November 8th, 2011

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Fierce CHICKENz in sweet chili sauce wrap up their world tour at Makuhari Messe

On November 6th, GACKT’s band YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz wrapped up their world tour at Makuhari Messe Event Hall in Chiba.

“My siblings, I’ve made you wait!! You guys came to start a rampage right?!” GACKT shouted, drawing wild yells from 8,500 fans. The band performed 13 songs including their latest single, “ALL MY LOVE“, which will be released on December 28th.

For this world tour, YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz traveled to 10 countries and staged 36 shows. The band expressed their sympathy for Sendai by setting up a panel outside the venues and collecting donations. GACKT vowed to continue supporting the disaster-stricken areas, saying, “No matter what happens, we will always be by your side.”


Flawless nikushokukei bros
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FNS Kayousai 2011 attendants list


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....also if anyone wants to correct go right ahead and I am guessing this set list is final or what?

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Jin enjoyed filming video + explains theme of MV

Not sure if this'll count as news... but here you go (just for you Jin lovers :P :P :P):

The wait is over. We reported earlier that Jin Akanishi will be making his U.S. debut this November, the time has come and Warner Bros. Records have sent us exclusive press releases for Jin Akanishi's music video for his U.S. debut single “Test Drive featuring Jason Derulo.”

Accompanying the powerful single will be a provocative and innovative music video directed by Frank Borin who stated, “The track has such a big and catchy sound, I wanted to make a cinematic video that is just as epic.”

The music video was filmed in Los Angeles and takes place in an underground world that is inspired by the glamorous life of auto thieves where mystery and sexiness is combined with adrenaline. It has a very high cinematic vibe to its progression and style. The idea of “Test Drive featuring Jason Derulo” is used literally and metaphorically as Jin flirts his way through his crew of beautiful and seductive female thieves. Akanishi said, “I had a great time filming the music video, it definitely fits the cool vibe of the single.”

Srrrrrry forgot source... >.<

Japan aims to squeeze more cash from Hollywood

A new company backed by the government will buy the rights to Japanese anime, toys and other creative products and tout them to Hollywood producers.

All Nippon Entertainment Works Co., which has received 6 billion yen (about $80 million) from the 90-percent government-sponsored Innovation Network Corp. of Japan (INCJ), will begin acquiring rights this month. It plans to invest 3 billion yen over the next three years to acquire the rights to 10 products and get movies made.

Hollywood has a long history of relying on Japanese creativity. Perhaps the most famous example is John Sturges’s "The Magnificent Seven" (1960), a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s "Seven Samurai" (1954), but more recent examples include remakes of the horror movie “Ring” (1998), released in the United States as “The Ring” in 2002, and the romantic comedy “Shall We Dance” (1996), which starred Richard Gere in its 2004 Hollywood remake.

The real task for All Nippon Entertainment Works, which was set up at the end of last month, will be to ensure that profits from the remakes start flowing to Japan.

In the past, the Japanese rights holders have often sold out their interests to producers overseas. When movies have become hits, they have not necessarily had a cut of the profits.

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After slaying Japan's charts, flawless48 slays Global charts~~

Selling 1,300,000 copies of “Kaze wa Fuiteiru” in their first week, it’s no surprise that the girls of AKB48 are also taking over the United World Chart this week as well. The United World Chart ranks the most popular tracks according to “global paid downloads, single-sales and airplay”.

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Source: United World Chart, Tokyohive
Aki-p's NWO48 plan is progressing smoothly

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Akimoto Sayaka shows off her muscle at “Sector 7″ release event

Korean 3D action movie “Sector 7” held a release event in Tokyo at November 7th, and Akimoto Sayaka from AKB48 attended there wearing tank top. Since the star actress Ha Ji-won wearing tank top in the movie, Akimoto and all the audience at the event wore tank top. A comedian Kojima Yoshio joined the event as well.

Ha Ji-won plays a heroine has a mannish character and has been called “Korean Angeline Jolie”, and Akimoto was invited for the event as a “Japanese Angelina Jolie”. Akimoto was grateful for this exceptional selection and said “its too much for me.“, but once the MC told her “Tank top suits you very well more than Ha Ji-won.” and it made her confessed “Maybe, I have more muscle than her.” Since Akimoto has an athletes character and it seems like her body is easy to build a muscle, ” I’m not trying to exercise a lot, because a muscle body destroys  a line of AKB’s costume.” she explained. She also confessed that she used to exercise her abdominal muscle 500 times in a day in her past and regretted it “I had a well-developed six-pack and didn’t look feminine.”

“Sector 7″ is an Korean 3D action movie is about the area of oil development  in East China Sea which Japan and Korea had started to develop natural resources since 1970.

The movie will be released from November 12th in 3D and 2D.