broadcast, which was the 60th anniversary of the show).

The year end song battle started out as a radio program called “Kohaku Ongaku Shiai“, which first aired in 1945 with the aim of cheering people up post-WWII. NHK has decided to go back to this original aim this year. The station will consider increases in the number of participants and songs at a later date. The end time of the broadcast remains the same at 11:45 pm.