November 22nd, 2011


Gary Oldman talks about Akira

MTV News posted an interview with Gary Oldman (Dark Knight trilogy) on Monday that included a few questions about Oldman's offer for a role in Warner Brothers' live-action film adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira manga. Oldman said in the interview that he did know know yet whether he was going to act in the film. When asked if he thought the script was interesting, Oldman said "Yeah, but, we'll see, I'm open at the moment." The Twitch entertainment news site had reported last month that Oldman had been offered the role of Colonel in the film.

On Friday, The Hollywood Reporter entertainment trade magazine listed the actors who are screen-testing for the role of Tetsuo in the film. According to the magazine, Warner wants to cast the role before Thanksgiving, but after the actors undergo screen tests on Sunday and Monday.

The Twitch website reported last Tuesday that actress Kristen Stewart (Twilight, The Runaways, Snow White and the Huntsman) has been offered the lead female role of Kei. The Hollywood Reporter trade magzine's Heat Vision blog said later that day the role was renamed Ky Reed, "a woman who is part of an underground movement to expose the government for turning orphans into living weapons."

Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy) is in talks for the other lead role of Kaneda, which The Hollywood Reporter described as Tetsuo's "older brother" in Warner's film. The Twitch website and The Hollywood Reporter previously said that Helena Bonham Carter (The King's Speech), Oldman, and Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean films) have all been approached for roles.

Just say no

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NEWS member Kato Shigeaki to publish first book in January 2012

Kato Shigeaki (24), a member of the boy band NEWS, will soon make his literary debut as an author, it has been learned. According to an announcement on the Johnny's Jimusho website, Kato will release his first published work on January 28, 2012, titled “Pink and Grey.”

The book, which is being published by Kadokawa Shoten, will retail for 1,365 yen. Details have not yet been released, but further information is expected to be announced soon.


Johnny’s Net  via tokyograph

It’s been announced that NEWS member Kato Shigeaki (24) will make his debut as a novelist, and will release a youth novel titled “Pink to Gray” (Kadokawa Shoten) on January 28th.  He also announced that his name would be changed to “Kato Shigeaki” (加藤成亮 to 加藤シゲアキ will be converted from Kanji to Katakana).

This will be the first time for any talento from Johnny & Associates, Inc. to publish a novel.  Kato also stated during an interview, “I will continue writing after this, and someday, I would like to win the Naoki Prize (Japanese literary award).“, and revealed that he is planning to pursue both careers as a talento and as a novelist simultaneously.

His debut novel “Pink to Gray” is a story about two best friends who enter into the entertainment industry, and one becomes a star, while the other is nothing more than an extra.  Kato appealed confidently, “I guarantee that it will have a shocking impact on whoever reads it.”  Although he didn’t major in literature and studied law, reportedly, he had always loved to write, and wanted to write a novel ever since he was 20 years old.

Kato also said about his name change, “To turn over a new leaf.  I put the wish to make a fresh start.”  Back in October, two of the members, Yamashita Tomohisa and Nishikido Ryo left the group.  Kato revealed how he felt when the all six members had a talk in June, “I was shocked to hear about their withdrawal.  There was a possibility for the group to disband, but I’m glad we could maintain NEWS even with the four members.  I would like to make a new start as a group as well.

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Chiaki Kuriyama releases pv for Identité de la lune


Tracklist: IDENTITE DE LA LUNE / b side: LE MOMENT

Collaboration Single release from Chiaki Kuriyama and Ringo Shiina! Written and composed by Ringo Shiina. Features two songs played by Tokyo Jihen will be released November 23.


gorgeous,love the song,love her.....she is so damn pretty
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Afterschool third single to be a double A-side

Rambling Girls/Because of You (Jacket A) (CD+DVD)
01. Rambling Girls
02. Because of You (Japanese Ver.)

01. Rambling Girls PV
02. Making Movie Ver. A (Rambling Girls PV)


Rambling Girls/Because of You (Jacket (CD+DVD)
01. Rambling Girls
02. Because of You (Japanese Ver.)

