November 15th, 2011

Horikita Maki kicks off filming for her morning drama

On November 14th, actress Horikita Maki kicked off filming for her NHK morning drama “Umechan Sensei” in Takahagi, Ibaraki.

“Umechan Sensei” is set in Kamata, Tokyo during the time of reconstruction after the Second World War. Horikita plays the protagonist, Shimomura ‘Umechan’ Umeko, a cheerful and bright young doctor.

They’ve created a large-scale open set that perfectly resembles the burned up area of Kamata after the war.

Horikita commented, “This world is still so overwhelming, but I’ll try to get used to the postwar Japan as soon as possible. It’s still only the beginning, but I wonder if I’m already looking like Umechan.”

However, she revealed that the realistic set brought up some other feelings as well. She said, “When I saw this scenery for the first time, all those images from March 11 (Great Tohoku earthquake) popped back into my head. It made me really sad again. However, Umechan is such a bright and clumsy character, who makes other people laugh. Being on this set now, it suddenly feels difficult to portray her cheerfulness.”

She continued, “I hope we will be able to properly convey the important things of life, as well as the bonds and relationships between various individuals.”

“Umechan Sensei” will start airing on April 2nd.


NHK is accepting design ideas for Inoue Mao’s ‘Kohaku’ costume

NHK has announced that they will be collecting designs from the public for Inoue Mao’s ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen‘ costume! It’s the first time in the history of the annual New Year’s Eve show that NHK has opened submissions for the host’s costume.

Candidates may apply by mail or through the program’s official website. The design must be an original that has never been published, submitted, or posted in the past. The winning design will be presented live on the day of the show.

The deadline is set for December 1st.


The women's clothes are always more interesting/appealing than the men's clothes.

Asami Abe married Hizumi (ex. D'espairsRay)

As previously stated, Asami Abe got married on November 11 and announced her retirement from show business to focus on her life as a housewife.

Some rumours has started to spread over Internet and according to the brief details about her husband and certain blog pictures, the possible man who married Natsumi Abe's little sister is none other than Hizumi (former vocalist of the band D'espairsRay).

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Aira Mitsuki 04

Aira Mitsuki and Saori@destiny will blow your minds this December!

D-topia Entertainment's electronica goddesses Aira Mitsuki and Saori@destiny will release a special joint album on December 7th, titled "X~PARK OF THE SAFARI." This is the very first time that these label sisters will collaborate. Check out the album's cover & tracklist below!

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Source: Aira Mitsuki's Official Website, Saori@destiny's Official Website

ahslajsled, they look so flawless in that promo omg, I can't wait for this. ;A; It's also being released so close to my birthday. Must pre-order soon.
Tom Felton
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Tamaki Hiroshi and Matsuyama Kenichi goes back in time in new taiga drama

Taira no Kiyomori, an NHK taiga out on January 8, 2012 has just started filming and a few stills have come out. Starring Matsuyama Kenichi, Tamaki Hiroshi, Fujiki Naohito, Matsuda Shota, Daito Shunsuke, Okada Masaki, and Fukada Kyoko, Taira no Kiyomori tells the life of the titular general of the late Heian period in Japan who started the first samurai-based (as opposed to civil-based) government.
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Kitty kitty

Kristen Stewart offered Kei in AKIRA... HELL TO THE NO

Has Jaume Collet-Sera's Akira found its female lead?

Twitch was the first to bring word of Gary Oldman, Helena Bonham Carter and Garrett Hedlund being offered parts in the Warner Brothers backed US adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo's classic manga and now we have learned that Kristen Stewart has been offered the part of Kei, a young medium who becomes the love interest for Kaneda - the role already offered to Hedlund.

Stewart is a choice that makes sense on most levels - she's certainly talented and has name recognition far above most in her generation - but also concerning in that none of the Twilight cast, Stewart included, have been able to find any sort of success outside of that franchise withTwilight fans not caring what any of them do elsewhere and everyone else generally staying away because of the Twilight stigma. Could this break the trend if Stewart accepts? Possibly - that it's more of a support role than a lead will help - but it's a somewhat risky move.

Source: Twitchfilm

How many "NO" do you need hollywood
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Yamapi's 2011 Asia Tour concert DVD

Following the success of Yamashita Tomohisa's 2011 Asia tour earlier this year in Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan, the self-titled 'TOMOHISA YAMASHITA ASIA TOUR 2011 SUPER GOOD SUPER BAD' will be released on DVD December 21.

(official covers not out yet)

There will be three versions available: limited, regular and blu-ray editions. It features the live performance at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium (Tokyo) on May 10, 2011 as well as a tour documentary. There will be various specials included with each version.
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Pre-order here: cd-japan, yesasia

source: lj1 lj2 j-net

eek! so excited! Hope the tour documentary will include lots of fun in the various countries!
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“Ikemen Desu Ne” to be broadcasted in the Philippines? + "We Never Give Up!" poster

Fans gone crazy after GMA Asianovelas: The Heart of Asia‘s Official Facebook page posted something about A.N.JELL.

On their Facebook page, they posted:

[Rumors] A.N.JELL on GMA?

Excited fans who have read the post commented, ” Ikemen Desu Ne? OH MY GODDDDDDDDD :”"”"”"”">”, 
‎”GMA Asianovelas: The Heart of Asia please air IKEMEN DESU NE!!! all
the characters are well-loved and i like it better than the korean
, “Ikemen desu ne ♥ Ren ♥ Shu♥”, etc.It is more likely to be the Japanese version of the hit Korean drama, “You’re Beautiful” since You’re Beautiful was already aired on ABS-CBN, one of Philippines’ TV station.

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Source:, Pics

Dream releases short PV for “Dreaming Girls”

Back in September, Dream released a “recording and photoshoot” video for their new single, “Dreaming Girls. Two months later, they’ve finally followed up with their official PV!

The pop quintet delivered gorgeous individual shots, sassy dance sequences, and close-ups of the “Samantha Thavasa ALLSTARS“ accessories. “Dreaming Girl” was selected to be the theme song for Samantha Thavasa’s new CM, and so Dream’s PV compliments the brand’s feminine, yet sophisticated image.

Check out their short PV below:



Btw, If you're interested, check this very short preview of E-girls' "Celeberation" (I don't think it's worth posting)


Visual Novel Hakuoki Coming to North America this February

Aksys chose a rather appropriate date to release Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom in North America. Their romance game will arrive on February 14 aka Valentine’s Day.

Hakuoki follows Chizuru Yukimura who travels to Kyoto in search of her father. When she arrives she meets the Shinsengumi, a group of young men who keep the streets safe. Just in time too because strange things are going on, but somehow Chizuru still has time to find the man of her dreams. That’s the game’s core, after all.

If you’re not familiar with Hakuoki or the otome genre read our interview with Aksys where Frank "Bo" deWindt II and Ben Bateman speak… passionately about their work.

Source: Siliconera

Comment: Yeah, this news is a couple of weeks old, but I wanted to post this anyways for peeps who might not have heard about the original game that spawned the anime adaptation. MOAR VNs, YES!!

Aksys has also been putting out some hysterical promotional stuff here. I'm so looking forward to this! XD I hope this release leads the way to them localizing the Hiiro no Kakera series as well.