September 21st, 2011

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Kalafina - symphonia PV

Kalafina is releasing their 3rd album titled "After Eden" today, and this is the only PV featured in the album, titled symphonia which an image song for the latest season of the NHK documentary Rekishi Hiwa Historia.


Mods, I lock this post to protect the video being removed, hopefully it's ok.

Typhoon disrupts Tokyo commute, grazes nuke plant

A powerful typhoon slammed into Japan's east Wednesday, leaving six people dead or missing in south-central regions and halting trains in Tokyo before grazing a crippled nuclear plant in the tsunami-ravaged northeast.

Officials at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, where engineers are still struggling with small radiation leaks due to tsunami damage, expressed relief that Typhoon Roke's driving winds and rains caused no immediate problems there other than a broken security camera.

"The worst seems to be over," said Takeo Iwamoto, spokesman for plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co., after the storm passed just west of the plant and then headed north.

More than 200,000 households in central Japan were without electricity late Wednesday. Police and local media reported that at least six people were dead or missing in southern and central regions, mostly from being swept away by rivers swollen with rains.

The storm, packing sustained winds of up to 100 mph, made landfall in the early afternoon near the city of Hamamatsu, about 125 miles west of Tokyo. The fast-moving storm went past the capital in the evening and then headed into the Tohoku region, which was devastated by the March 11 tsunami.

In Tokyo, where many rush hour commuter trains were suspended, thousands of commuters trying to rush home were stuck at stations across the sprawling city.

"The hotels in the vicinity are all booked up, so I'm waiting for the bullet train to restart," Hiromu Harada, a 60-year-old businessman, said dejectedly at Tokyo Station.

Fire department officials reported three people injured in Tokyo. In the trendy shopping district of Shibuya, winds knocked a tree onto a sidewalk, but no one was hurt. Pedestrians struggled to walk straight in powerful winds that made umbrellas useless.

Source: msnbc

Kis-My-Ft2’s first regular radio program to start in October!

Pop group Kis-My-Ft2 will be hosting their first regular radio program starting October 6th! Every week, a different member will appear on the program, however for its first broadcast, all 7 members will be present during the show.

The program will feature a practice segment which prepares the boys for their future appearances on radio and TV. It will also hold a training corner for the boys to become ‘real stars’.

Kis-My-Ft2 is a 7-member group comprised of members Kitayama Hiromitsu, Senga Kento, Miyata Toshiya, Yokoo Wataru, Fujigaya Taisuke, Tamamori Yuta, and Nikaido Takahashi. They made their debut on August 10th with the single, “Everybody Go“, and topped the Oricon Single Weekly Charts for the week of August 22nd. The song served as the theme song for the drama, “Ikemen desu ne“, which starred members Fujigaya and Tamamori.

On August 28th, Kis-My-Ft2 set a new record by performing at the Tokyo Dome just 18 days after their debut. They’re scheduled to hold an Asia tour and a large-scale nationwide tour next year.

Additionally, it was revealed that Kis-My-Ft2 will be the new regulars for Fuji TV’s “Moshimo Tours” starting October 1st. “Moshimo Tours” is a variety show that introduces the best tourist spots in Japan.

KiS-My-Ft2 is blazing through the industry, and many are looking forward to seeing what other new projects they’ll be taking up.

Stay tuned for more information on KiS-My-Ft2’s new radio program!

Source: tokyohive
Oricon and Fuji TV

Ohno To Be in CM for Morinaga Biscuits

It seems Nino isn't the only one having fun with CM's! Arashi's leader Ohno is also due to air in a CM for Morinaga Biscuits. Also staring in the CM will be actress Nakama Yukie!

The duo will be showing the world (or Japan) how good the different flavors are. But not only that, it seems Ohno has changed his look but wouldn't say for the better! This CM is set to air in Japan with in a few weeks. For now you can check out a few pictures.

How is everyone liking the new hairdo?

Source: jpopasia

Tokyo police chief tosses first pitch at Dome to promote coming anti-yakuza legislation

To promote forthcoming anti-gang legislation, the superintendent general of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Tateshi Higuchi, threw out the first pitch before the Yakult Swallows faced the Yomiuri Giants at Tokyo Dome last night, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Sept. 21).

