September 27th, 2011


Hey!Hey!Hey! Performances - The 48Family

Recently AKB48's sister groups, SKE48, NMB48 and SDN48 performed their songs on Hey!Hey!Hey!

SKE48 performed Pareo wa Emerald, NMB48 performed Oh My God! and SDN48 performed Min Min Min. Enjoy!!


SKE's  Pareo...I've watched a perf for this too many times...I don't know what to say anymore 8D

OMG!!! NMB's performance was loveee!! <3
They actually did the "pyramid collapse" thing from the PV LIVEEE! 8D
How awesome is thattt?
It must hurt thoughh :3
And their energy is so freaking amazinggg! GAH I LOVE MY GIRLSS!!

The SDN girls are really pretty btw XD


2NE1 As the Third Foreign Band to Rank First on ORICON Weekly in Japan!

Just recently, popular South Korean group 2NE1 released their mini album "NOLZA", which also marked their debut in Japan. It has now become know that the release ranks first within the ORICON weekly charts dated October 3rd, which is until now the third time ever in history for an foreign group's debut in Japan. 

Other groups that managed to rank first on the weekly charts with their debut record were KARA, with their single "JET COASTER" and SNSD - GIRLS'GENERATION with their album "GIRLS'GENERATION" - both released this year.

"We are too happy about this and can't quite realize it. With this mini album, we are showing who 2NE1 are right now, and we will work hard on showing yet another side of us on the next record. We would like even more people in Japan to know about 2NE1," CL stated her excitement on the news.

Further, 2NE1 will be releasing a new single on November 16th, which will also contain their biggest hit "GO AWAY" in the Japanese version!


BOW 2 DA QUEENS! I mean like... I TOLD U SO!


Goo polls: Female celebrities from Seventeen + Cute 'devilish' actresses

When you think of Seventeen magazine, which female celebrity comes to mind?:

Mirei Kiritani have just graduated from Seventeen, which prompted Goo to ask DoCoMo mobile users about graduated Seventeen models with successful careers. Here are the results below:

10. Hinano Yoshikawa (867 votes)
9. Rie Miyazawa (875 votes)
8. Aya Oomasa (879 votes)
7. Miho Tanaka (880 votes)

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Cute, 'devilish' actresses?:

Which celebrities have the image of a small, cute 'devilish' girl? Goo asks its readers to vote and the results are as below:

10. Emi Takei (922 votes)
9. Kou Shibasaki (1179 votes)
8. Haruna Kojima (1194 votes)
7. Hiromi Nagasaku (1383 votes)
6. Erika Toda (1651 votes)

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Moar polls! :D

Source: 1 & 2
Ryuu-bb salute♥

Aragaki Yui to star in “Ranma 1/2″ live-action special


The classic manga “Ranma 1/2” is being turned into a live-action drama special this December, starring actress Aragaki Yui (23). The drama will be an original story with Tendo Akane as the main character. The part of Saotome Ranma will be played by actor Kaku Kento (22) and Natsuna (22).
Originally written by Takahashi Rumiko and published by Shogakukan between 1987 and 1996, the manga has had more than 53 million copies printed. The comic has also been adapted as an anime series and has spawned several video games.
In the drama special, Aragaki plays Akane, who is determined to protect the longevity of the Tendo dojo. However, one day her father Soun suddenly declares that the dojo’s successor must be male. This rules out Akane’s intended partner Ranma, who suffers from a curse that turns him into a girl whenever he is splashed with cold water. In order to remove the curse and inherit the dojo, Ranma seeks out a secret hot spring, but he encounters a mysterious enemy.
The announced cast also features Hasegawa Kyoko as Tendo Kasumi, Tanihara Shosuke as Ono Tofu, Furuta Arata as Saotome Genma, and Namase Katsuhisa as Tendo Soun. The casting for the other characters has not yet been revealed.

Aragaki commented, “I’ve dreamed about jumping into the ‘Ranma 1/2′ world when I was small, that’s how much I loved the manga.  I’m surprised that I’m able to do so after all these years. Although I’m truly happy about it, I’m truthfully scared at the same time because it seems very difficult to make it into a live-action show. I will aim to make this drama satisfying for the fans of the manga, including myself.  I also hope that I will be able to enjoy acting. I will do my best.”
In this special drama, the plot will exhibit elements from the original storyline, such as Akane’s discord with her father when he suddenly determines Ranma to be her fiancee, as well as Ranma’s various scuffles with enemies during his mission to find the hot spring that will cure his condition.
NTV will broadcast the 2-hour drama sometime in December.

Source: Tokyograph & Tokyohive

OMFG. I Never thought they're gonna do it!!! GakkyxKakuKen!
First Conan then Rurouni Kenshin now Ranma... My childhood anime obsessions are slowly coming to life!

IchigOhchan 1

Counseling helps ease pain of losing pet

Yoshiaki Takeuchi / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer

The death of a pet can be a great psychological blow. Most people
gradually get over their loss, but some are so grief-stricken they can't
seem to recover, even losing their appetites and becoming extremely

Six years ago, housewife Reiko Koguchi, 50, returned to her home in
Hitachi-Omiya, Ibaraki Prefecture, to find her female toy poodle had
killed all four of its puppies. They were only 5 days old.

Earlier that day, the puppies had their tails docked by a veterinarian.

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Despite news of suicide and depressing stuffs, glad to know that there are available helps in Japan.

Nine idol groups perform Young Man/YMCA with Saijo Hideaki on Heyx3

On September 26th,‘HEY! HEY! HEY! Music Champ’, nine idol group:s SKE48, SDN48, NMB48, Idoling!!!, Fairies, Momoiro Clover Z, bump.y, 9nine, SUPER☆GiRL took the stage with Saijo Hideaki to perform the Japanese cover of “Y.M.C.A.“!

'Cover version sung in Japanese titled "Young Man", was recorded by a Japanese singer Hideki Saijo and released in spring 1979. It marked the #1 on the Japanese official singles chart Oricon for 5 weeks, and finally sold more than 800,000 copies and became the most commercially successful cover version of the song. "Young Man" won the 1979 Japan Music Awards for Grand Prix.the song. "Young Man" won the 1979 Japan Music Awards for Grand Prix.' [1]

cute @!

Kimura Kaela's releases a sweet pv for Chocolate

Pop singer Kimura Kaela has been on amazing streak these past two months.

She released a new single on August 3rd “Kidoairaku plus Ai“. Then at her one-man live at Yokohama BLITZ she annnounced that she is going to release a new album “8EIGHT8” on October 12th. Earlier this month the track “Chocolate” (on the album) was revealed then a preview of the song’s upcoming PV.

Now fan can enjoy the full PV of “Chocolate”. Check it out!

kk-chok by kk231mj


Gorgeous and sweet