January 2nd, 2012

Gods of Visual Kei To Release New Album, Single

As you know, Megaromania held their oneman last night, at which they had an important announcement... a new single and their second full album!!

First, they'll release a special Valentine's Day single called Cynthia. The single will be available only at lives and through the official web shop, and those who buy it can apply for a special hand-written postcard from the member of their choice!

Second, Megaromania will release their second full album, Artistical Glint! It will be released in two types: the A type containing a PV and the B type containing a bonus track. Other than that, the album will include album remixes of AURORA-destinies of world- and Oath-cross of eternity-, for a total of 10 songs. Those who buy from the official web shop will receive a signed cheki and personalized message DVD. Furthermore, the album will include application tickets for a PV offshot and studio recording DVD.



Arashi to be the main personality for this year’s “24-Hour Television”


On “Arashi ni Shiyagare SP” which was aired on January 1st, it was announced that Arashi will be the main personality for NTV’s “24-Hour Television” charity telethon this year.

Usually, the main personality for “24-Hour Television” is announced during spring or summer, but this year, Arashi members will start preparations for “24-Hour Television” on New Year’s Day for the support of the Tohoku earthquake disaster areas and toward their recovery.

On the show, Arashi members commented,

The reason why we are making this announcement on the New Year’s Day is that we thought there is an important thing that we need to reflect upon once again, and we should not forget, especially on today, when we greet the New Year.” – Sakurai Sho

On March 11th of last year, the great earthquake struck eastern Japan.  People in the disaster areas are working hard toward the recovery even at this moment.” – Aiba Masaki

However, cold winter is still going on, and the brutalest season will come to the disaster areas soon. That is why we are starting the ‘24-Hour Television’ today.” – Matsumoto Jun

We can not take back the past.  There is nothing we can do about the past, however, we still can make our future.  We would like to think not only about the disaster,  but also about the several problems that are happening currently in Japan, with everybody.” – Ninomiya Kazunari

This will be the third time for us, Arashi, to take part as the main personality for ‘24-Hour Television’.  We will put all the effort into it by making good use of our experiences from the past!” – Ohno Satoshi

As Ohno mentioned, Arashi was the main personality for the “24-Hour Television” two previous times, in 2004 and in 2008, and this year will be their third time as the main personality for the program.


Most of us predicted this to happen!!

Berryz Kobo Surrounded by Half Naked Men While Performing

Idol group, Berryz Kobo was made to perform without cracking a smile while being surrounded by half naked as well as oddly behaved men during Bakushou Hit Parade New Years Show.

They delivered a professional performance with Risako looking very pissed at the men and Maasa as well as Momoko trying very hard to conceal their smile..

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62nd Kouhaku Uta Gassen tops 2011 TV ratings

The overall viewership ratings for NHK’s 62nd Kouhaku Uta Gassen have been announced. In the Kanto region, the first half of the program averaged 35.2%, and the second half averaged 41.6%. In the Kansai region, the ratings were 34.1% and 41.9%, respectively.

By region, Kouhaku had the highest ratings in Niigata (44.2% and 48.9%) and Fukushima (45.7% and 47.5%).

  • Kanto – 35.2% – 41.6%
  • Kansai – 34.1% – 41.9%
  • Nagoya – 41.5% – 46.6%
  • Hokubu-Kyushu – 34.7% – 41.1%
  • Sapporo – 37.3% – 41.9%
  • Sendai – 39.4% – 47.0%
  • Hiroshima – 36.3% – 39.0%
  • Shizuoka – 42.9% – 45.6%
  • Fukushima – 45.7% – 47.5%
  • Niigata – 44.2% – 48.9%
  • Okayama/Kagawa – 32.1% – 38.6%

The 41.6% rating in the Kanto region surpassed the final episode of the hit drama series “Kaseifu no Mita,” which set the ratings record for 2011 at 40.0% on December 21. This makes Kouhaku the highest rated show for the year.