Beginning on October 1, business transactions between citizens and members of organized crime, such as the paying mikajimeryo (protection money), will be prohibited. The law will be enforced nationwide.

“This is to strengthen organized crime counter measures,” read a statement from the department’s anti-organized crime division. “The idea that ordinary citizens and gang members should not be associating is what we wish to fortify.”

A video displaying the chief’s form can be seen above.

source: 1, 2

2NE1 debut live at Yokohama Arena and wants to perform at this year’s Kohaku Utagassen

Korean group 2NE1 just started their Japanese debut tour on the evening of September 19 at Yokohama Arena. The girls will perform six shows in three cities and it’s predicted that they will bring about 70,000 attendees.

At the concert when the current raised, leader CL announced that they want to perform at this year’s Kohaku Utagassen and that they aim to take on the world.

Then green lazers shot out with the words “NOLZA” and, “Let’s play” in Korean appeared. Through it all, the ace of spades and queen of hearts appeared showing the blackjack hand “21″ and all four members broke through it. After performing two powerful and rhythmical songs DARA exclaiemd to the crowd, “Everybody let’s play! Are you ready? Let’s go!” and grabbed the hearts of 12,000 fans.

2NE1’s Japan debut event is considered to be a ‘historical’ one for a Korean group entering the Japanese market. SHINee entered and toured three cities and performed five shows but only pulled in about 30,000 fans.

Before the event even started, 13,000 fans lined up at noon for five hours on this opening day. One of fashion highpoints was CL’s outfit. She noted that she went to a vintage shop in Harajuku and bought a stylish punk jacket that has seven patterns that “change”. Also appearing at the opening event were groups BIG BANG and sub-unit GD & TOP as guests.

Earlier in the event when CL announced that they wish to be on Kohaku, she also said that Kohaku is a famous program in Korea so of course they love to be on it. She also added that the girls are aiming for the world. “We hear all our fans in Brazil and want to go London. I want to perform our music on every piece of land.
2NE1 performed 22 songs and announced that they will release their first single “GO AWAY” on November 16th.

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Source: Tokyohive
Well, 2NE1 at Kohaku this year?? Somebody got jokes
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Belgian soccer team apologizes for Fukushima taunts

As a follow up to this this article.

BRUSSELS — Belgian league club Beerschot formally apologized to Japan's Eija Kawashima on Tuesday after some of its fans taunted the international goalkeeper with jeers of "Kawashima, Fukushima" during a match.

The referee interrupted the game against Lierse last month until the taunts stopped about Japan's nuclear power plant disaster.

When the goalie went to confront the fans when the taunting started, he was pelted with coins and beer. The club was fined $34,200 for the disruption.

Kawashima said the apology would mean a lot to the Japanese people.


Original article says the taunt was "Fukushima, Fukushima" but I'm pretty sure it was "Kawashima, Fukushima." so I changed it. Also saw the guy on tv apologizing by attempting to speak Japanese, it's nice they put in an effort.

Korean dramas bite deep into Japanese TV market

Found this article on the English site of Asahi newspaper. Thought the view was interesting as it's coming from a Japanese perspective rather than Korean/foreign markets.

When the hugely popular South Korean television drama series "Winter Sonata" blanketed Japanese television screens in 2003, the total contracted value of South Korean programming in Japan was $6.28 million (480.7 million yen).

Last year, that figure reached $81.62 million with South Korean productions increasingly establishing themselves as a staple of non-prime time, satellite programming.

Among some Japanese, the Korean cultural wave has gone well beyond a joke. On Aug. 7, several hundred people marched outside of the headquarters of Fuji Television Network Inc. in Tokyo's Odaiba district, complaining that Fuji TV was betraying its country and should broadcast more Japanese dramas. About 5,000 people rallied against South Korean dramas and music at a second protest on Aug. 21.

While the protesters appear to see the issue in cultural terms, the increasing number of Korean programs on Japanese television is seen within the industry as largely a matter of economics: they are very cheap. With advertising revenues falling, buying a South Korean drama can be an easy way to cut costs.

