September 24th, 2011

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Possible Details on Final Fantasy X Remake

Here’s a fun rumor. Fun because Square Enix tends to announce big projects and keep quite on details, so speculation and rumors are all we have until its next showing. This one comes from PlayStation-focused website PSTime, who claim inside sources have revealed Final Fantasy X‘s upcoming PlayStation 3 and Vita version is a remake, and not a remastered title.

According to PSTime, these are the details:

- It will use the same engine as Final Fantasy XIII, adapted for the PlayStation Vita version.
- Character design, stage elements, and aeons are all being recreated from scratch.
- The sets and scenes, including CGI, will utilize some sort of “filter” from the Final Fantasy XIII-2 engine to make them look nice.
- Magic and some lighting effects are being touched with with the “Luminous” engine.
- Blitzball will undergo small changes.
- Online options will be available, though their source hasn’t provided details (holy crap, Blitzball online, anyone?).
- It will release in Japan during fiscal 2012.


AKB48’s Shanghai handshake event gets cancelled

On September 23rd, 16 AKB48 members flew into Shanghai to attend the AKB48 handshake event, scheduled for the 24th.

The girls were greeted by hundreds of fans and reporters at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and it’s said that approximately 100 fans also waited for the girls at their hotel, calling out the members’ nicknames in Japanese.

Member Watanabe Mayu smiled and commented, “It’s my first time in Shanghai, but the support from the fans are amazing, I was very happy.Minegishi Minami also expressed, “Live concerts are AKB48’s charm. I want to show them the best performance.

The local media reported that there were 1,000 fans crowding the area where the handshake event was scheduled to be held; some fans had even camped out overnight. The chaos forced the authorities to cancel the event.

The event was to be held as part of the “Shanghai Japan Week 2011“. At night, a welcoming ceremony was held at the Consulate General of Japan in Shanghai, and a special cake was sent to consulate general Izumi Hiroyasu.


DJ Hello Kitty Performs at New Shibuya Store

Kawaii icon Hello Kitty might not have a mouth to sing beautiful songs, but she is still capable of churning out awesome music by being a disc jockey at the latest latest Hello Kitty themed store “CLUB KT Shibuya” that just opened by Sanrio in the famous fashion mall Shibuya109 building.

The themed store sells all sorts of Hello Kitty merchandises ranging from clothing, accessories to even cosmetics.

According to the company’s spokesperson, CLUB KT Shibuya was opened to let teenagers have an experience of how it would like to visit a club, since they are not allowed to enter those entertainment venues where alcohol is being served.

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Which actress would suit being a spy AND house wife?

Kuriyama Chiaki stars in the new drama "Himitsu Chohoin Erika". She holds the 2 faces of a house wife and spy. Which actresss would suit holding both roles?
Female actresses, everyone loves them. 

20. Anna Tsuchiya
19. Ueto Aya
18. Horikita Maki
17. Nakatani Miki
16. Anne
15. Karina
14. Kitagawa Keiko
13. Mizuki Arisa
12. Kuriyama Chiaki
11. Matsuyuki Yasuko

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Take a first listen to KARA’s new song, “Winter Magic”

Earlier, we reported that girl group KARA would be making a comeback with their 5th single, “Winter Magic, which will become available on October 19th.

A radio sample of the song has just hit the web, and it’s kicked up everyone’s anticipations for their return!

The girls are sounding smooth in their harmonics, and there’s a great

crystalline feel to the song that matches perfectly with the winter

season. Check it out below!


Johnny Kitagawa to reveal his face and have a show in Las Vegas!

On September 24th, it was revealed that Johnny’s Entertainment president Johnny Kitagawa (79) accepted an interview regarding his two Guinness World Record awards that he recently received and announced, “As a Guinness World Record holder, I want to have a show in Las Vegas.

Regarding his two awards as “most No.1 singles produced by an individual”, he unveiled, “Of course, as [a label with] ‘no.1 in the world’, I am happy.

Johnny Kitagawa is known to be highly mysterious by many in the industry as he continued to refuse his photo being released, “as a person working behind-the-scenes”. However, he has approved for his photo to be published exclusively for the Guinness World Record and sent in a photo of himself that was taken by his agency. Not only that, he also approved the publishing of this exclusive photo to various newspaper companies after Guinness releases their book.

As for his actions, he explained, “To start up an entertainment business overseas, I believe it will be best to start from Guinness.” Although he has numerous shows such as “Endless SHOCK”, “SUMMARY”, and “Shounentachi” nationwide, he revealed, “I want to have a show that fuses all the positive aspects of every single show in Las Vegas.

Source: Sanspo via tokyohive