September 14th, 2011


Number of centenarians in Japan hits new high of 47,756

The number of people aged 100 or older in rapidly graying Japan has hit a record high for the 41st consecutive year, the government said Tuesday.

The health ministry said 37 out of every 100,000 people in the country are now in triple figures—a total of 47,756, with 87% of them women.

The figure is up more than 3,300 on last year.

Centenarians include Jirouemon Kimura, a 114-year-old recognised as the world’s oldest man by the Guinness World Records. The oldest woman in Japan is also 114.

A ministry official said the survey was compiled more carefully this year after it was discovered the relatives of some elderly people had kept their deaths a secret, sometimes for decades, but still received pension payments.

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Weekly Oricon Chart: Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs

Dance and vocal group, Sandaime J Soul Brothers has achieved their first no.1 spot since their debut in November last year with the 4th single, "FIGHTERS." Previously, their first 3 singles and debut album have not achieved a position higher than 3rd place. Including the first generation of J Soul Brothers (before leader HIRO changed the name to EXILE) and also Nidaime J Soul Brothers, this is the first time for J Soul Brothers to reach number one. The single's A-side is the theme song to the midnight NTV drama, "Rokudenashi BLUES" which stars Gekidan EXILE members, Omasa Aya, AKB48's Kitahara Rie, as well as EXILE's MATSU and KENCHI. The song was performed during their EXILE TRIBE tour which wrapped up on August 7th.

Meanwhile, Hamasaki Ayumi topped the albums chart for the second week in a row with "FIVE." The last time she achieved this was 5 years and 8 months ago with her full album, "(miss)understood".

Posting the top 30 albums/singles and the top 10 music-DVDs. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2011. New release in bold.

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That's MaruMori kids' 16th week in the top 10! XD

Congrats to JSB, they earn this. Still disappointed that Dots didn't get no.1 though, he doesn't have fan events to his advantage like JSB. But still, good numbers for JSB! :)

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Ashida Mana to make her debut as a solo singer

It’s been revealed that popular child actress Ashida Mana will be making her solo singing debut through Universal Music!

Under the name ‘Kaoru to Tomoki, Tama ni Mook‘, Ashida recently teamed up with Suzuku Fuku for the song, “Maru-Maru-Mori-Mori!“, which was used as the theme song for their drama, “Marumo ni Okite“. Her first single under her solo name is scheduled to be released in October, and there are plans for an album release within the year.

Currently, Ashida’s official website on Universal Music is taking song suggestions for the young singer to cover. They will choose songs that are perfect for Ashida, with the theme, “Songs that moms choose for Mana-chan to sing.” The deadline is set for October 5th.

Ashida commented, “Hello. My debut single will be released in October. Everyone, please support me!

Source + Photos: natalie & tokyohive

MEG 07

Get your towels, GD&TOP are set to debut in Japan on November!

BIG BANG's G-Dragon and TOP are set to make their duo debut in Japan on November 9th! They'll be releasing a Japanese version of "Oh Yeah" featuring Park Bom (of 2NE1) originally from their debut Korean album. The single will also include "High High." It will be released in five editions.

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OH YEAH!! I've always wanted a video for Oh Yeah, so happy rn. ;_; And TOP, unf unf unfffff.
MEG 07

Flawless fashion leaders a.k.a 2NE1 are interviewed on "Hey! Hey! Hey!"

Watch with subs here.

On September 12th, the popular Japanese TV program ‘Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ‘ held an interview with 2NE1 as they prepare for their debut in Japan on September 21st.

In the interview, leader CL talked about their wardrobe concept saying it was a “punk style” in Japanese. Sandara Park was asked what was the most recent word that she learned in Japanese and she responded, “Kawaii (meaning cute)” lifting the atmosphere of everyone on the set.

2NE1 is scheduled to appear on the show again on September 26th and October 10th, proving their rising popularity and anticipation in Japan.

2NE1 will release their Japanese debut mini album ‘Nolza’ on the 21st, and will hold 6 concerts for their debut Japanese tour. The concerts will be held at the Yokohama Arena on September 19-20,  Kobae World Commemoration Hall on September 24-25, and Makuhari Messe in Chiba on October 1-2.

Source: Allkpop, Nate, YoutubeRoyalAceSubs

CL sounds so sexy in Japanese.

Goto Maki, Ayanokoji Sho team up for new song

Before Goto Maki goes on hiatus next year, she is teaming up with Kishidan’s Ayanokoji Sho (a.k.a. Show Ayanocozey) for a single titled “Non stop love Yoroshiku!!” (written as “Non stop love 夜露死苦!!”). They will release the single on October 19 under the duo name of “Ayanokoji Sho <Aiaigasa> Goto Maki.”

Next year, Kishidan will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of its major label debut, so Ayanokoji is in the process of planning some special projects. While doing so, he decided that he wanted to sing a duet. When he heard the news that Goto would be going on hiatus, he determined that it was “surely a sign from God” and soon approached her about the duet.

The song is already available starting today as a chaku-uta ringtone on Recochoku. A preview of the music video has also been released.

Barks & tokyograph

Recochoku’s weekly download charts for 09/07~09/13

Recochoku has just updated their weekly charts for the week of September 7th to September 13th.

Check out the top ranking digital singles, chaku-uta, and music videos for this week below!

