December 28th, 2011


Cosmos troupe’s Ozora Yuuhi to leave Takarazuka Revue

On December 27th, top star of Cosmos troupe, Ozora Yuuhi held press conference regarding her departure from Takarazuka Revue.

Ozora made her stage debut in 1992, and has been the top star of Cosmos troupe since in 2009.  Ozora said that, because she was able to prove herself as “Otokoyaku, Ozora Yuuhi” with her previous stage “Classico Italiano”, she decided to leave the revue.  Ozora revealed that she told the fellow members about leaving on December 24th, and said, “They told me, ‘Could you reconsider this one more time?’

Ozora also expressed her gratitude for her fans, saying, “They have been watching over me for a long long time, and words can not express how grateful I am.

Ozora’s last stage as the top star of Cosmos troupe will be “Hanayakanarishi Hibi/Cry-Max” , which is scheduled to play April 13th ~ May 14th at Takarazuka Grand Theater in Hyogo, June 1st ~ July 1st at Tokyo Takarazuka Theater.

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Japanese group LAFU parody BIG BANG

Fuji TV will be broadcasting a special Red and White Singing Contest that would bring laughter to audience. The show is scheduled to be broadcasted on the 31st of December from 6pm to 11:45pm KST.

The preview for the show revealed the Japanese group of L.A.F.U dressed up as the members of BIG BANG and parody their Japanese track, "GARA GARA GO!!". Did L.A.F.U do a good job? Watch and judge for yourself!

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cute @!

Tiara's new pv ft. moumoon's Yuka + plus new album

【2012.1.25 release】Tiara 3rd ALBUM「Flower」

1.笑顔のキミが好きだから with YUKA from moumoon
2.ありがとう。愛してた人 feat. Spontania
5.ラブレター with SHIKATA with you
7.時をとめて feat. WISE
10.WINTER GIFT with MIHIRO 〜マイロ〜

official site,hear previews for her new album here

I like her,not enough to listen to a whole album of her but she is cute,nice,pretty voice,boring etc

AKB48′s Sashihara Rino to star in drama series “Muse no Kagami”

The latest AKB48 member to get a starring role in a drama series is Sashihara Rino (19). It was revealed today that she will play the lead in NTV’s “Muse no Kagami,” which begins in January.

In “Muse no Kagami,” Sashihara plays a seemingly ordinary girl from the countryside with no special qualities. However, she encounters a former famous actor named Okita Ryu, who discovers her ability to instantly memorize lines after hearing them once and her hidden acting prowess. As a result, he decides to set her on the path towards becoming an actress.

The drama is written and directed by Fukuda Yuichi (“33-pun no Tantei,” “Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro”). The series is scheduled to air on Saturday nights at 1:55am, starting on January 14.


Rurouni Kenshin Manga Series to Return in Japan in May

Manga creator Nobuhiro Watsuki will be resuming his Rurouni Kenshin series for a brief run starting in the June issue of Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine, which will ship on May 2, 2012. The magazine’s advertising describes the samurai manga’s return as a “reboot,” although the magazine may not be using the term with the English denotation in mind. More details will be in upcoming issues of Jump Square.

In the meantime, Watsuki is putting his current manga series, Embalming - The Another Tale of Frankenstein, on hiatus as of the March issue of Jump Squaremagazine, which will ship in February. Embalming will return in the fall. This manga has been running in Jump Square since its inaugural issue in 2007.

Keishi Ōtomo’s live-action Rurouni Kenshin film will open in Japan on August 25, 2012. The first half of the new Rurouni Kenshin: Shin Kyoto-Hen anime project just opened in two theaters last week, and the second half is slated to be completed next summer. Viz Media publishes the manga in North America.


Akanishi Jin to hold ‘LIVE from Yokohama’ live streaming event in Los Angeles

Although he’s back in Japan, Akanishi Jin has not forgotten about his fans in America. Jin will be holding an exclusive fan appreciation event to commemorate his new music and thank his dedicated fans.

If your in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and a fan of Jin’s you don’t want to miss this!

Jin will be live streaming his show at the Yokohama Arena. He will perform tracks from his new album and do a Q&A panel from The Grammy Museum. The event will be hosted by comedian and TV host,Paul “PK” Kim.

