November 2nd, 2011


Aragaki Yui becomes the new CM character for ‘Mobage’

Actress Aragaki Yui has been appointed as the new CM character for the mobile social network ‘Mobage‘ and attended a PR event to introduce the CM on Tuesday.

For the CM, Aragaki, who is sporting a new short hairdo since the filming of “Ranma 1/2“, was put in a vast and empty studio, where she had to follow the instructions given by the director through a speaker. While following his instructions and playing the game, she was filmed by thirteen different cameras.

She looked back and commented, “It was a strange feeling of not knowing where you are. What surprised me a little, was the fact that the staff only told me to enter the studio and play the game (on Mobage). The studio was way too quiet and scary.” Further she added, “It was an exciting experience, because it all felt like an observation.


aiko reveals track list for “Zutto”

Singer-songwriter aiko has revealed the track list for her upcoming single, “Zutto“!

Other than “Zutto” and it’s instrumental version, the single will contain two brand new songs, titled “Mabataki” and “Nukegara“, for a total of 4 songs. The title song is described as a ballad number, and is currently used as the theme song for the drama, “Mitsu no Aji ~A Taste of Honey“. It will be available in Chaku-Uta form starting November 3rd.

“Zutto” is scheduled to hit stores on November 23rd.



01. Zutto
02. Mabataki
03. Nukegara
04. Zutto (Instrumental)


K-ON! Postage Stamp Souvenir Sheets Issued This Month

The Japanese postal service confirmed on Tuesday that it will issue two kinds of postage stamp souvenir sheets for the K-ON! franchise on November 15. Japan Post will offer 10,920 sets of each kind — one for the anime, and another for the original manga. Each 2,000-yen (about US$26) set will have 10 80-yen (US$1) stamps on a souvenir sheet, one display frame, one postcard, and one envelope.

The K-ON! film will open in Japan on December 3.


Japan’s 9-year-old princess hospitalised

Japan’s royal palacesaid Tuesday Princess Aiko, the only child of Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako, had been hospitalised because of a persistent high temperature.

The nine-year-old princess has been running a fever since the weekend, the imperial household agency said.

She “was hospitalised Tuesday for examinations and treatment… as the fever and symptoms such as a cough are continuing,” a palace spokeswoman said.

The Japanese public reacted with horror in March last year when the palace announced Aiko, a grandchild of the emperor, had stayed away from school after suffering anxiety over “the wild behaviour of a few boys”.

She later went back to classes accompanied by her mother, Crown Princess Masako, a former career diplomat who has mostly skipped her official duties through stress-induced mental illness over nearly eight years.

Aiko’s birth in 2001 after seven years of marriage between Naruhito and Masako sparked heated debate on a possible change to laws of succession in Japan, which allow only males to inherit the chrysanthemum throne.

The crisis was resolved in September 2006 when Princess Kiko, the wife of Naruhito’s younger brother, Akishino, gave birth to the imperial family’s first male heir in four decades.


Tackey & Tsubasa talk about an Asia tour, relationships, and Tohoku

On November 1st, popular unit Tackey & Tsubasa held a live concert at Yoyogi First Gymnasium as part of their nationwide tour. They drew 15,000 wildly cheering fans, which promised a great start to their first live at this venue.

Since next year will be Tackey & Tsubasa’s 10th debut anniversary, they revealed that they were planning to hold a large-scale tour which will also include concerts in Asia. Takizawa Hideaki (29) said, “I promised the fans in Taiwan that we would come back again when we held an event there before we debuted. Consequently, I would like to try an Asia tour.”

The duo also talked about their visit to Ishinomaki-city in Miyagi back in September, an area that was heavily affected by the Tohoku disaster.  Imai Tsubasa (30) commented, “I felt like the earthquake hasn’t ended at the actual places yet. I want to start next year’s tour from the Tohoku region.”

Moving on, Tackey & Tsubasa shared that they quietly celebrated Imai’s 30th birthday last month by eating alone at a Chinese restaurant. Imai revealed, “We had some shark fin soup and other dishes at the first restaurant, then I was taken to a second place by limousine. It felt like ‘Sex and the City’.” Takizawa also remarked happily, “It was one of the few opportunities for us to take time to talk. We were able to have a good conversation between men.”


Before the concert, the two held a press conference where Takizawa denied the story about how he was dating a non-celebrity woman. After firmly stating that she was one of his acquaintances, he said, “I made our fans worry. I would like to step forward towards our 10th anniversary.

While on the topic of relationships, they were also asked about marriage. Imai commented, “I have no desire for marriage to be honest, but I will announce it when the time comes.” Takizawa also said, “I can’t really imagine it. Maybe when the time’s right.”

