November 7th, 2011


Higashiyama Noriyuki and Kimura Yoshino celebrate the birth of their first child

Shounen-tai’s Higashiyama Noriyuki (45) and actress Kimura Yoshino (35) are celebrating the birth of their first child together. The two got married back in October of last year.

In June of 2011, Higashiyama made a remark during the stage greeting of his movie ‘Ogawa no Hotori’ in Yamagata city saying, “I want to bring my family here once we become bigger.” He shared a very soft and happy expression at the time. On top of that he also wrote in his published essay prior to his marriage writing, “I want to be an irreplaceable presence to someone and provide a place where someone can come home to,” expressing his desire to be a good husband and a good father.

Congratulations to Higashiyama and Kimura for the birth of their first child!


A.B.C-Z will get their own stage show next February and possible CD debut

Johnny’s Jr. group A.B.C-Z will get their own stage show in Tokyo next year, it was announced at the group’s concert in Tokyo on November 6, reports Chunichi Sports and TV Asahi.

The group’s two concerts in Tokyo had attracted 26,000 fans, and it has been reported Johnny’s & Associates president Johnny Kitagawa was optimistic with the group’s future activities next year, including a possible CD debut.

“I know I have to let them soar high one day,” he said.

 The title of their upcoming stage show will be “ABC座 日生公演 (ABC-Za Star Kouen)”.  Although the “日生” in the show’s title is actually pronounced  ”Nissay”, as in the name of the show’s theatre, “日生劇場 (Nissay Theatre)”, Mr Kitagawa had said that in the show’s title is a play on the kanji characters “日 (Ni)” and “生 (say)”, which combined, create the kanji character for “星 (Star)”, and hence the name, “Star Kouen or Star Performance”.  The show will have a story, as well as several show time performances.

 Producers of the show have said the group showed promising talent and knowledge, and hoped A.B.C-Z would one day perform under the brightest spotlight.

 A.B.C-Z’s Fumito Kawai had said the group were ready for the challenge.

“We can use our bodies to create a show any type of venue.  I don’t think there are many groups who can show as much variety [as us] in their performances.  I hope to show something different than what I do at concerts.  To have the Nissay Theatre to ourselves puts a lot of pressure on us, but it’ll be a good experience.  I want to surprise people,” he said.

 Kawai also commented on how he felt seeing fellow Johnny’s Jr. members in Kis-My-Ft2 and Sexy Zone making their professional debut this year.

“We do want to release CDs.  I hope we can catch up to, and surpass them,” he said.

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Fairies to release second single in December

VISION FACTORY’s idol group Fairies who made their debut with a single “More Kiss/Song for You” back in September, has announced that their 2nd single “HERO/Sweet Jewel” is scheduled to be released on December 21st.  According to the official site, if you pre-order the single via VISION FACTORY OFFICIAL SHOP or mu-mo shop, “Fairies original X’mas card” will be included as a privilege (number limited).

At this moment, no details on the single have not been revealed.

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AKB48 Member Promotes Metal Gear Solid HD

This is the surprise Kojima Productions was teasing last week at the Metal Gear Solid HD Edition official site:

The girl in the video is Haruna Kojima, a member of pop group AKB48. Kojima Productions has tapped her for the Metal Gear Solid HD Edition promotional campaign.

All the "Spring has come to Kojima Productions" nonsense from the teaser site was just a play on Haruna's name. "Haru" is Japanese for Spring.

View the official site here for pics and, eventually, additional videos.

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eff yeah. kojima endorsing kojima productions, it came full-circle.

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Information on AKB48's Sukeban Girls - Tsupparu Riyuu - Released Nov 10th


- Tsupparu Riyuu (突っ張る理由)
- Tomo yo Yoake ni Machiawaseyou (友よ夜明けに待ち合わせよう)

- Tsupparu Riyuu (PV)
- Tomo yo Yokae ni Machiawaseyou (PV)

- Following Team Z, new one-shot unit from Pachinko games.
- Single will be available through panchiko prizes 11/7.
- The songs and PVs will be available in recochoku as well as other sites for digital download 11/10.

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Pop group SMAP will be releasing a DVD of their first overseas concert on December 7th.

SMAP travelled to Beijing, China to perform their first overseas concert at the Workers Stadium. The day before the concert, they held a press conference at the Great Hall of The People, where Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu commented, “We expect them to improve the national sentiment of China.”

The DVD (titled “THANKS FOR BEIJING!!“) will feature clips of SMAP’s performances and rehearsals in Beijing. It’ll also contain the Chinese versions of “Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana” and “Yozora no Mukou“, as well as a clip of the boys singing Teresa Teng’s “The Moon Represents My Heart“.

As a bonus, a video clip of the Chinese version of “Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana” will be included in the DVD.

Source: Tokoyhive



The First Guest List for Best Hits Kayousai 2011

Here's the list of celebrities scheduled to perform at Best Hits Kayousai 2011. There is a possibility that some artists could be added. The list of special guest has also yet to be confirmed

Air Date: November 24th, 2011 - 7PM
Hosts: Eiji Wentz, Miyane Seiji, Nishiyama Maki

Ashida Mana
Maru Mori Kids
Kinki Kids
Koda Kumi
Nishino Kana
Hikawa Kiyoshi
Fukui Mai