January 24th, 2012

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Kumi Kehovah mega amazing post aka lots of pvs ( 17 to be exact)

the first few pvs are the ones I never posted and after that in order of release ^___^
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Lay Down
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Favorite Japonesque era pv arama?

Jin Akanishi reveals making-of video for “Sun Burns Down” PV

The hype is definitely building up for Jin Akanishi’s new single, “Sun Burns Down“! The singer has just revealed his making-of video from his PV set, promising an exciting storyline that’s reminiscent of “‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘Entrapment’.”

Jin is after these jewels in this abandoned warehouse,” explains director Luga Podesta. “While he’s breaking in, he realizes that there’s another thief [in] there with him, a female thief who’s working independently.

Jin continues, “We have a competition [on] who could steal the treasure first.”

Check out the sneak peek below!

Source: Tokyohive

Possible Tohoshinki reunion through Avex?

Recent news on the possibility of Korean group TVXQ’s reunion is sending shockwaves throughout the industry.

On January 22nd, a Japanese article titled, “Will Avex act as the savior? TVXQ’s reunion project” surfaced. It reported of rumors of a reunion concert at Tokyo Dome orchestrated by Avex, who was previously accused of hindering JYJ’s Japanese activities. In light of Avex’s recent under-performing releases, it is said that they are willing to go head with this project and stop hindering JYJ’s Japanese activities. Japanese superstar Ayumi Hamasaki is rumored to be negotiating on behalf of both sides.

While the news of a possible reunion is being met with enthusiasm by fans all over the world, many are skeptical of the chances of such a reunion actually occurring. The fact that this reunion is being orchestrated by Avex instead of SM Entertainment is also a cause of skepticism.

The article goes on to state, “While the reunion of TVXQ is something that many fans are waiting, the small possibility of this actually happening is an indicator of Avex’s desperation,” hinting that Avex’s recent lack of success may be reason for pursuing such a unlikely project.

TVXQ fans responded to the news with, “While it would be great if reunion happens, it seems unlikely“, “They say Avex will lead the project but I can’t trust them“, and “I hope they stop writing these pointless reunion articles“.

As no official statements have been released from any parties, it’s important to wait for these rumors and speculations to be confirmed. Stay tuned to allkpop as we await developments on this matter.

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate & tokyohive

Hamasaki Ayumi returns to Japan after announcing her divorce

Singer Hamasaki Ayumi (33) has returned to Japan via Haneda International Airport from Dubai, where she had a music video shoot. It was the first time she made a public appearance after announcing her decision to file a divorce from husband Manuel Schwarz (31).

Hamasaki was surrounded by agency staff while wearing sunglasses and a white mask to hide her identity. As expected, a lot of press came to ask her questions, but she refused to respond to any inquiry and made her departure with a little bow to the reporters.

Prior to her arrival in Japan on the night of the 23rd, Hamasaki left a meaningful message on her Twitter about her divorce. She wrote in English,  “Never regret anything coz at one time it was exactly what u wanted……;))”, thereby expressing that she had no regrets about this short-lived marriage.

Source & Image: Sponichi Annex

and tokyohive

Shigeaki Kato’s Pink and Gray website

“I just love <people>.  My decision to write a book stemmed from my curiosity of wanting to learn about people, and learn more about myself through people.  I am extremely happy that my work has taken shape in this way.  Another thing, as the newborn NEWS, we will have a new beginning.   Changing my name was my way of starting fresh again, and at the same time I hope it’ll be a plus for NEWS.  I have confronted this project with everything I have and I hope that as many people as possible will read this book.” (translation)

I’m slow again, but it wasn’t until this morning that I noticed that Shige had changed the Japanese spelling of his name.  His name ‘Shigeaki’ has been changed from the kanji ‘成亮’ to the katakana ‘シゲアキ’.

Shige’s message to fans, dated January 20, is as below:



“Having written a book, it has given me the chance to go to interviews that only a writer would experience.

“I get nervous during interviews, like a jolt of electricity runs down my back, just by reading the names of all the writers in the contents of literature magazines.  I’ve enjoyed it a lot, like when one word that pops out of my mouth leads to a surprising story, and I’ve been able to hear stories about other writers.  My brain’s been working as hard as it can, and it’s required a lot of concentration so I make sure I get a good sleep to charge up my batteries when I get home.  But each and every interview is really fun.

“Another thing is that when I get my photo taken, the cameraman doesn’t ask me to smile.  It’s like they want to capture my natural self, it’s a new experience.  I think it’ll show people a side of me that isn’t so ‘boys band Shigeaki Kato’.

“The novel is something different too.  I wrote it with the intention of excluding things inside me that shout ‘boy band’, so I think the book shows a different side of me people usually don’t see.” (translation)

Source: momoedgewood


Jin gets another #1 single in ITunes dance chart +(officially denied AND YET PROVED)Jin/Meisa rumour

 Jin Akanishi's latest single "Sun Burns Downdebuted at #1 on the ITunes dance chart.
The new song was also produced by the Grammy Award-nominated trio Stereotypes (who have produced hit songs for acts such as Far East Movement and Ne-Yo).

His YouTube page is also holding a video contest now to win VIP tickets for his upcoming US Tour Japonicana.
It can be singing, dancing, a comedy skit, animation, or any unique and exceptional interpretation of "Sun Burns Down".

