January 6th, 2012


6,757 aftershocks felt in Japan from March 11 until Dec 31

The Meteorological Agency said Thursday that 6,757 aftershocks were felt in Japan after the March 11 disaster through Dec 31.

Of those, there were
14 with a magnitude over 5,
30 with a magnitude of 5,
174 with a magnitude of 4,
707 (magnitude 3),
1,904 (magnitude 2)
and 3,928 (magnitude 1), the agency said on its website.

For the whole year, the agency said there were 9,723 earthquakes and aftershocks, seven times the number in 2010.

An agency official said that although the number of aftershocks has been decreasing, it will be many years before seismic activity returns to pre-March 11 levels.

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FLOW to release new single and album in February

Rock band FLOW has announced they will be releasing a new single and album this February.

The single (‘Rock Climbers‘) and album (‘BLACK & WHITE‘) will both be released on February 22nd. “Rock Climbers” is the new ending theme song to TBS program, ‘Nounai Word Q Hikidasu‘. Meanwhile, ‘BLACK & WHITE’ will be FLOWS’ first original album since 2009.

To commemorate the album, they will embark on a two-month tour starting from February 25th to March 28th.

2.25 – Yokohama BLITZ
2.28 – Hamamatsu Madowaku
3.01 – Kobe VARIT
3.03 – Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO
3.04 – Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS
3.06 – Kagoshima SR HALL
3.08 – Matsuyama Salon Kitty
3.09 – Tokushima CLUB GRIND HOUSE
3.18 – Namba Hatch
3.20 – Toyama MAIRO
3.25 – Sapporo PENNY LANE
3.28 – Sendai CLUB JUNK BOX

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Oricon Reveals "Actors and Actress that people have high hopes for in 2012"

Oricon has published the list of actors and actresses who will blow-up in 2012. This was last year's ranking.


1. Kutsuna Shiori & Matsuzaka Tori
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source: 1 & 2
Congrats to everyone in this list! Looking forward to see what will happen to them in 2012~
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Japan, China to support fund project for disaster orphans initiated by Johnny & Associates

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Japan and China plan to support an initiative to launch a fund aimed at facilitating exchanges between children of the two countries who lost one or both parents due to the natural disasters last year and in 2008, sources familiar with the matter said Thursday.

The fund, expected to be worth 2 billion to 3 billion yen, will be used to deepen ties of children who lost parents in the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan's northeastern region of Tohoku, and the 2008 massive quake in China's Sichuan Province, the sources said.

The two governments plan to support the initiative to be taken up by Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates Inc. in timing with the 40th anniversary of the normalization of bilateral diplomatic relations this year, according to the sources. The talent agency produces pop groups including SMAP and Arashi.

Government officials and people who are involved in planning the project are hoping to collect donations to launch the fund, through which the children's expenses to mutually visit the disaster-hit areas in Japan and the Chinese province will be financed, they said.

About 2,000 children lost one or both parents in the March disaster as did an estimated 10,000 children in the Chinese quake, according to Ashinaga, a Tokyo-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support to orphans.

In recent years, Johnny & Associates has been playing a significant role in strengthening relations of the two countries. Late last year, it said it will cover part of the cost for China's lease of giant pandas to a zoo in the city of Sendai, which was affected by the March disaster, to cheer up children there.

(Mainichi Japan) January 6, 2012

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RIAJ the more relevant  version of the Oricon just revealed its top 100 digital tracks of the year

1. Maru Maru Mori  Mori ~ Suzuki Fuku and Ashida Mana
2.Suki da yo. ~100-kai no Koukai~ ~ Sonar Pocket
3. Flying Get~ AKB48
4. Everyday ~ AKB48
5.100万回の「I love you」 ~ Rake
6. Mister ~ Kara
7.Gee ~ SJJD
8.Mata Ashita ~ JUJU
10.Mr.Taxi ~ SJJD
11.Go Go Summer ~ KARA
12.Toilet no Kamisama ~ Kana Uemura
13. Arigatou ~ Ikimonogakari
14.Kazoku ni Narō yo ~ Masaharu Fukuyama
15.Distance ~ Kana Nishono
16.Nanika Hitotsu ~ Jamosa ft JAY'ED & Wakadanna
17. I wish for you ~ EXILE
18. Ezperenza ~ Kana Nishino
19. Poi Poi Poi Poi ~ Ayaman Japan
20.Ima no Kimi o Wasurenai ~ Naoto Inti Raymi
21.Sakura no Ki ni Narou ~ AKB48
22. Jumping ~ KARA
23. Jet Coaster Love ~ KARA
24.365 Nichi no Love Story ~ Sonar Pocket
25.Kono Yoru wo Tomete yo ~ JUJU
26.Born This Way ~ Lady Gaga
27.What The Hell ~ Avril Lavinge 
29.Baby I Love You ~ Tee
30.Kazoe Uta ~ Mr.Children

