November 10th, 2011

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Tsumabuki Satoshi becomes Doraemon’s Nobita in Toyota CM

Toyota Motor Corporation is rolling out a new series of commercials based on the popular manga and anime “Doraemon.” The commercials will be partly live-action, and the first one, which begins airing this Friday, features actor Tsumabuki Satoshi (30) as Nobita and mixed martial artist Ogawa Naoya (43) as Gian.

The story for the commercials is set 20 years after the anime series. The first commercial, titled “Nobita, 30-sai,” starts with an animated scene where Nobita and Gian talk about their dreams for the future. It then switches to a live-action scene showing Nobita and Gian grown up, with narration provided by actor Ishizaka Koji. GReeeeN’s “Kiseki” is being used as the commercial’s music.
Toyota plans to continue the series of commercials in the future, though it has not yet been revealed who will play the other characters, such as Doraemon, Shizuka, and Suneo.

source: Tokyograph & more images found on Mantan Web
Who would have thought Nobita would grow up to be such a hottie? XD

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What Jin did on his U.S. debut day

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With his single, “Test Drive featuring Jason Derulo” released just recently, Jin Akanishi is already at the #1 spot on iTunes Dance Album Chart, the catchy EP comprised of remixes of “Test Drive featuring Jason Derulo” is also climbing the iTunes General Album Chart at a #10 spot as of 11:00AM PST. “I’m so grateful for all the overwhelming support from my fans, It’s wonderful to know that they enjoy my new music.” says Akanishi.
To kick off his U.S. debut, Jin Akanishi held a LIVE U-Stream session, garnering over 13,000 total views on his Facebook page, along with host Paul PK Kim from Mnet’s popular BPM show. Fans worldwide were able to chat with Jin in real-time, and many of them wanted Jin to visit their country for his upcoming new album concert tour in early 2012. The music video for “Test Drive featuring Jason Derulo” premiered immediately after the U-Stream on Jin Akanishi’s YouTube channel at 5:00PM PST, and already has almost 107,000 views and counting.

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Anne & Kiritani Kenta receive the ‘Whiskey Lovers Award 2011′

On November 9th, model/actress Anne and actor Kiritani Kenta received the ‘Whiskey Lovers Award‘ at a ceremony in Tokyo.

The two of them were chosen as the two ‘New Whiskey Lovers‘, representing young stars that are expected to ‘mature’ towards a great future, just like good whiskey.

Anne commented while receiving the award, “With this I’ve finally joined the group of adults. From now on I’d like to deepen my knowledge about and love for whiskey even further, and enjoy my life with whiskey.

Kiritani was delighted as well and said, “By receiving this wonderful award, it feels like I’ve finally become an adult. I’d like to show this award to myself during my early twenties, when I was out of money and spent drinking pure whiskey at a bar for two hours.

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Neko Hiroshi lands Cambodian citizenship + aims for London Olympics

It’s been announced that talento Neko Hiroshi acquired Cambodian citizenship and that he’ll be representing the country in the men’s marathon for the Southeast Asian Games.

The Southeast Asian Games will be held on November 16th at Palembang, Indonesia. If Neko places first amongst other Cambodian athletes, he will receive a ticket to the 2012 London Olympics.

Neko ran his first full marathon back in 2008 and improved his time by 20 minutes each year. In this year’s Tokyo Marathon, he completed the race in 2 hours and 37 seconds. After placing 3rd in Cambodia’s half-marathon last December, Neko had been aiming to obtain citizenship in Cambodia with the support of the country’s Olympics committee.

Through his agency, Neko commented, “I will do my best as a representative of Cambodia.


Japan Twitter Trends for October 2011!

Every month, BIGLOBE releases the top Twitter trends in Japan.  With October recently coming to an end, they’ve compiled their data and have just released their rankings for October.

With the passing of Apple CEO Steve Jobs on October 5th, it’s no surprise that his name was mentioned frequently throughout the rankings.

If you want to go back in time to compare what trended in the past, you can see September’s rankings here.

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Abe Asami to tie the knot

Talento and singer Abe Asami (26) is getting married today (November 11), reports the Sankei Sports newspaper. Her husband is said to be a 34-year-old creator who mainly deals with online contents.

According to a person familiar with the matter, the two met about 5 years ago at a friend’s birthday party. They eventually became close and began dating about 2 years ago.

It is also said that Abe is currently preparing for married life by learning how to cook from her mother and her two older sisters, which includes former Morning Musume member Abe Natsumi (30).

source via Tokyograph