December 5th, 2011

First look at Namie Amuro's Live Style 2011

Namie Amuro's Live Style 2011 will be drawing to a close at the end of this month. In anticipation of the BD/DVD release on December 21, Amuro has granted the media a look at the tour during a stop in Hiroshima. See the news clips below.

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Amuro will also be making her first appearance on a Getsu9 drama since 1997, next Monday (12/12), when she makes a guest appearance on "Watashi ga Dekinai Renai Riyuu" to perform her upcoming single, "Love Story." Don't miss it!

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Sakuma Kaho to graduate from PASSPO☆

(Kaho is on the far right in the middle row.)

Sakuma Kaho (19), a member of the idol group PASSPO☆, will soon graduate from the group, it has been announced. She will officially leave after PASSPO☆’s concert at Zepp Tokyo on December 30th.

Since this summer, Sakuma has been experiencing pain in her waist, making it difficult for her to continue performing the group’s dances. The pain has also become a problem even during her lessons. As a result, she has decided to try pursuing a different path, though no details about her future plans have been revealed.

On her blog, she commented, “I finally found a place where I can say I belong, so I’m truly sad that things have turned out like this. But I hope to work hard to use this graduation as a fresh start for a new ‘Sakuma Kaho’ in the future!”

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This was so sudden. It was announced 3 days before PASSPO's 1st major album and DVD single. :'( This is Kaho.

Cocoa Otoko to disband in March

Rock group Cocoa Otoko has announced on their official website that they will be disbanding next March.

They wrote, “It’s sudden, but we, Cocoa Otoko, will be disbanding in March 2012. Before we knew it, Cocoa Otoko became ‘a place of return’. But this was decided in order for the five of us to grow even more.”

Cocoa Otoko consists of five actors Kamakari Kenta (Vo), Hosogai Kei (B), Yonehara Kosuke (Dr), Suzuki Shogo (G), and Ide Takuya (Key). The band was first created for the variety program, “Ikemen Deru no Hosoku“, and they managed to place in 10th on the Oricon Daily Single Ranking with their debut single, “Amai Wana Nigai Uso…”

On December 14th, Cocoa Otoko will release their 5th single, “Sayonara ja Nakute / Seishun Ouka“, and they are scheduled to release their first album in January. To coincide with the album release, the group plans to hold a live tour in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.


at least they're releasing an album first. :(

Yamada Ryosuke will appear in historical drama

Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke (18) will challenge a historical drama for the first time. In TBS New Year’s drama “Shinshun Rekishi Special Shirarezaru no Bakumatsu no Shishi Yamada Akiyoshi Monogatari” (Next Year January 2nd 3.30pm) he plays a soldier of Meiji Government, who lead Battle of Goryogaku among others, in his young days. For the first time he wore the topknot wig and transformed into a brave soldier.

The shooting was done in mid-October. It was his first historical drama, so he confessed: “When I heard about this the first time, I was a bit worried like ‘Can I really do it?’”. But as he visited the holy
place for the historical drama, Uzumasa in Kyoto, he said: “When I wore the wig and the outfit, I felt like something passed through me.”

Before the shooting he studied properly about the characters and historical gestures. The producer told: “The movements in fighting scenes and how fast he learned everything surprised the instructors.”

Kiriyama Akito from Kansai Johnny’s Jr will also be in the drama.

Source: HERE and HERE

looking forward for this because I am a history-otaku...XD
Rina 3

New Tommy february6 / Tommy heavenly6 album!

For the first time, Kawase Tomoko will release a double album for both her solo projects, Tommy february6 and Tommy heavenly6.
There will be the usual editions, CD only and CD+DVD. The DVD contains full PVs for "monochrome rainbow" and "I'M YOUR DEVIL (HALLOWEEN REMIX)", besides special private footage of Tommy herself. The CD only version comes with a 10th anniversary special card.
The title and the tracklist are still unconfirmed. This release is set to February 29th.

Sources: CD Only VersionCD+DVD Version

I think it also says somewhere the album will be a double-sided single disc, one for heavenly6, one for february6 *excited*

Jem is my name

Tamagotchi Turns 15

Fifteen years is a pretty good life span for many pets. Tamagotchi is celebrating the birth of its digital critters with a limited-edition anniversary model.

In case you missed the Tamagotchi craze, they are little egg-shaped gadgets with small screens that house electronic pets. Each one starts from an egg, and has to be fed, cleaned up after, and disciplined as it goes through its virtual lifecycle.

Bandai's Tamagotchi spawned the sale of 78 million units and taught a lot of kids about the virtual joys, tribulations, and sorrows of digital parenthood.

Tamagotchi may be 105 in dog years, but it has learned a few new tricks along the way. The Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Model features a full-color screen with new characters and games.

Your digital pets can even woo and marry other digital pets, which is about as weird as dressing Shih Tzu up in little bride and groom costumes and taking pictures of them.

The anniversary edition comes in pink or purple. While Bandai's target market of 12-year-old girls may have moved on to iPhones and FarmVille, there is still a quaint retro factor to the electronic pets.

On the other hand, with a price tag of $112 with $20 shipping from Japan Trend Shop, you might consider picking up a real pet from the pound for less.


I hope I tagged this properly looolllll

coldrain first DVD preview

Post-hardcore/rock band coldrain is going to release their first live DVD 'THREE DAYS OF ADRENALINE' on December 7th. It contains the performances from The Enemy Inside Tour 2011 Finals (Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo). Additionally, The DVD comes with behind the scenes footage, extra performances and two music videos - To Be Alive and Rescue Me.

Pretty late with the trailer, but I though it would be nice to share anyways - coldrain is getting more and more popular these days. I attended the Nagoya gig so I'm looking forward to seeing this :D!

source: & gilsoundworks YT
nu uh girl ♥ koda kumi

Hollywood Reporter: Conservatives Say CG Astro Boy Has Agenda

Website: conservatives say posters of Marxist figures in film promote "left-wing fantasy"

The Hollywood Reporter entertainment trade magazine listed 11 children's films on Thursday that conservatives or liberals have asserted as having a political agenda. The list included IMAGI's computer-animated adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy manga.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that the Astro Boy film featured posters of Russian Marxists Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky on office walls at the protagonists' headquarters. The website wrote that conservatives have said that "Astro Boy and his friends in the Robot Revolution Front are promoting a left-wing fantasy of a classless society where equality of outcome is guaranteed and American notions of freedom and personal responsibility are downplayed."

Scriptwriter Timothy Harris (Trading Places, Kindergarten Cop) adapted Tezuka's manga about a young robot hero who comes to grips with his identity and saves Earth. The film opened in theaters in North America in October 2009.

Other children's films The Hollywood Reporter listed that conservatives and some liberals asserted had a political agenda include: The Iron Giant, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ice Age: The Meltdown, Happy Feet, Wall-E, Battle for Terra, Cars 2, Happy Feet Two, and The Muppets. (source)