December 10th, 2011


30 members pass first round of judging for AKB48’s upcoming anime

On December 8th, AKB48 announced the names of the 30 members who passed the first round of judging for their upcoming anime, “AKB0048“.

The storyline focuses on 9 idol cadets who aim to become legendary superstars. Out of 200 girls from AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48, 30 passed the first round for a chance to be one of 9 voice actors. These members include 17 from AKB48, 8 from SKE, 4 from NMB, and 1 from HKT. The 30 members will advance into the final public audition, which will be held on December 13th.

In the final round, the members will introduce themselves and read lines in front of 100 lucky fans. The 9 girls who deliver the best performances and possess an eagerness to voice act in the future will be announced as the winners that day.

Take a look at the members who passed the first round of judging below!

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Mother of Japan's Mao Asada dies

NAGOYA, Japan -- Kyoko Asada, the mother of two-time world champion figure skater Mao Asada, has died. She was 48.

Asada pulled out of the ISU Grand Prix Final in Quebec City to return to Japan on Friday after learning that her mother's condition had worsened.

Kyoko Asada passed away at a Nagoya hospital before Mao arrived back in Japan, Asada's agency IMG said in a statement late Friday. Kyodo news agency reported that Asada's mother had cirrhosis of the liver.

Asada was set to compete in her first ISU Grand Prix final since 2008. The 21-year-old star failed to win a single event in the worst season of her competitive career in 2010-11, but qualified for the final by finishing second at the NHK Trophy and winning the Rostelecom Cup in Moscow last month.


RIP. ;_; Her mother was young, younger than my mom (and Mao and me are about the same age). 


The return of Smorgas!

Japanese reggae-rapcore band Smorgas is back on the scene after disbanding in 2008 when one of their MCs, Kato Raimon, was arrested for possessing marijuana.  Their last major album release was in 2005.  They slowly began reforming in 2010 and are now fully back in activity.

They held their official reboot live on 10/30/2011 and a new mini-album 'FIVE IN TO THE ONE', their first new release in 6 years, was released on November 5th and on iTunes December 5th.  They will be playing Rockin' On's Countdown Japan Live on 12/31.



A crapload of other links:!/smorgasOFFICIAL
Raimon's blog:

love this band hahah...

Jay Chou featured in EXILE LIVE TOUR 2011 TOWER OF WISH

On the 9th December, Jay Chou appeared on EXILE's DOME concert as a guest star. Jay Chou performed a duet with Atsushi singing Jay Chou's <Say Goodbye> and the Japanese version <Say Goodbye~Real Valentine>. During the entire performance, Jay Chou demonstrated his piano skills with Atsushi singing in Japanese while Jay Chou singing in Mandarin, both of them have broken the language barrier, performing this duet with 2 languages. Their duet brought about huge applause from the 50,000 fans at Tokyo Dome.

Atsushi said "I knew Jay Chou 2 years ago and liked his songs. Being able to remake his song and performing a duet with him, this is a dream come true for me, I'm really very happy. I'll continue to strive to let more Chinese fans listen to my music, please look forward to it."

First time attending EXILE concert, Jay Chou expressed "This is a very electrifying concert, just now on the stage I was really nervous. Because I had to remember the chords for the new version of the song and had to think what Japanese greeting should I use at the end of the duet. I'm really happy to be able to sing this duet with Atsushi and hope Japanese fans can look forward to this song."

Atsushi also announced this song will be in his upcoming chinese solo album which is to be released on 1st Jan 2012.
The album will also contain duets with Na Ying, David Tao, Miriam Yeung and also his remake version of Wang Fei classic hit <I'm Willing>.

The last stage of <EXILE LIVE TOUR 2011 TOWER OF WISH> at Hokkaido on 25th December 2011, will be screened in Cinemas at Hong Kong, Taiwan, S.Korea and Singapore for overseas fans to enjoy.

Chinese Source
Translation: Me
I tried my best in translating the article. :X If you understand Mandarin, you can read the main article at the source :D
Anw yea, its going to be screened at Singapore~~

IchigOhchan 1

JKT48's Pocari Sweat CM

So, JKT48 is trolling teasing Indonesia's audience again with their appearance/performance in the latest Pocari Sweat CM. They are covering "Heavy Rotation" for the CM. Check it out!

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There's new profile videos on other members. You can watch them here. I'll try and see if I can post them with translations, on Monday.

FB page

So, Indonesia won't allow bikinis on TV, but mini-shorts and tank-top are ok XD

shinsengumi lien wish you a merry christmas

Yoshimoto R&C uploaded the short version of Shinsengumi Lien's christmas song 'Merry X'mas to U' (14/12 release) on their YouTube channel. They also uploaded a video comment from members Sakakibara Tetsuji and Yamaguchi Jun where they promote their song in English!