Source: Sports Hochi + Sanspo and tokyohive

classy sempai are classy

Kis-My-Ft2 announces the release of their 2nd single


Seven-member group from Johnny & Associates, Inc., Kis-My-Ft2 who made their CD debut this past August with “Everybody Go”, announced that their 2nd single titled “We never give up!” is scheduled to be released on December 14th! Though the detailed information on the new single have not been revealed, it seems like it will come in 5 different editions.

Check out the revealed information below.


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Source: Kis-My-Ft2 official site

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I thought the next release would be an album for the tour, but glad they are able to squeeze in a December release.
Looks like it's gonna be a week after week release from JE from Nov. to Dec.

Weekly Oricon Chart: Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs

For singles article, go HERE.

In the albums chart, popular game's rearranged music used in "Never More-「Persona 4」 Rinne Tensei-" is the no.1 album this week. Korean girl group, Shoujo Jidai's latest Korean album import, "THE BOYS" ranked at second place with a cumulative sales of 28k for 2 weeks.

Posting the top 30 albums/singles and the top 10 music-DVDs. Posting the singles chart first. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2011. New release in bold.

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Happy that BOC are still doing well! Also congrats to Mana-chan and Maaya. As for albums, well, it's that kind of slow week again so, no further comment!

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01. The Opening
12.Have a Stroll


1.「スパイス」 -Video Clip-
2.「ナチュラルに恋して」 -Video Clip-
3.「レーザービーム」 -Video Clip FULL Ver.-
4.「微かなカオリ」 -Video Clip TV Ver.-
5.「微かなカオリ」 -Video Clip-
6.「不自然なガール/ナチュラルに恋して」 -TV SPOT-
8.「ねぇ」 -TV SPOT-
9.「レーザービーム/微かなカオリ」 -TV SPOT-
10.「スパイス」 -TV SPOT- 



AKB48’s Shinoda Mariko holds a handshake event for her fashion magazine

On November 2nd, AKB48’s Shinoda Mariko held a handshake event for her fashion magazine, “MARIKO magazine“, at Fukuya Bookstore Shinjuku Subnade.

Shinoda won AKB48’s recent Janken Tournament and took the center position for their upcoming single. As a result, the single was titled in her honor: “Ue Kara Mariko (Mariko From the Top)”. Shinoda expressed, “I’m happy that my name will be included in the song. But why ‘from the top’? Does it mean I’m ‘very sadistic’? I’m often seen as a sadist, but I’m actually an ‘extreme masochist’. I really like being picked on.

Shinoda, who’s an exclusive model for ‘MORE‘ fashion magazine, took on the challenge of being the editor-in-chief for ‘MARIKO magazine’. “I checked the pictures over 10 times, and fixed things. I give it 100 points!,” she said.

The magazine features photos which were shot in London, along with a long interview. It will also come with a 2012 double page calendar.


Miyavi rocks Toronto! + interview transcript

Miyavi played Toronto on Sunday night and it was fantastic! My concert write-up for blogTO is here. I'd really appreciate if you could comment on the blog. My editor needs to know that there is an audience for Japanese music so that we'll cover more in the future.

Also, thanks to everybody who contributed to the interview questions! I had about 15 minutes with Miyavi over Skype on Saturday, and it was a great conversation. His English is really good, and he was very sweet and humble. Highlights include him thinking Canada's too cold, his motivations, his fans. Oh, and he said he liked my English and that it's clean like Canada air! That made my day. Anyways, here it is. I cleaned up the "uhms" and such, but I tried to keep the syntax true to how he spoke.

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UFZS will debut soon... IN KOREA!

UFZS a unit made up of former Hello!Project Eggs members turned Up-Up Girls to originally become a KPop cover song dance team ,were informed on October 28 that they would become a recording group.
DJtaba told the girls that as KPop groups were entering Japan to perform songs in Japanese that it was time for a Japanese group to enter the Korean market performing songs in Korean.
DJtaba told the girls that they had achieved all their opening goals such as reaching the finals of the SuperStarK3 contest. As a result of their hard work the girls will work with Korean Music songwriters for their entry into the KPop scene.
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DJtaba said that the UFZS that has been known up to know as a dance unit is no more and that the members will become a new UFZS.
Song title and release date has not been announced.
UFZS are made up of the following members
Arai Manami, Mori Saki, Sengoku Minami [Leader], Saho Akari, Sekine Azusa, Satou Ayano, Furukawa Konatsu

Video: the announcement

Video: their cover dance

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