Jin’s ‘LIVE from Yokohama’ screening will take place on January 6, 2012 at the The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. Registration for the free tickets is available through Jin’s official U.S. website.


When: January 6, 2012

Where: The Grammy Museum
800 W Olympic Blvd #A245
Los Angeles, CA 90015


Weekly Oricon Chart: Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs

Popular Johnny's group, SMAP have topped the singles chart with their 46th single, "Boku no Hanbun." This is their 13th consecutive no.1 single starting from their 34th single, "freebird" (released in May 2002). SMAP are only the third group with no.1 singles in more than 20 years of career besides Southern All Stars (last single "I AM YOUR SINGER" with 31 years) and B'z (last single "Don't Wanna Lie" with 23 years). This single is also SMAP's 46th consecutive top 10 singles since debut. The title track is written by reknowned singer-songwriter, Saito Kazuyoshi, expressing men's broken heart.

In the albums chart, another popular group, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS achieved the no.1 spot with their 4th original studio album, "FUNKY MONKEY BABYS 4." This is their third consecutive no.1 album.

Meanwhile, popular hip-hop group, Ketsumeishi released four best albums simultaneously last week and all four occupied the other spots in the top 5. Artists who previously achieved four releases in the top 5 were Inoue Yousui (1974), Ozaki Yutaka (1992), and TMN (1994). This is Ketsumeishi's 10th consecutive top 10 album ranking.

Posting the top 30 albums/singles and the top 10 music-DVDs. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2012. New release in bold.

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Congrats FMB, Ketsumeishi, SMAP, Laruku, ABC and Namie! XD

Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Takaoka Sousuke, Miyazaki Aoi officially divorced

Actor Takaoka Sousuke (29) and actress Miyazaki Aoi (26) are now officially divorced. Miyazaki’s agency announced the news on Wednesday, stating that the couple registered their divorce that same day.

Takaoka and Miyazaki got married in June 2007. Earlier this year, rumors of a likely divorce began spreading after Takaoka caused controversy with some Twitter remarks regarding the amount of Korean-related programming on Fuji TV. At the time, Takaoka was in New York for a stage play, but it has been reported that the two have been living separately ever since Takaoka returned to Japan in August.

Last week, Takaoka personally confirmed a report that he had already signed the divorce papers and given them to Miyazaki, and he expected the divorce to become official before the end of the year. Miyazaki had a movie award ceremony to attend on December 28, and she chose to wait until it was over before announcing the divorce.

Source, via Tokyograph
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L'Arc~en~Ciel's HYDE to release autobiography

HYDE (of L’Arc~en~Ciel/VAMPS) has announced that he’ll be releasing his autobiography on January 29th!

The news has caused a surge of anticipation in the J-rock industry, since HYDE rarely discloses his personal information. In fact, HYDE guards his private life so closely that many of his long-time fans (including those from L’Arc~en~Ciel’s formation in 1991) don’t know his full name.

The autobiography was proposed by HYDE himself, who wanted to create a book that would unravel the mystery surrounding his identity. The rockstar has titled his book as “THE HYDE“, which it will consist of 26 chapters (192 pages total). The book will detail HYDE’s life faithfully from his point of view, revealing points about his childhood, the formation of L’Arc~en~Ciel, and of course, his full name.

“THE HYDE” will also disclose HYDE’s philosophy on women as well as life and death.

source: tokyohive

is 192 pages too short?
does anyone know hyde's "real name"?
which celebrity would you want to see write an autobiography?

Hello! Project's Mobekimasu Channel Releases Rehearsal Videos of New Members

The 12 new members consisting of Morning Musume's 9th and 10th gen members as well as new S/mileage members appears in the two videos introducing themselves and commenting on the upcoming Winter 2012 concert entitled Hello! Project 2012 WINTER Hello☆Pro Tengoku ~Rock-chan & Funky-chan~

All 12 members debuted within 2011:
  • Morning Musume 9th Generation - January 2nd, 2011
  • Morning Musume 10th Generation - September 29th, 2011
  • S/mileage New Members - August 14, 2011 (debuted as sub-members) October 16, 2011 (introduced as full member)
The dance rehearsal can also be seem in both videos.

