October 3rd, 2011


On October 2nd, 2NE1 brought the “fire” and successfully completed their debut Japanese tour in Chiba!

2NE1 held six concerts during their ‘2NE1 First Japan Tour – NOLZA’ at three locations, including Yokohama Arena (9/19 ~ 9/20), Kobe World Commemoration Hall (9/24 ~ 9/25), and Chiba’s Makuhari Messe Hall. The concerts attracted an impressive figure of 70,000 fans.

YG Entertainment stated, “2NE1 brought in 70,000 spectators within a single month after their first promotional appearance on Asahi TV’s ‘Music Station’. …Achieving this kind of record during a Japan debut tour is rare.”

That’s not their only impressive achievement in Japan, however. 2NE1 reached #1 on Japan’s Oricon ‘Daily Album Chart’ with their debut album ‘Nolza’, and also became the first Korean artist to reach #1 on the weekly chart with a debut album.

2NE1 will release their 1st single in Japan on November 16th.


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AKB48-ers, you might be jealous of Indonesia's fans now ^^


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My country is finally on J-entertainment act/promo map! *emotional moment* and will it be appropriate if we have a tag for AKB's overseas sister's group?

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One of the true Queen grace us with a cover ^^

Singer-songwriter Shiina Ringo has just revealed the jacket cover and track list for her upcoming single, “Carnation“.

This single marks Ringo’s first in almost two and a half years, and is scheduled for release on November 2nd. It has already been picked upas the theme song for NHK’s latest morning drama, “Carnation”.

“Carnation” is described as a dramatic number that combines Ringo’s emotional voice with a 40-person orchestra.  The cover features Ringo with blonde hair holding a red carnation.

Check out the jacket cover and track list below!

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3 new songs <3


King of J-R&B, Shimizu Shota, releases details on new single/DVD

Smash hit singer-songwriter Shimizu Shota will be releasing his new single, "Mada Owaranai" on October 26!

It's a song to encourage those people working toward their careers, dreams, love and any part of life. ♪

Chaka-uta will be out on October 12.

01. Mada Owaranai
02. Dream of love
03. YOU&I〜Acoustic Piano Version〜
04. Mada Owaranai (Instrumental)

01 love music video
02 COLORS TOUR 2011 DVD & Blu-ray Disc Trailer

There will also be a special present for those who buy the first-press release and for the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the COLORS 2011 TOUR.

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Big Bang to Release Best-of Album in Japan

Universal Music Japan announced that Big Bang will release its first best-of album titled "THE BEST OF BIGBANG" in Japan on 23rd November.

THE BEST OF BIGBANG will be available in 3 edition, two of which are special editions: The regular edition will consist of a single CD including a total of 14 songs Big Bang has released in Japan.
The limited A version of THE BEST OF BIGBANG will be composed of two CDs with Big Bang's best Japanese and Korean tracks and a DVD containing music video and so on.
The special edition will contain a T-shirt additionally to the CDs and the DVD.


T-ARA and Tohoshinki dominate the Oricon weekly charts

The weekly Oricon charts have experienced another ‘first’ thanks to the Korean wave. It’s the first time in the 42-year-long history of Oricon that South Korean artists have claimed first in both, the single and the album ranking at the same time.

The two artists who achieved this are girl group T-ARA with their Japanese debut single, “Bo Peep Bo Peep“, and the now two-member boy group Tohoshinki with their newest album, ‘TONE‘.

T-ARA sold 50,000 copies in their first week and they’ve also become the first foreign group and first female artist(s) to reach first place with their debut single. The only foreign artist who ever achieved this before T-ARA, was Jang Geun Suk with his debut single, “Let me cry“. Other popular South Korean girl groups such as KARA and Shoujo Jidai debuted at fifth and fourth place respectively.

The girls of T-ARA commented, “Thanks to everyone’s support we’ve reached first. We are very happy and will continue to work hard in order to earn the love of even more people. Please continue to support us.

Tohoshinki’s album sold 205,000 copies in its first week, which also is an outstanding achievement for foreign male solo artists and groups. The last artist that also sold over 200,000 copies of an album during their first week was Bon Jovi with ‘Crash‘ back in 2000.

Yunho commented, “I’m really thankful to our fans. It makes me happy that our growth as a group seems to have reached our fans as well.

Changmin added, “We wanted to create an album that is filled with our gratitude towards all of our fans who have been waiting for us. Please also look forward to our nation-wide tour next year!