view the rest 30--->100 at my source

the list is very long of course and yall probably know your faves name in Japanese....
if I made mistakes plz correct me


Jin Akanishi to release a new album both in Japan and in the U.S. PLUS a US TOUR!!

It’s been announced that Jin Akanishi’s first album, ‘JAPONICANA‘, will be released simultaneously in Japan and in the States.

Due to time zone differences, the album will be available starting March 6th in the States, and on March 7th in Japan. It will also begin distributing in other countries through the iTunes Store. Though there will only be one edition for the U.S release, the Japanese edition will come in two versions: a CD+DVD limited edition and a regular edition, which will include a CD and a photo booklet. Of course, fans in Japan will also be able to purchase the imported version (U.S release version) as well.

Akanishi has also announced that he will be holding another North American tour starting on March 9th. He will be hitting up five cities in March, starting in Los Angeles and ending at San Francisco.

The tour schedule is as follows:

Friday, March 9th: Los Angeles, CA (Club Nokia)
Saturday, March 10th: Vancouver, Canada (Centre For Performing Arts)
Monday, March 12th: Honolulu, HI (Hawaii Theater)
Thursday, March 15th: New York, NY (Best Buy Theater)
Saturday, March 17th: San Francisco, CA (Warfield)

As reported earlier, Akanishi’s second digital single, ‘Sun Burns Down‘, is also scheduled to be released on January 24th in the U.S.

Limited Edition
[CD+DVD] 2012/03/07 3500円 Warner Music Japan WPZR-30435/6
Normal Edition
[CD+Photobook] 2012/03/07 3000円 Warner Music Japan WPCR-14451

Source: 1 - 2
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Johnnys' hatsumode (shrine) tradition

'Closer than a live! Lucky fans see Johnnys members up close'

About 200 fans were waiting for them. As usual Johnnys went to their late-night hatsumode (first shrine visit of the year)
Around 2:30 am, the first group arrived. They entered through a different entrance than the normal visitors, coming in a minivan after the countdown concert ended.
Tokio was first and V6 and NEWS members followed. Imai Tsubasa came escorting the vice president Mary Kitagawa. 'The past few years it was Kamenashi that escorted Mary. But today they came in different cars, what happened?' (Girl A)
The fans that come every year even notices these details. Matsuoka and Masuda both waved at the fans while Nagase gave a small smile as they came in. To the fans, the New Year's 'first Johnnys'(sighting?) are very important.

At 3:30, they finished the ceremony and left. But the fans still didn't leave.
'Last year we went home around this time, but this year we are waiting for Arashi to come' (Girl B)
Around 3:50, Arashi came. There was much commotion from the fans. At 4:40, Arashi left.
'Sakurai was all bundled up with a mask while Jun had a grey jacket that looked very kakkoi. Nino and Ohno and Aiba were chatting, seeing these made me very satisfied!' (Lady B)

But don't leave yet, because..... around 5:30 Yamashita Tomohisa and Akanishi Jin came together. The ones who waited out in the cold were rewarded with seeing them. Very enviable!

(5) Kamenashi came alone (rest of kt didn't come)
(6) Matsuoka
(7) Imai Tsubasa while escorting Mary

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Yamapi's new single preview

I don't know if you guys already heard/read about this but I haven't seen it on Arama yet so here it is, a very short preview of
his new song called "Ai, Texas" which will also be the theme song of his drama Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata~Ending Planner~‘.

You can find more details in the article, check the source.

I personally think this song sucks but this is only a very short part of it so my opinion might change if I hear the whole thing...


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