It has been mentioned by Tsunku♂ that the Winter concert will focus a lot on the new members.

Pretty impressive quality of performance for newly debuted idols.

Source: 1 2

Who is the mystery person on poster for American movie 'In Time?'


Posters for the U.S. sci-fi movie “In Time” (to be released as “TIME” in Japan) have a mystery guest on them. On the right side is star Justin Timberlake. Normally, the left side would show co-star Amanda Seyfried. However, for the Feb 17 Japan release, Amanda has been replaced by a mystery Japanese celebrity whose face is hidden by a mosaic.

The Japanese celebrity was chosen to be the voice actress for Seyfried’s part. Distributor 20th Century Fox is conducting a campaign for fans to guess who she is on the movie’s official website. Hints are that she is a popular star in Japan, 25 years old and got selected for the role through rock, paper, scissors.

Source: japantoday

my one and only goddess

Japan Goes Gaga Over a 92-Member Girl Group

Members of AKB48 and sister groups from other cities in Japan performed this summer in Taipei. The pop stars market a wide range of products, including canned coffee and bras.

TOKYO—Pop quiz: What act sold a million copies of its last three singles the first day of release? Not Lady Gaga.

It was Japan's AKB48, a group of 92 mostly teenage girls, armed with sugar-sweet pop tunes and sometimes-suggestive lyrics ("My school uniform is getting in the way") that has saturated the country's popular and commercial culture. The group is set to play a key role in Japan's traditional New Year's Eve four-hour-plus pop-song spectacular.

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cr: wall street journal

TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE announces the release of new single & album in March

Five-member girl group, TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE will be releasing a new single and a new album in back to back weeks in March 2012.

The new single is scheduled to be released on March 7th, while they will release their 2nd original full album a week later on March 14th. Both the single and album will come with three different editions; limited edition (CD+DVD),regular edition (CD+DVD), and other regular edition (CD), and each edition will have different cover jackets.

The details on the upcoming single and album including the titles will be announced at a later date.


I haven't really liked their stuff since Kodou no Himitsu, but I'm excited to hear their new material!
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Top & Flop Asian Films of 2011

2011 was a slow year for Asian films. There were good surprises, some nice little gems, but also lots of disappointment and no true masterpiece. In any case, here are the highlights and lowlights of asian cinema in 2011 according to Wildgrounds.

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sources: list by wildgrounds
synopses/reviews via imdb, otakuinreview, twitchfilm, draggle, rottentomatoes

what about paradise kiss? idol bomb???
IchigOhchan 1

The cutest thing ever in NHK Kohaku history ^^


It was revealed that there will be a corner titled “‘Ashita wo Utaou’ Kodomo Special” for ‘The 62nd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen‘, and Ashida Mana and Suzuki Fuku will co-star with Disney characters for this stage.

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So excited for this year Kohaku 8D don't really care if I can see it live or not, as long as it's HD/HQ :D


Ogura Yuko expecting first child

The Sports Nippon newspaper reports that talento Ogura Yuko (28) is pregnant with her first child. No details have been given so far about when she is expected to give birth.

Ogura got married in October to stylist Kikuchi Isao (40), holding their wedding ceremony at the St. Catalina chapel in Oahu, Hawaii. The two had dated since the summer of 2008, and Kikuchi proposed in October 2010.

At the time of their wedding, Ogura commented to reporters that she hopes to have at least two children, preferably daughters.

嵐 → you are my shining star
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BRIGHT's new single post

BRIGHT has just revealed a PV preview for their upcoming song, “Kimi ga Iru Kara ~Kokoro no Tonari de~” (キミがいるから~ココロのとなりで~) through avex network’s official YouTube channel!

“Kimi ga Iru Kara ~Kokoro no Tonari de~” is the title track of the group’s latest single, which will be released on February 15th, and also serves as the theme song for the BeeTV drama “Kiss x kiss x Kiss chapter2“. Fans of BRIGHT who can’t wait until then can listen to the entire song on January 4th, when the full version begins distributing.

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SOURCES: Avex Youtube channel, BRIGHT Official Website, Tokyohive

I don't like their makeovers that much and this song needs more Mimi and less Nanaka. :(