October 23rd, 2011

Famous-ish people band together, release charity song globally

NHK English language music show J-MELO released its current theme song to iTunes as a charity single for the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. The song was released globally on October 19, 2011, to 35 countries' iTunes stores.

The song was produced by m-flo's ☆Taku Takahashi, and features vocals from Monkey Majik's Maynard Plant, Wise (Teriyaki Boyz) and J-Melo host May J.. The song also features background vocals from the Fukushima University Elementary School choir.

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Hey! Say! Jump in Las Vegas!

Myojo Photoshoot

Las Vegas

What's in here?

Topless Hey! Say! Jump
Horseback riding
HSJ at the beach
Blonde Yamada
Playing Around
and some more.

It's an 8 member Jump in Vegas. If you're wondering, Inoo Kei had to stay in Japan for his studies (He's taking architecture at Meiji University), but he had a solo photoshoot at school.

And if you'll believe the rumors, Morimoto Ryutaro will be back in HSJ by January next year.

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credits here



Scans of Popsister's last issue before hiatus

Goodbye PopSister!
This issue, the November 2011 Edition is unfortunately the last.

PopSister’s editor announced the hiatus on Twitter:
“We are sorry to suddenly announce that after the release of the November edition PopSister will be closed temporarily. To those who supported PopSister I am very grateful and I would like to apologize. Thank you very much.”

Popsister is a gyaru-shibuya-kei monthly magazine published by Kadokawa Publishing & Co.. It was first published in 2009 as a special edition to it's younger sister magazine, Popteen, and was known under the title, 'Scream'. The first authentic issue of Popsister was released in April of 2010. It featured seven exclusive models, Tsubasa Masuwaka, Kana Hoshino, Yui Kanno, Jun Komori, Tomoko Higuchi, Eri Aoki, and Wei Son. The magazines targets women in their teens and early 20s.

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IchigOhchan 1

'Subtitle glasses' to debut at Tokyo film festival

Olympus Corp. and a nonprofit organization have jointly developed special eyeglasses that project subtitles on the lenses so the hearing impaired can enjoy Japanese movies.

A type of head-mounted display (HMD), the glasses will be unveiled at the Tokyo International Film Festival that runs through Oct. 30.
The device was developed by the Tokyo-based precision equipment maker and the non-profit Media Access Support Center (MASC), based in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture.

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The pic is just an example. The model which is developed by Olympus could be different.
And COOL! I wouldn't wish to need one, one day. But I might want one in the future :P Could make an awesome gift for my parents, if the subtitles in my language is available.



2NE1 Releases Japanese Previews of Their Single, Go Away

A few days ago, we reported that 2NE1 was working on their first Japanese single called “Go Away“. As the title suggests, the single will hold a Japanese version of “Go Away”, with “It Hurts” acting as its B-side.

Some short audio clips have made their way onto the net, and it’s amping up anticipation for the single’s November release.

Check out their preview below!

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Source: OfficialMaddox@ YT + akp
IchigOhchan 1

Modern Kamishibai: Traditional storytelling with iPad twist

Yuta Sasaki used his iPad to take photos of the children who had gathered to watch him perform kamishibai, a traditional form of storytelling using picture cards. With special software, he quickly fused the kids' photos with premade cartoon images, and when the show began the children's eyes lit up as they realized they were actually part of the adventure tale.

Rather than using a stack of physical picture cards, Sasaki, 29, displays the images needed for his stories on the iPad tablet's touch screen.

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Glad that a traditional storytelling can embrace new technology and continue to exist in this modern age. I hope I can see one, one day ^^


HKT48 introduced at Seibu Dome today (with AKB48 members)

HKT48, the Fukuoka-based sister group of AKB48, was revealed on Sunday at AKB48′s handshake event at Seibu Dome in Saitama. The group’s first 21 members have an average age of 13.8 years old, making them the youngest of all of the AKB48-related groups.

At the event, HKT48 performed AKB48′s “Skirt, Hirari” in front of the crowd of 15,000 fans. The group’s actual stage performance debut is planned to take place by the end of this year, at the HKT Theater that will be adjacent to Fukuoka Dome.

The official HKT48 website has been updated with information about the group. The members are:

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source: Tokyograph, HKT48 Official Website

I hope people don't go as low as to hate on little girls because they don't like ~48.