September 19th, 2011

Ikemen Desu Ne Finale

Episode 11 Preview- Concert Scene

Huge and Grand.
The drama "Ikemen desu ne" will come to an end with next week's episode (11).

Final Concert Scene is shot at Yokohama Arena, at Kis-My-Ft2's concert.
They'll have another concert scene to be shot at Yokohama arena, on Sept 20.

Another surprise for the last episode- It's been announced that Kitayama Hiromitsu will make an appearance in Episode 11.

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that concert is a must watch!!
So, you're Mio?


'EXILE family' on Music Fair

This week’s episode of Music Fair was an exciting one for fans, as it featured the entire “EXILE family“!EXILE, Sandaime J Soul Brothers, Dream, Happiness, FLOWER, and the E-GIRLS all delivered their individual hits, and came together for a fantastic performance of “Rising Sun“.

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Okay I hope everything's fixed now.


Idols, anime to promote Japanese manufacturers in Asia

Japan's vaunted idols, anime and other characters will be enlisted to help Japanese electronics and automobile manufacturers promote their products in Southeast Asia, where South Korean rivals are gaining ground.

Advertising giant Dentsu Inc. and other companies will match small and midsized Japanese idol management offices and anime production companies with top manufacturers and Southeast Asian media and retailing enterprises.

Dentsu and partners, including trading house Toyota Tsusho Corp., will set up the secretariat for the Cool Japan Platform in Singapore to start the project in autumn.

The project, in line with the industry ministry's strategy to promote Japan's pop culture in overseas markets, is designed to help small and midsized "cool Japan" content providers advance into Southeast Asia.

South Korea has developed a growing presence in Southeast Asia with manufactured products and pop culture, particularly television dramas.

According to Dentsu, Japanese manufacturers competing with South Korean rivals, such as Canon Inc. and Panasonic Corp., are expected to invite Japanese idols to events or use Japanese characters for advertisements.

Dentsu is also planning advertisements to be painted on buses featuring idols and characters.


Ousmane Sankhon: Africa's most famous face on Japanese TV

Back in the 1980s, there weren’t many foreign faces seen regularly on Japanese TV programs. You could probably count them on one hand. Certainly, one of the most colorful characters was Ousmane Sankhon, a former diplomat at the Republic of Guinea Embassy in Tokyo. Since making his TV debut in Japan in 1984, his witty style and exotic robes have made him a popular personality on Japanese TV and on the talk-show circuit.

Sankhon’s smiling face is showing up on posters in Seven-Eleven convenience stores for Seven Bank’s ATM money transfer service, which the bank and Western Union launched in July. Using the Internet/mobile banking network of Seven Bank, you can send money anytime 24 hours a day from ATMs at about 15,000 locations nationwide.

“I have been sending money back home ever since I came to Japan,” says Sankhon, 62. “But having to go to a bank was always time-consuming and it used to take a day for the funds to be transferred. This new service is good for me and I think it will be good for all foreigners living in Japan. It will help to make Japan more open.”

He is promoting the service on TV, radio, in newspapers and at conferences, lectures and African-themes events around Japan.

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SMAP and J ent in China

Following the success of SMAP's Beijing concert where an audience of 40,000 attended (90% Chinese), some are interested in the state of Japanese entertainment in China.

A couple news programs mentioned this ranking: top 10 japanese entertainers that are popular in China according to the 2010 Baidu forum voting. Idols are very popular with Johnnys taking many of the top 10 spots. Kimutaku is in 16th place.
(ranking is 1. Akanishi Jin 2. Yamashita Tomohisa 3. Kamenashi Kazuya 4. AKB48 5. Yamada Ryosuke 6. Hamasaki Ayumi 7. w-inds 8. Arashi 9. Horikita Maki 10. YUI)

More analysis from the concert. During the concert, the most popular SMAP member was Kimutaku, who also had the most numbers of uchiwa (fans) and the most cheers. For the Chinese fans Kimutaku is the 'their dream lover'

They analyze the reason for his popularity. Three key reasons they claim are that
1. there are no young idols in China like smap or akb48 (teens should focus on school)
2. the men in Chinese entertainment are very 'manly', with short hair and muscles
3. Chinese stars likes high fashion brands, which they wear head to toe including their accessories
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source: baidu

yay for (overseas) fandom being newsworthy..... I wonder what the ranking is like for the entire international fandom? Probably overtaken by idols as well? lol
IchigOhchan 1

A group of idols on NHK documentary? Only this senpais can do it ^^

As reported earlier, SMAP
held their very first overseas concert in China on September 16th. The
boys will continue to add new experiences to their roster, as it’s just
been reported that they will appear on NHK’s documentary show for their first time since their debut.

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I thought I'm already immune to JE's costume. But those outfits are hilarious! Oh, CONGRATZ SMAP! ^_^V


EXILE nominated at MTV Europe Music Awards 2011

Popular group EXILE has been nominated under the “World Wide Act Asia Pacific Nominees” category for the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011! In the category, EXILE will be running against Big Bang, Jane Zhang, and more.

Make sure to show your support for the boys by casting your vote here! The voting for this category closes on October 23rd.

The MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 will be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland on November 6th.


If Big Bang wasn't also nominated, they'd have a good chance of winning...

Kitadani Hiroshi’s “We go!” chosen as the theme song for new ONE PIECE anime

Kitadani Hiroshi’s new song “We go!” has been chosen as the theme song for the upcoming chapter of anime series, ONE PIECE.

The anime’s new chapter ‘Saigo no Umi ‘Shinsekai’ hen‘ will begin airing on October 2nd and will show Luffy and his friends, who were separated in the previous series, reunite after 2 years of training.  The newly reunited group will go on an adventure in the new world.

The theme song for this chapter, “We go!”, is made as an answer song for “We are!“. ”We are!” was ONE PIECE’s very first opening theme song.  Aside from Kitadani on vocals, the lyric writer, Fujibayashi Shoko and composer, Tanaka Kohei, teamed up once again for the new song, despite the lapse of 12 years.

“We go!” is scheduled for release on November 16th.

Source & Image: natalie, Tokyohive
Well, I'm definitely excited for the next episode of One Piece with the new opening~~


AKB48’s “Flying Get” reaches 1.5 million sales

Popular idol group AKB48’s 22nd single “Flying Get” (released on August 24th) sales has reached 1.5 million copies, 4 weeks after the release. The latest weekly sales came in at 23,000 copies.  

This is AKB48’s 2nd consecutive single to reach 1.5 million sales since their previous single “Everyday, Kachuusha” (released on May 25th) also sold 1,573,000 copies in total.

Selling 1.5 million copies for 2 consecutive singles has been accomplished by B’z (in 1993), Mr.Children (in 1994, and 1996), KinKi Kids (in 1998), and Utada Hikaru (in 2000), however, AKB48 is the first female group in history to achieve this.

“Flying Get” was also the single that sold over a million copies on its release day which was the first time in Oricon’s ranking history, and it also had the best first week sales.

AKB48 will be releasing their 23rd single “Kaze wa Fuiteiru” on Ocotober 26th.