 Oricon & tokyohive

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Tackey talks about his faith in Johnny Kitagawa

Hideaki Takizawa said he trusts his agency’s boss completely when it comes to showbiz, it was revealed at a press conference in Tokyo on October 3, reports Sponichi Annex.

Recently it was announced Johnny’s & Associates president Johnny Kitagawa had set two Guinness world records:

“Most Concerts Produced by an Individual” (8419 shows between 2000 and 2010, reports the Guinness World Records), and,

“Most No.1 Singles Produced by an Individual”

Speaking at a press conference for his upcoming stage show “新春 滝沢革命 (Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei)”, Tackey said the records were no surprise.

“It’s an amazing record, and I feel very happy to be able to work for someone like Johnny-san.  I know that if I do what Johnny-san says, he’ll undoubtably make it a great show,” he said.

Senior Johnny’s talent Kazukiyo Nishikiori, who also stars in the stage show, said when he was starting out in the entertainment industry, everyone was going out overseas to places like New York because that was where everything was happening.  He said he hopes the opposite will happen now, and more and more people will come to Japan to see shows.

“新春 滝沢革命 (Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei)” will begin it’s next season from January 1 2012.  The show started performances in 2009 and includes dynamic stunts such as wire-flying sequences and an on-stage waterfall.

Source: momoedgewood

Mukai Osamu becomes ‘Japan-Cambodia Goodwill Ambassador’

On October 2nd, actor Mukai Osamu attended a stage greeting for his movie, “Bokutachi wa Sekai wo Kaeru Koto ga Dekinai.“, at Balto 9 in Shinjuku.

During the event, it was announced that Mukai had been chosen to be Japan’s first ‘Japan-Cambodia Goodwill Ambassador’. He will continue his activities until the end of next year, exchanging promotions as the cultural bridge between the two countries. Because of his passion for Cambodia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested Mukai to take on this position.

Holding a letter of appointment issued by foreign minister Gemba Koichiro, Mukai expressed, “It was as I planned. Instead of changing the world, I think it would be good to change something little by little. I want to return the favor to Cambodia.

Kubota Masataka also attended the stage greeting, and shared a story about how Mukai got angry while on set in Cambodia. With a embarrassed look, Mukai said, “It appears he likes me.” In response, Kubota confessed, “I like Mukai-san! I spent the night at Mukai-san’s house last night.” The women in the crowd shrieked as they questioned this strange ‘love confession’.


Ebi-chan celebrates 32nd birthday with release of photobook

Model Yuri Ebihara celebrated her 32nd birthday on Sunday with the release of her photobook “EBI01 (Ebi-ichi)” (1,500 yen from Shogakukan) at Fukuya book store in Shinjuku.</p>

Ebihara, popularly known as Ebi-chan, got a surprise when she was presented with a 60-cm-high macaron cake. “It’s awesome! And so lovely,” she gushed.

When a reporter asked whether she and husband, Rip Slyme vocalist Ilmari, 36, have any plans to start a family, Ebi-chan answered “Maybe next year or the year after.”


Mizushima Hiro becomes a woman for “Numero TOKYO” magazine

Mizushima Hiro is featured on the September 28th issue of “Numero TOKYO” as a female model.

This was a project proposed and produced by Mizushima himself, with the concept of “to transcend gender”. Mizushima can be seen in long blonde hair, wearing luxury brands.

The special project, titled “The foreigner named Mizushima Hiro“, is an 8-page spread that can be found in the 51st issue of “Numero TOKYO”. Mizushima is featured in dresses and suits from “FENDI“, “Yves Saint Laurent“, “Moschino“, and “Christian Dior“, topped off with eyeliner and lipstick. Regarding this project, Mizushima’s official website, “Hiro’s Field“, states, “Top creators gathered, and produced a new creation that detaches myself from stereotypes. This is a special project that can only be found in the international magazine, ‘Numero TOKYO’.

Mizushima was born in Tokyo in 1984, and lived in Swiss until graduation from elementary school. After starring in numerous dramas and movies, he left his agency in 2010. Mizushima then received the prestigious “Poplar Publishing Grand Prize for Fiction” award for his debut novel, “KAGEROU“, and in March 2011, he became the editor-in-chief for lifestyle magazine, “GLOBAL WORK“. Currently, he stars in the CM for “Mobage”, and has been writing scripts for short films.

Source + Photo: Fashion Snap & tokyohive