01. Because of You (Japanese Ver.) PV
02. Making Movie Ver. B (Because of You PV)


Rambling Girls/Because of You (Jacket C) (CD Only)
01. Rambling Girls
02. Because of You (Japanese Ver.)
03. Because of You (Korean Ver.)
(+ There may or may not be instrumentals)

to be released : January 18,2012


Takenouchi Yutaka attends ‘15th Japanese Film Festival’ in Australia

Actor Takenouchi Yutaka (40) recently attended the ‘15th Japanese Film Festival‘, making him the first Japanese actor to attend the event.

This festival was held in Sydney, Australia from November 17th to the 27th. As his first time attending an international film festival, Takenouchi was asked to give a speech in English in front of 800 people.

On the 19th, he attended a stage greeting for his starring movie, “Taiheiyou no Kiseki -Fox to Yobareta Otoko-“, and on the 20th, he attended a stage greeting for “Ookike no Tanoshii Ryokou: Shinkon Jigokuhen“.

The event is held once a year to screen Japanese films in Australia. After showing 30 films in Sydney, the event will then transfer to Melbourne to screen 35 movies from November 29th to December 6th.

Takenouchi was invited to this festival because of the movie, “Taiheiyou no Kiseki”, which is based on the Pacific War. It was popularly received that the tickets for the movie sold out on the day it was released.

“During the filming, the director and I talked about how we want the movie to attract the newer generation of people who don’t know about the war. So I was very happy to have the people of Australia and the young generation of Japanese living in Australia watch the movie,” he expressed.


Not enough Takenouchi Yutaka in this comm tbh
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Rock star starts a new 'circle of life' with Yoyogi Village

Special to The Japan Times

Healthy night life: A view of Yoyogi Village (top),which offers visitors organic food, goods and fashion; an art gallery;
cafe; all-night music bar and restaurants.

Squeezed between the two central Tokyo hubs of Shinjuku and Harajuku, Yoyogi is rarely a destination for tourists — more of a two-minute halt that breaks up the journey to somewhere else. But this month, ecological troubadour Takeshi Kobayashi, producer of multi-million-selling rock-band Mr. Children, opens the gates to Yoyogi Village, a multi-purpose melange of environmentally friendly stores, organic restaurants, coffee shops and event spaces he hopes will regenerate the overlooked district.

Music producer and ecological troubadour Takeshi Kobayashi

"A small circle of life can turn into a big wheel," says Kobayashi as we sit in Yoyogi Village's all-night music bar. "There is no philosophy or vision within the government at the moment, so the private sector has to lead when it comes to selling ecology and the economy."

Yoyogi Village is just the latest ambitious project by the producer who, affected by the events and effects of 9/11, has launched a string of initiatives that all seek to counterbalance modern society's obsession with materialism and ambition by highlighting the values of simplicity and nature.

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Now this is near perfection IMO. Salute to those Rocking-guys ^^


Fuji TV adds 29 artists to 2011 FNS Kayousai

Fuji TV has released its 2nd artist announcement for this year’s FNS Kayousai music show. 48 artists were already announced earlier this month, and 29 more have just been added.

The newly announced artists are:

* AI
* Aikawa Nanase
* Ashida Mana
* Akashiya Sanma
* Iwasaki Hiromi
* Ohsawa Yoshiyuki
* Kaoru to Tomoki, Tama ni Mook
* Ganbarou Nippon Ai wa Katsu Singers
* Kikkawa Koji
* Kobayashi Akira
* Sexy Zone
* Tohoshinki
* Dream Morning Musume
* Fairies
* Fuse Akira
* Ben E. King
* Matsudaira Ken
* Morning Musume
* Moritaka Chisato
* Yaida Hitomi
* Yakushimaru Hiroko

7 are appearing as guest artists:

* Takeda Shinji
* Hakase Taro
* Matsushita Nao
* Le Velvets
* Condors
* Takarazuka Revue

The 2011 FNS Kayousai will be held on December 7, from 7:00pm to 11:18pm.

