September 17th, 2011


MatsuJun's love crisis! (another update on Kou x Jun)

Matsumoto Jun (28) is facing the biggest pinch in the entertainment industry ever since his debut in Arashi 12 years ago! Right now he’s having some problems with his relationship with Kou Shibasaki (30). According to an inside source, a commercial broadcasting official: “a Johnny executive called up Matsumoto to question the truth about his relationship with Shibasaki and ordered him to break up with her. Matsumoto however will not bow down to that order.”

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This Saturday's episode of MUSIC FAIR to feature “EXILE family”

Hopefully nobody has posted this yet...

The next episode of Fuji TV’s music program MUSIC FAIR which will air on September 17th, will feature six groups of the “EXILE family.”

The groups are EXILE, Sandaime J Soul Brothers, DOBERMAN INC, E-Girls (Dream, Happiness, FLOWER), and the groups will perform their latest songs.  Moreover, a total of 33 people (EXILE, 3daime J Soul Brothers, Happiness, FLOWER members) will all together perform “Rising Sun” which EXILE released as the charity song for Tohoku earthquake. E-Girls which consists with Dream, Happiness, and FLOWER members, will cover Pink Lady’s “Nagisa no Sindbad.”

Not only the songs that will be performed live, but the fans also can’t miss the talk segment with all the members together!

<Set List>
- EXILE “Each Other’s Way ~Tabi no Tochuu~”
- EXILE×Sandaime J Soul Brothers×Happiness×FLOWER “Rising Sun”
- Sandaime J Sould Brothers “FIGHTERS” (feat. DOBERMAN INC.)
- Dream “Dreaming Girls”
- Happiness “Wish”
- FLOWER “Still”
- E-Girls “Nagisa no Sindbad” (Original: Pink Lady)

It's going to be a great episode! XD

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Tokyo Rising – Documentary About Fashion in Post-Earthquake Japan

Pharrell Williams is best known as a music producer and member of The Neptunes and N.E.R.D., but he is also – along with Nigo from Bape – the co-founder of the made-in-Japan fashion brands Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. Pharrell has built many close relationships in Japan over the last decade via his music and fashion connections. He also often expresses his personal interest in and respect for Japanese culture.

So when the devastating earthquake hit Japan in March of this year, Pharrell was profoundly concerned for the country. He was also interested in how Japanese artists, designers, musicians, and other creative people would react to such a tragedy. To try to answer that question, he hosts a new documentary film called “Tokyo Rising”.

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Ueda's lovely lovely hair is now gone for his new drama

Ueda Tatsuya's new drama is called "Runaway ~Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni~" it'll start 2011.10.27 on Thursdays at 21:00

Here is the official site --> TBS

Ichihara plays a man who is falsely charged with murder and thrown into a prison in Kitakyushu. With his colleagues, he escapes from the jail and must overcome a series of ordeals as he races 1,000 kilometers back to Tokyo, where his beloved daughter is in danger. --Tokyograph

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KARA announces 5th single, “Winter Magic”

Pop group KARA has announced on their website that they will be releasing their 5th single on October 19th. The single titled, “Winter Magic” will come in three versions, two of them being limited editions.

Limited edition A will be come with a DVD, while limited edition B
will come with a photobook. The regular edition will come with a bonus

They are also having a special campaign for fans to win KARA goods.
More details will be revealed later, but there will be post card
applications in all three versions. Check their official site for
further information.


Limited Edition A

< CD >
1. Winter Magic
2. Whisper
3. Winter Magic (Instrumental)
4. Whisper (Instrumental)

< DVD >
1. Winter Magic (Music Clip)
2. Winter Magic (Close-up Ver.)
3. Winter Magic (Off-shoot)


Limited Edition B

< CD >
1. Winter Magic
2. Whisper
3. Winter Magic (Instrumental)
4. Whisper (Instrumental)

Extra: 28 page glossy photobook


Regular Edition

< CD >
1. Winter Magic
2. Whisper
3. Winter Magic (Instrumental)
4. Whisper (Instrumental)
5. Winter Magic (X’mas Ver.) -Bonus Track-


Obviously more flawless and amazing than anyone else in Johnny's.

Tsuyoshi Domoto – album NIPPON will be released on the 21st of October all over Europe

In October 2011 Gan-Shin Records will release „NIPPON“, the first album of the outstanding artist and Japanese idol Tsuyoshi Domoto all over Europe. His exceptional musical talent and experience is noticeable on his first European release “NIPPON” everywhere and anytime, mixing funk and blues influences with traditional Japanese sounds. The musical blend of two different worlds coming along with Tsuyoshi Domoto’s incredible voice is of course the reason why “NIPPON” is an extraordinary experience for lovers of sophisticated music.

NIPPON will include two booklets with german / english / french tranlation of all lyrics.

NIPPON will be released on 21st of October 2011 all over Europe.

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Source 1 & 2 + His own confirmation during his con in Sendai.

Music Legend Johnny Kitagawa Awarded with Guiness World Records

Prolific Japanese music legend Johnny Kitagawa has been presented with two Guinness World Records establishing him as one of the most successful music producers ever.

Hey! Say! JUMP music band produced by Johnny Kitagawa with Guinness World Records representative Frank Foley

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He should be awarded in making fangirls/fanboys going bankrupt happily also.

and as a fan i'm surprised JUMP is called megaband :o
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Elisa Puts Career on Hold Due to Fatigue

The management agency Smile Company announced on Sunday that singer Elisa is putting her music career on hold due to fatigue. According to the agency, exhaustion and fatigue have been building for about half a year, so she is taking time off to take care of her health.

The concert scheduled for October 2 at the Tokyo Globe-za theater has been cancelled, as well as other future concerts and events that have been scheduled. Elisa's Twitter account will no longer be active.

Elisa performed anime theme songs for ef: a tale of memories and ef: a tale of melodies., Hayate the Combat Butler, Initial D, Nabari no Ō, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (OAV), The World God Only Knows and The World God Only Knows II.

Sources: ANN, elisa-smile


Weekly Chaku-Uta Full Chart for 09/07~09/13

The Recording Industry Association of Japan (or ‘RIAJ’ for short), has just released the combined weekly download chart for the week of September 7th to September 13th!

The RIAJ works together with most of the digital and mobile download portals in Japan, including recochoku,, mu-mo (Avex), oricon ME and many more. They then collect their weekly download numbers for the time span from Wednesday to Tuesday.

This ranking, therefore, includes data from all major download portals and should give you an even better idea of which songs and artists are popular right now.

Check out the September 7th ~ 13th’s ranking below!

< Chaku-Uta Full – Weekly Ranking >

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The RIAJ release the collected data in form of a ranking for full digital songs (chaku-uta full) every Friday. You can find the complete Top 50 for this week here.

Source: Tokyohive
Seems like Atsushi's solo song is really popular and impressed that "Everyday, Kachusha" is still at top 20~
Congrats everyone at top 20