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Weekly Oricon Chart: Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs

EXILE achieved their 11th no.1 single with "Rising Sun/Itsuka Kitto...", their charity and 10th anniversary single, where all proceeds go to Tohoku disaster relief. Meanwhile, AAA topped the albums chart for the first time with their best album, "#AAABEST."

In the music-DVD chart, idol band TOKIO reached the top spot with the release of "OVER/PLUS", their live DVD since 5 years ago. It's their first no.1 spot in overall DVD as well. This DVD features the band's "TOKIO LIVE TOUR 2011 +PLUS+" concert held at Nippon Budokan in May 2011 and "TOKIO LIVE TOUR OVER 30's WORLD" concert in Nagoya Gaishi Hall. The limited edition includes a bonus disc featuring the final day of the band's "TOKIO SUMMER LIVE'08 SUGAR" concerts held at Pacifico Yokohama in the summer of 2008.

Meanwhile, legendary singer-songwriter Hotei Tomoyasu made history in the Blu-Ray Disc chart by snatching the no.1 and 2 positions, a first by a male artist, with the release of his 30th anniversary BD, "30th ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY Ⅱ"Ifu Do Do"" and "30th ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY "Souseiki"" that sold 4,477 copies and 4,228 copies respectively. Previously, since the BD ranking was initiated in 2008, only singer-voice actress Mizuki Nana has ever dominated the top 2 spots with "NANA MIZUKI LIVE GAMESxACADEMY -BLUE-" and "NANA MIZUKI LIVE GAMESxACADEMY -RED-" in March early this year.

Posting the top 30 albums/singles and the top 10 music-DVDs. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2011. New release in bold.

Also posting the singles chart first this time since the albums chart is pretty much the definition of pathetic saves for the top 5

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Congrats EXILE, AAA and TOKIO! XD

And MaruMori kids are finally out of the top 10. It's been a good run, kids! :)

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IchigOhchan 1

Another cross-dressing movies for you ^^


Cocoa Otoko members Kamakari Kenta and Suzuki Shogo are starring in a pair of movies titled “Miss Boys!,” directed by Sato Sakichi (“Tokyo Zombie”).
The story is a tale of adolescence at an all-boys high school, but it will feature Kamakari and Suzuki dressing in women’s clothing.

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I like the plot. Kinda reminds me of Waterboys :P
And I don't know how to tag this :3

IchigOhchan 1

You love "Kokuhaku"? You might wanna try this as well

It was recently announced that two works by author Minato Kanae (“Kokuhaku”) are getting live-action adaptations. Today, yet another one has been announced, based on her newest novel before the book has even been released.

Titled “Kyogu,” the novel is scheduled for release next month on October 7th. TV Asahi will air a drama special with the same title sometime this winter, starring actresses Matsuyuki Yasuko and Ryo. The drama will be directed by award-winning movie director Wakamatsu Setsuro (“Shizumanu Taiyo”).

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Sounds interesting! And I like Ryo's acting ^^
I still don't know how to tag this :P
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Read and Give <3

Lit mag shares quake fiction in English

The Yomiuri Shimbun

The publisher of a noted Japanese literary magazine has begun to
publish online English translations of fiction related to the March 11
Great East Japan Earthquake by 15 authors.

Waseda Bungakukai, the publisher of literary magazine Waseda
Bungaku, allows visitors to its site (
to download and read the stories for free, but urges them to make a
monetary donation to help disaster victims.

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Source 1, Source 2, Source 3

This is an awesome idea. I've donated via local Red Cross before. I'll definitely read the stories when I have time :)


AKB48 member Kashiwagi Yuki’s stage costume stolen and put up for online auction

It’s been reported that AKB48 member Kashiwagi Yuki’s stage costume was stolen from a warehouse, and put up on an online auction site.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, Kashiwagi’s stage costume was put up for auction by a male high school student (17) from Shiga Prefecture. He commented, “I bought it from someone on the internet. I didn’t know it was a stolen item.

Last November, a management employee found the stage costume on an auction site. They confirmed that it was the real thing after getting their hands on the item with a successful bid of 300,000 yen (around $3900 USD). They reported a damage report to the police, and they are investigating this as a property crime.