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WW II Revisited: POWs, young expats struggle to reconcile Japan of then, now


"It cost three cigarettes if you wanted someone to break your arm for you. So you could have a few days off." The shaky voice of an American POW from a World War II Japanese internment camp.

The audience listened with rapt attention, hoping to know, hoping to reconcile the Japan of then with the Japan of now. These young Americans were looking for the pieces of the puzzle that linked the everyday life they enjoyed in modern Tokyo — the bars, the friendships, the opportunity to work and study — with the harshness of these camps. The starvation. The forced labor. The outright cruelty.

Nobody mentioned these things, an awkward attempt to protect the POWs who had made this emotional trip back to the place of their interment, or a desire not to know. Not to rehash. Not to dampen the enthusiasm of today.

A young American student helped by running the single microphone between the POWs. She gave it to another man who cackled into it: "I tried to break my foot under a tramcar, but I was wearing those darn army-issue steal-toe boots. I still managed to get a couple of days off." Then, respectfully, "Darn well-made those British shoes were."

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 I think the work ethic was probably similar with Romusha. Yeah, Japan at WW II was ugly back then :3 That's the part of Japan I dislike :(


Paradoxes pervade gender & sexuality issues' public face in Japan

One of a kind: Transgender politician Aya Kamikawa talks to the JT.

Transgender people are popping up everywhere in the current Japanese media landscape. Whether it's appearing on variety shows or hawking soft drinks or makeup in TV ads, the current crop of "new-half" celebrities have established themselves in the mainstream in a way that has surprised many onlookers.

One milestone on the road to this prime-time exposure was NTV's variety show "Onee-Mans" (which roughly, and unofficially, translates as "Girly Men"). The show, which featured the supposed "ultra-feminine powers" of onee tarento (girly-men TV celebs) to help straight women attract straight men, held on to a coveted evening slot for some 2½ years from October 2006.

But what does this Japanese appetite for gay and transgender stars mean culturally?

Does it point toward a growing social acceptance of sexual minorities — or is something slightly exploitative going on here? Are people tuning in for the spectacle, to have a laugh at the expense of these so-called girly men? Or could it be that both — growing acceptance and the freak-show factor — are happening at the same time?

I put that question to a third-term member of Setagaya Ward Council in central Tokyo, Aya Kamikawa, who is Japan's only transgender politician to have "come out."

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Masuwaka, at Nail Queen Awards, says she isn't getting a divorce

This year's Nail Queens (and king) from left: Ai Haruna, Tsubasa Masuwaka, Pink Lady's Mii and Kei, Kana Nishino, Yusuke Yamamoto and LiLiCo.

Model Tsubasa Masuwaka apologized for divorce rumors and emphasized that she is still happy during an appearance at the Nail Queen Awards this week.

The awards are an annual event at the Japan Nail Expo which attracted more than 50,000 people to Makuhari Messe on Sunday and Monday.

Reporters were more interested in the state of Masuwaka’s marriage to actor Naoki Umeda, 28, than in the state of her nails. Masuwaka admitted that she and Umeda were living separately but said there were no plans for a divorce. She said that he even helped prepare her nails.

Joining Masuwaka on the award podium this year were singing duo Pink Lady, “talent” Ai Haruna, actor Yusuke Yamamoto (as the Nail King), singer Kana Nishino and TV personality LiLiCo.


Maeda Atsuko Wins 2011 BEST BEAUTY OF THE YEAR Award

The VoCE BEAUTY AWARDS 2011 Annual Best Cosmetics Grand Prix Award Ceremony took place on 22 November 2011. Attending the awards ceremony was Maeda Atsuko, receiver of a special category award [2011 BEST BEAUTY OF THE YEAR].

In receiving her award, Acchan commented "I'm a bit surprised, but I do have an interest in beauty, so I am very happy." She also made a few comments regarding the upcoming Christmas season, saying "Every year, the members have a lot of fun dressing in Santa cosplay, and we hope to continue to do so this year too."

Picture of AKB48 member spending Christmas with each other last year.

This yearly awards series is sponsored by the editorial department of [VoCE] magazine. The awards cover a wide range of beauty-related categories, with many influential personalities selected to receive them.

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