  • Round-trip flights and 2-Night Hotel stay for two to the New York or Los Angeles Japonicana concert.
  • 2 VIP concert tickets.
  • and a Meet & Greet with Jin backstage.
The Tour includes the following cities: LA, Vancouver, Honolulu, San Francisco and New York. Check Jin’s Official Website for more information~ 

Sources: 1 , 2

In other news, there are JIN/MEISA RUMOURS ON TV
They were supposed to be on a date in Tokyo Disneyland. ~ (thanks smokespyder and yokumiz)
It has been reported the two had known each other for the past few years, but had grown close since autumn last year after having dinner together with friends, and had finally started dating after New Year’s.

Hiroshima News has reported a rise in the number of tweets from fans seeing the two on a date at Tokyo Disneysea or out shopping together.

Sponichi Annex reports the two had been spotted at a large shopping mall in Tokyo’s bay area on January 21, and at Tokyo Disneysea on January 22.
Source: 1
~The Jimusho has officially cockblocked Jin denied the rumour, claiming Meisa's company was using the rumour to promote her upcoming movie.

... AND YET: (thanks baizz ) Try to deny this, jimusho

domoto tsuyoshi joker

Movie theaters set to screen KinKi Kids’ Domoto Tsuyoshi’s solo live

Johnny’s Entertainment will release KinKi Kids Domoto Tsuyoshi’s solo live concert “Heianyuki“, which held last September at the Heian Shrine in Kyoto, as a Movie. The live concert was directed by movie director, Tsutsumi Yukihiko, who created a roughly 70 minute long film from the concert footage.
It’s been about 14 years since Domoto last to teamed up with Tsutsumi in the movie “Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Shanghai Mermaid” (released in 1997). Domoto offered to have Tsutsumi film the live concert, and  at first it was not planned to be released. However, after the live, they decided to release it as a movie.
Domoto Tsuyoshi Heian Jingu Koen 2011 Gentei Tokubetsu Jouei ‘Heianyuki’” will be released for a limited time from February 24th to March 11th at over 60 movie theaters all over Japan, including TOHO Cinemas.

Sources: TokyoHive , TV Asahi News , Tumblr (Image)

^^ Watching Tsuyoshi Live Concert on Cinema is also nice ne and being directed by Tsutsumi Yukihiko-san I wonder will Hajime-chan makes appearance LOL, I really want to watch it~


V6's DVD is #1

Popular group V6's new live DVD, "V6 live tour 2011 Sexy. Honey.Bunny!", came in at #1 on Oricon's DVD ranking this week with a total of 52,000 copies sold. It is also their 8th consecutive DVD to achieve a #1 starting with the "10th Anniversary CONCERT TOUR 2005 musicmind" DVD released six years prior.

The three editions of the DVD come with various bonus features including the group's roadtrip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and special footage from the group's launch party. Due to fans leaking screenshots of the bonus footage early through Twitter, V6 has become a hot topic among female netizens.

source 2

i really should have bought the sexy version instead of regular edition. i wanna see the strip janken and kissing :(
but yay for #1, yay for it outselling the READY? DVD. get it!


SPEED's Takako Uehara poses semi-nude for GQ Japan

SPEED’s Uehara Takako is featured semi-nude in the March issue of popular men’s magazine, “GQ JAPAN“.

Uehara was featured in the monthly special feature, titled “The Determination of a 29-year-old“. For this 8-page spread, Uehara challenged herself to semi-nude shots. She stated, “I want to destroy the public’s image of me.”

The photo shoot was held in the middle of winter. Despite the cold, Uehara willingly jumped on a convertible, and exposed her silky, soft skin and beautiful body.

The article also features an exclusive interview that is said to bring out a new side of Uehara Takako, who opened her heart to share her current feelings.

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Sources: TokyoHive, takako_daily

... Destroy her public image?! I understand her point, but she's had racy photobooks before, and she still kept that  'good girl' image. She needs to do something else to change it.

Too bad this is already sold out where I usually buy stuff, tho D': Really wanted to see the rest.

Information on FLOWER's second single "SAKURA Regret"

The covers and tracklist for FLOWER's second single, titled "SAKURAリグレット" (SAKURA Regret) have been revealed.

"SAKURAリグレット" is due to be released on the 29th February.

The single will come in two versions: CD+DVD and CD ONLY. The CD+DVD version also includes a photobook.

The tracklist for the single is as follows:

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they used the exact same format for the covers as their first single except with a different flower =/. oh well they still look gorgeous
Akira Pi, Kon Kon

Sakurai Sho, Oshima Yuko to co-star in television drama “Blackboard”

Arashi’s Sakurai Sho (30) and AKB48’sOshima Yuko (23) will appear together in a television drama for the first time. In April,TBS plans to air a 3-episode miniseries, and Sakurai and Oshima have been cast in the first episode.

The miniseries, titled “Blackboard ~ Jidai to Tatakatta Kyoushitachi~,” revolves around teachers in different time periods having to deal with the problems of that era. For example, the first episode stars Sakurai as Shirahama, a junior high school teacher who taught his students about “dying for your country” during wartime. After later losing his right arm in the war, he returns to teaching but is burdened and conflicted by what he taught his students in the past.

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Sources: Tokyograph | Sports Hochi | Sponichi Annex | Sankei Sports | Sanspo

Looking forward to this. XD But Sakurai with short hair?? D:
Looking forward to the acting between Oshima and Sakurai. 

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sho-chan!!! おめでと♪(*⌒ー⌒)o∠★:゜*PAN  
What a great announcement the day before your birthday (it was announced Jan 24, 2012).