September 20th, 2011


NMB48 - Oh My God! Single Tracklist And Previews

NMB48, has announced the tracklist and covers for their second single, “Oh My God!” which is scheduled to be released on October 19th.

The single will be released in three different regular editions (Type-A, Type-B, Type-C) which all include CD and DVD, and the theater edition.

Check out the details on NMB48’s second single including the radio rip and live performance preview below!


NMB48 Official website

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Nino loves Pocky

Arashi's Ninomiya has been chosen as the new spokesman for Pocky! Nino will be featured in a few CM's airing in Japan on the 20th. There will be two versions "Drink & Po" and "All".

The CM "Drink & Po" features Nino and 5 back up dancers, getting their groove on with MC Hammers "Can't Touch This". Though Nino's singing his own lyrics which are "Chanto aundesu" which roughly translates to "It matches fine"

While "All" will focus on all the different life styles and events for 12 back up dancers and Nino showing that Pocky will fit everyone of those occasions. ThisCM is good for a laugh as well as you realizing Pocky just got a whole lot cooler!

Check out the "Drink & Po" below and keep your eyes peeled for the "All" version to later air!

Source: JpopAsia

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Japan defence firm Mitsubishi Heavy in cyber attack

Japan's top weapons maker has confirmed it was the victim of a cyber attack reportedly targeting data on missiles, submarines and nuclear power plants.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) said viruses were found on more than 80 of its servers and computers last month.

The government said it was not aware of any leak of sensitive information.

But the defence ministry has demanded MHI carry out a full investigation. Officials were angered after learning of the breach from local media reports.

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday, Japan's defence minister Yasuo Ichikawa said the cyber attackers had not succeeded in accessing any important information but MHI would be instructed "to undertake a review of their information control systems".

"The ministry will continue to monitor the problem and conduct investigations if necessary," Mr Ichikawa added.

All government contractors are obliged to inform ministers promptly of any breach of sensitive or classified information.

"It's up to the defence ministry to decide whether or not the information is important. That is not for Mitsubishi Heavy to decide. A report should have been made," a defence ministry spokesman was earlier quoted by Reuters as saying.

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Komori Jun holds a press conference 90 minutes before her wedding reception

On September 19th, model Komori Jun held a press conference right before her wedding reception to commemorate the release of her photo essay, “Konjun‘.

Wearing a wedding dress, a 100 million yen tiara, and a 70 million yen necklace, Komori was dazzling at the press conference. She happily stated, “My earrings were 1,000 yen at Don Quixote. This is reality.

Back in April, Komori announced her engagement to former model and apparel brand manager Imai Ryo, and they officially registered their marriage on July 7th. The press conference was held right after the wedding ceremony, and 90 minutes before the reception.

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AAA score first #1 album

Seven-person group, AAA, have the #1 album of the week with『♯AAABEST』(9/14). The album marks their 6th year anniversary and sold 66,000 copies in its first week according to Oricon's weekly chart. This beats their previously highest-charting album, Buzz Communication, which hit #2.

The group, which debuted with their single, "BLOOD on FIRE," have previously had two number one releases, including 2008's "MIRAGE" and "Aitai Riyuu/Dream After Dream ~ Yume kara Sameta Yume ~" last year. This is their first #1 album.

The new best-of includes nearly three and a half years' worth of releases, from 2008's "Beyond ~ Karada no Kanata" as well as bonus tracks, with a total of 15 songs.

Translation - koutaishi

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AKB48 Members, Ultraman Foundation Visit Quake Area

On September 16, three members of Japanese pop group AKB48 and the Ultraman Foundation appeared at the Moriokashi City prefectural office in Iwate Prefecture. The northeastern prefecture was one of the areas hit hardest by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

At Friday's ceremony, AKB48 members Ayaka Umeda, Sumire Satou, and Haruka Shimada joined the Ultraman Foundation to donate 20,000,000 yen (about US$260,000) and two microbuses. The microbuses have AKB48 and Ultraman themes, seat 26 passengers, and will be used as school buses. The donations will benefit the area's children still recovering from the earthquake and tsunami.

The Ultraman Foundation was founded to aid children affected by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (Higashi Nihon Daishinsai) disaster. It has held various events and raised funds for the affected children. At last month's Comic Market in Tokyo, visitors could purchase the Ultraman Begins 2011 Aratana Tatakai no Hajimari dōjinshi manga by donating at least 500 yen (about US$6) to the Ultraman Foundation.

Sources: ANN, Asahi Shimbun


"Rising Sun" is #1, doubles EXILE's sales

Popular group, EXILE's new single "Rising Sun / Itsuka Kitto..." (9/14) has sold 202,000 copies in its first week according to the new Oricon weekly chart. This is their 11th #1 single, and they have doubled the sales of their previous release, "Each other's Way ~Tabo no Tochuu~" which sold approximately 101,000 in its first week.

"Rising Sun," which marks the group's 10-year anniversary, was described as having the theme of cheering up Japan, as a support song after the March 11th earthquakes. Vocalist Atsushi (31) also included a solo song, "Itsuka Kitto." All procedes of the single will go to Red Cross Japan.

Translation - [info]koutaishi

I'm glad that such a patriotic song about The Land of the Rising Sun is slaying the charts! And that these perfect boys are donating all  procedes to charity... so amazing and better than just doing like 1% or whatever. True philanthropists!
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Scandal's New Single as Next Bleach Opening

The four-member band SCANDAL confirmed on Friday that the band's new single "Harukaze" will be the next opening theme song for Bleach. The television anime series will begin using the song on October 11, the same day that the anime will enter the Shinigami Daikō Shōshitsu arc from Tite Kubo's original manga.

The all-female band already performed "Shōjo S," 10th opening theme song for Bleach, in 2009. SCANDAL also contributed theme songs for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto. Not only did the band work on the soundtrack for the Loups-Garous anime film, but the members also appeared in animated form within the film itself.

Sources: ANN, Anime Anime Japan