In recent years, the highest rated show of the year has generally been either Kouhaku or a World Cup soccer match. Kouhaku used to dominate the ratings in the past, but it has gradually declined from 81.4% in 1963 to below 60% in 1986 to around 40% since 2004. The second half of Kouhaku has failed to reach 40% only three times, in 2004, 2006, and 2007.

The 62nd Kouhaku Uta Gassen aired from 7:15pm-8:55pm (first half) and 9:00pm-11:45pm (second half) on December 31. For the 6th year in a row, Kouhaku competed with NTV’s “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!” special, which got ratings of 18.7% and 16.6% for its two halves. Fuji TV’s “Bakusho Sokkuri Monomane Kouhaku Uta Gassen Special” got ratings of 10.5%, 5.7%, and 4.6% for its three portions.

This Kouhaku Uta Gassen finally saw the Red Team win after 6 consecutive losses. A total of 1,040,638 votes were tallied, including the intermediate votes counted halfway through the event. In the final judging, the Red Team received 343,045 votes, while the White Team received 323,767 votes.

Judges voted either by mobile phone, 1seg, digital TV sets, or as part of the actual audience at the event. Although the White Team received more of mobile phone, 1seg, and audience votes, the digital TV viewers favored the Red Team by almost 40,000 votes.

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Hey! Say! JUMP to hold their 1st Asia tour

On January 2nd, it was announced that idol group, Hey! Say! JUMP will be holding their first Asia tour in March to June.  The members were informed about the tour on the same day by Johnny Kitagawa, the president of Johnny & Associates, right before they began their live concert at the Yokohama Arena.

Member, Yabu Kota commented, “I’m happy that we will finally be able to see fans overseas“, while Chinen Yuri said, “We will show off our performances!”  Yamada Ryosuke also added, “To hold a tour overseas was our major goal, so I’m happy!  This will be a new start as JUMP.

According to Johnny & Associates, Inc., there will be 3 stages in Hong Kong on March 24th and 25th, 4 stages in Taipei, Taiwan on April 28th and 29th, 2 stages in Bangkok, Thailand on May 26th and 27th, and 4 stages in Seoul, Korea on June 23rd and 24th.  This will be their first oversea concerts ever since they made their CD debut back in November 2007.  The Asia tour will also include the live concerts in Japan which will be held at Yokohama Arena for a week continuously (total 14 stages) on May 1st ~ 7th.

During the concert, Hey! Say! JUMP performed total 26 songs including their new song “SUPER DELICATE” which is scheduled to be released in February.

Source: Sanspo (1 + 2) via tokyohive

Berryz Kobo's Tsugunaga Momoko Chase After Tom Cruise

Member of idol group Berryz Kobo, Tsugunaga Momoko or also known as Momochi was sent to go after Tom Cruise during the Japan Premier of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

She was sent by the TV show FujiTV Age Age Present TV to get an autograph of Tom Cruise as well as the fellow cast member.

Starts at 1:49

Momochi have been gaining a lot of reputation on variety shows after her appearance in Heyx3 and Mechaike in 2011.

Yurushite Nyan~


AKB48 reveals the title of their 25th single

As reported earlier, AKB48 will be releasing their first single for 2012 on February 15th. The KING RECORDS OFFICIAL SITE revealed the official title of their 25th single, it will be titled “GIVE ME FIVE!“!

There will be 4 different versions for the single; <Regular Edition Type A (limited quantity)>, <Regular Edition Type A>, <Regular Edition Type B (limited quantity)>, and <Regular Edition Type B>, and all versions will have both CD and DVD.  Each version will have a total of 6 tracks (3 new songs including the title track + instrumental version of each song), and the DVD will contain the music clip of all 3 tracks.

No other details on the upcoming single have been revealed yet but once new information pops up, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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Niigaki Risa to graduate from Hello!Project!

Announced just now at the Hello! Project 2012 Winter concert, Gaki will be graduating from H!P at the end of Morning Musume's Spring concert tour! :O

"ガキさん卒業" is a TT in Japan:

Source: "ガキさん卒業" @ Twitter + other tweets (the concert just began so actual articles will probably come out in a few hours)

Update: Hello!Project's official website posted the graduation news.