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The complete top 100 of the weekly rankings; daily and other rankings can be found here: Recochoku


Horikita Maki’s supporting cast in “Umechan-sensei” revealed

On Tuesday, NHK held a press conference to reveal additional cast members for the 2012 spring-summer morning drama series “Umechan-sensei.” The show was announced this past June with actress Horikita Maki (22) as the lead.

Set in Tokyo in 1945 just after the end of World War II, the story revolves around Shimomura Umeko, the youngest of three children of a university hospital doctor. Despite being overshadowed by her older brother and sister, she resolves to become a local doctor.

Takahashi Katsumi (50) and Minami Kaho (47) will play the parents of the Shimomura family, while Mimura (27) and Koide Keisuke (27) will play Umeko’s older siblings. Matsuzaka Tori (22) has been cast as Umeko’s childhood friend Nobuo.

The cast also features Baisho Mitsuko (64) as Umeko’s grandmother, Tsurumi Shingo (46) as Umeko’s uncle, and Kataoka Tsurutaro as Nobuo’s father. Rakugo artist Hayashiya Shozo (48) will be in charge of the narration.

“Umechan-sensei” starts on April 2, 2012.

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Wanna One Energetic

FNC Music to debut Juniel through Warner Music in Japan

FNC music is most likely famous for their pop rock bands CN Blue and FT Island, but they have a great set of trainees as well. One of them, Choi Junhee, or Juniel as her stage name seems to be, will debut with her first single in Japan.

"Forever," together with 2 b-sides and an instrumental, will be released on November 2nd and will mark her major debut under Warner Music, the label that just recently signed a major contract with CN Blue and also has labelmates FT Island.

The company also brought CN Blue to Japan where they released 2 mini albums even before they debuted in Korea with "Bluetory" in January 2010. It is said, but not confirmed, that this might be the case for Juniel as well, and her Japanese debut might bring her to Korea later on.

The young artist has performed in many different Japanese venues up until now. An earlier recording of a show was revealed through the Internet sometime last year, but it shows us a little of the musical direction she's going.

Sources: Koreaboo, @junieljp, Juniel's Official Japanese Site, and

One On One With Jeff Miyahara: A Japanese Music Icon


Jeff Miyahara, CEO / Producer, Music For The Planet
Jeff Miyahara is a Tokyo based music producer and songwriter. Born and raised in Los Angeles and since moving to Tokyo in 1999 has established himself as one of the top music producers in Japan. With several number 1 Japan hits under his belt, he went on to expand his reach towards US and has since, worked with Grammy award winning artists Boyz II Men, Timbaland and Speech from Arrested Development. He is currently working with Spontania, JUJU, JASMINE, Jay'ed, Yuna Ito, Meisa Kuroki, 4Minute, WISE, Miliyah Kato, Crystal Kay, Namie Amuro and many others.

Ken Ohtake, President, Sony Music Publishing (Japan) Inc. and Executive Director, Music Publishers Association of Japan

(I suggest you to skip the first 7 minutes, it's just introduction)

Digital Matters, Music Matters and Music Matters Live with HP

since the event was held in late May it may seem like it's old news but the video has only recently been added to their official YouTube channel PLUS everyone who's at least somewhat interested in Japanese and Korean music industries should watch it

The Domination Continues..Are You Ready for A New Johnnys Debut?

Debut1 Debut2

Debut4 Debut5

Apparently, a Johnnys CD debut plan is slated this Autumn. And speculations are abound about who might just be the next group to debut. The preview for the December issue of Myojo magazine) on sale by October 22 has the following teaser:

which roughly says that on  the front cover of the Myojo magazine's December issue, CD debut plans for a new Johnny’s Volleyball World Cup support group are announced. 

If anyone can remember, Hey! Say! Jump!'s debut has a similar teaser in 2007, with Myojo magazine announcing the plans for a CD debut, released in a similar timeline. On September 2007, the teaser was released indicating an announcement in Myojo's December issue. Previous volleyball related group debuts are V6, Arashi, NEWS, and Hey! Say! Jump! so there is a high likeliness that whoever-this-group is could be permanent. We might get a JR group debut or we might a shocker like Hey! Say! Jump, either way it would be very very interesting as there are lots of Juniors to choose from in the Jimusho.

Watch out for events like the Theatre Special Kis-My-Ft2 with Johnnys Jr or Hey! Say! JUMP's Tokyo Dome Summary this September, they might just announce something.



And on another news that may or may not be related to the above plans, is the creation of Johnnys Jr Land.  It was just announced that there will be a newJohhny's Junior program called Johnny's Jr. Land on Sky Perfect TV, which IIRC is a Japanese cable network.

The program is said to be set in the style of an amusement park with their being different segments, such as a talk part, on location shots and challenges. The CMs for the program will start on September 30th and the program will begin on October 2nd, running from 9PM to 950PM.

The main hosts of the program will be Nakajima Kento and Kikuchi Fuma and the other Juniors listed to be a part of this program are; Sato Shori, Matsushima Sou, You Marius, Kuramoto Kaoru, Jinguji Yuta, Takahashi Fu, Takahashi Saneyasu and Wakayama Rei.


There are so many people who could debut, it can get crazy with the possibilties, but I have a feeling it will be like HSJ all over again.