The five-member group Shinsengumi Lien was formed in 2009 through NTV's variety show 'Jinsei ga Kawaru 1pun kan no Fukaii Hanashi' and consists of members Mori Kouhei (23), Kunisada Hiroya (23), Seki Yoshiya (22), Sakakibara Tetsuji (22) and Yamaguchi Jun (21). This is the first single since their producer Shimada Shinsuke retired from the entertainment industry.

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But Mori, you should really get rid of the red hair.

AKB48’s Kojima Haruna becomes new TSUBAKI model

On December 8th, AKB48 member Kojima Haruna attended a press event for haircare brand ‘TSUBAKI‘ as their newest model. Kojima commented, “It seems like a dream for me to be in TSUBAKI commercial and I’m really glad to have been chosen for this. ”

The idol also talked about her experience shooting the CM. “I was nervous at first, but they played AKB48 songs and I felt relaxed,” she laughed.

Joining Kojima as new models for the brand were Ebihara Yuri, Mizuhara Kiko, singer Anna Kay and actress Gaile Lai, who also attended the event. Since TSUBAKI wants to expand their market beyond Japan, they decided to select actress Gaile Lai from Hong Kong, singer Anna Kay from China, and fashion model Sasha Pivovarova from Russia.

Their respective commercials will air from December 9th.

source: 1, 2
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Gackt's YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz to release new single and album

On December 28th, YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz will be releasing their second single, “ALL MY LOVE / YOU ARE THE

“ALL MY LOVE” is a ballad number that has already been performed during their European tour, while “YOU ARE THE REASON” is an uptempo rock tune. The DVD will contain the music video for “ALL MY LOVE”.

“YOU ARE THE REASON” is currently being used as the CM song for the snowboarding equipment brand, “Rouge et Noir“, GACKT’s latest collaboration project with kissmark. For the design, he used roses as its motif, with red and black as its base colors.

Additionally, YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz will be releasing their first original album (currently untitled) on February 29th. Not much is known at this time, except that it will come in a CD-only version and a CD+DVD version.

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Sources: tokyohive, natalie

cute @!

Kuu gives some lovely Christmas romance advice in KATY + scans

About L♡VE: Koda Kumi

I’m the type that stays assertive until I’ve made him fall for me

----Koda Kumi-san recently released her new single Love Me Back. Many people must have already heard the song considering it’s the opening song for the TV drama ‘Nazotoki wa dinner no ato de’. The song is about chasing the person you fancy. It’s a cool song for “assertive” women! Koda-san, are you also the “assertive” type when it comes to love?

“I’m the type that stays assertive until I’ve made him fall for me. I’ve been told “I lost to your boldness” many times (laughs). I believe that, when it comes to love, the ones with the courage to be assertive take home the gold. Especially in these times where men are becoming less assertive. Nothing will happen if you keep waiting. The season of love is next up. I want KATY readers to be assertive and start a beautiful romance!”

----Please give us your advice on “assertiveness” for spending a joyful Christmas.

“First, make sure you’ll actually be together that day (laughs). Call him, “I want you to spend December 24 together with me” and set the date. I think many girls hesitate to do so because “it’s scary to show my feelings”. Personally, I think it’s fine to show my feelings to the person I like. Men are simple; the moment they realize “she likes me”, there’s a big chance that you’ll start to be on his mind. That’s much better than being beaten to the punch by another girl while you’re hesitating (laughs). If you can’t invite him because you’re afraid you’ll be rejected, you can get your friends involved and hang out with a group. Anyhow, it’s hopeless if you can’t see him. KATY readers who are reading this and who haven’t set a date yet: go call him right now!”

----What do you wear on Christmas day?

“Wearing sexy lingerie is definitely a must (laughs). Wearing a cute airy dress but with sexy lingerie hidden underneath... I think that gap serves as a turn-on. Lingerie really showcases a woman’s “femininity”. In a way, lingerie is a woman’s “combat uniform”. I like to always have lingerie in my closet. I went to Vietnam for an event the other day and I went to buy underwear with the Koda Team (laughs). Buy bras that are 1 or 2 cup sizes too small. They’ll make your breasts look bigger.”

I’m really devoted when I’m dating someone
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Micchan, Micchan2

Ito Shohei's debut single “Dream of Life”

Warner Music Japan finally released Ito Shohei's debut single "Dream of Life"   on December 7, 2011. Watch 22 year old Fukuoka native perform all three songs in videos below:

Dream of Life (Bakuman OP)

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Dream of Life
Ito Shohei | Official blog:   | Official website:
2011.12.07 | 1,000yen
Available at CD Japan - HMV - Yesasia

Too bad he hid/deleted the video of "Music on my Mind" he shot in a teeny room.