Regarding the issue, the management stated, “We will refrain from making comments.


Someone either in security or staff had to do it.

Crunchyroll, TV Tokyo Sue YouTube Users for Unauthorized Anime Uploading

Crunchyroll and TV Tokyo have issued a lawsuit against 13 YouTube uploaders for allegedly illegal distribution of anime episodes, according to a copyright infringement complaint filed on May 11 and served between July and September. Crunchyroll and TV Tokyo are seeking reparation for "great and irreparable injury that cannot fully be compensated or measured in money" because of the defendants' allegedly unauthorized copying, uploading, and distributing via YouTube of multiple Naruto, Naruto Shippūden, and Bleach episodes.

Based on their YouTube subscriber information, the defendants reside in the United States, Japan, Canada, Denmark, and Hungary. Crunchyroll maintains its main offices in California (as does YouTube), so the suit was filed as a U.S. copyright violation in the Northern District Court of California. For the purposes of the lawsuit, TV Tokyo is giving Crunchyroll legal permission to act on its behalf in order to "permanently remove the illegal uploads of infringing parties from file-sharing services and to obtain legal relief against infringers."

The plaintiff companies' claim is that they "lose a customer opportunity" each time the uploading parties illegally disseminated anime episodes for which TV Tokyo and Crunchyroll hold legal distribution rights. TV Tokyo holds the broadcasting rights for Naruto, Naruto Shippūden, and Bleach. Crunchyroll holds online streaming rights for the mentioned episodes, including worldwide exclusive streaming rights for the first week after the original Japanese broadcast.

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IchigOhchan 1

The inspiration you need today, made in Iwate

Song by Iwate musical duo inspires locals to live on in wake of disasters

OFUNATO, Iwate Pref. — A song by two Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture-based
musicians about their love for their disaster-hit hometown has been an
immense hit with local residents.

Since its release in April,
the song "Ie ni Kaerou" ("Let's return home") by the duo Lawblow, has
been aired by local TV and radio stations, including NHK's Morioka
bureau in Iwate's capital.

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Source, YT

Love the video. Simple and heartwarming :)
and again, sorry, Idk the tag for this

FLOWER reveals full PV for “Still”

The PV for FLOWER’s new single, “Still“, has just been revealed!

The video is rich with colors, which adds a vibrancy to the girls’ smooth R&B ballad. Combined with their gorgeous styling and sharp choreography, “Still” is a work that hits all the right points for a great PV.

Check it out below!


If you're interested in checking the girls' names/ages/DOBs/birthplaces/heights, check this post

EDIT: HD version:

Eikura Nana to release third photobook

Actress Eikura Nana (23) will be releasing her third photobook, "NANA -tremor-", on October 26th.

This will be Eikura's first photobook in five years, with her last being "free" in 2006. It will also mark her very first photobook in her twenties.

Regarding her twenties charm, Eikura commented, "When I compare it from my teenage years, in a sense, I have become very calm and passionate. I think I am able to enjoy my unbalanced self."

"NANA -tremor-" will feature a variety of eye candy from the latest fashion to beach scenes. Eikura will also show off her adult charms in lingerie and swimsuits. The photography is done by Marutani Yoshihisa, who is known for working with actresses Aibu Saki and Hirosue Ryoko.

Eikura sent a message to her fans saying, "With the help of the wonderful staff, I think it turned out to be a pleasant photobook. By looking at this photobook, I will be pleased if you feel like you're exposed to the same air."

On October 30th, Eikura will hold an event at "Libro Books Shibuya" in Tokyo to celebrate the release of her photobook.

Take a sneak-peek at Eikura's photobook below!

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Source: Tokyohive


NMB48 - Oh My God! PV Previews

Recently, the PV previews for NMB48's Oh My God! single was released...

The first preview below is the PV preview for the story version.

The second preview is the PV preview for the dance version of the PV.


It seems pretty low budget but I love it!! The NMB girls playing soccer! <3
And the dance is sooo lively and adorable!!
Totally don't regret getting a copy of this single for myself. xP