February 3rd, 2012


Idols, Chocolates and Valentine's Day

It's almost Valentine's Day again. If you were to receive chocolates from your oshimen, ever wondered how it will look like? A collaboration between NMB48 X Pocky, you can now see the deco-pocky designed by members of NMB48.

There will also be limited edition wallpaper set to be revealed on 08 February 2012, be sure to check out the site then! And you can also check out the photos of members making the chocolate at the site itself, http://pocky.jp/event/nmb48/index.html

*In case you don't know, giri chocolates are those you give to people who are just friends, colleagues and have no deeper meaning. Honmei chocolates are those you give to those you like, usually to a boyfriend level, or girlfriend.

NMB48 will also be holding a Valentine's Day Special Handshake Event on the 18 February 2012 at ZEPP OSAKA. On that day, fans will be able to receive a "Pocky Valentine Original Package" from the members.  Each member only have 90 of these packages so the fans will be assigned a random member and they won't get to choose beforehand. But this makes it all the more exciting...right?

Here are the designs for the pocky:
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Shirota Yuu releasing debut album + collabing with a nobody

Shirota Yuu aka U will be releasing his first album since singing with avex trax and starting his singing career on March 7. The album called UNO will include his previous tracks such as Heart of Glass and his newest single called Worth Fighting For which features HOWIE D (member of a 90s boy band)

Like I said,he is releasing a single before dropping February 22.

1.. Worth Fighting For feat.HOWIE D
  ※BeeTV「LOVE 旅 ~城田 優 in バルセロナ~」主題歌
2. Campeones
3. It was you
4. Worth Fighting For feat.HOWIE D (Inst)
5.Campeones (Inst)

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Excepting some major wig snatching with this album!! 

my one and only goddess

Actress Sayaka Yoshino announces her marriage

Actress Sayaka Yoshino (29) has announced that she’s married.

On February 2nd, Yoshino shared the news through her official blog. “I registered my marriage on September 19, 2010, but before I could report it, the Tohoku Earthquake struck.

She continued, “Both the victims and people throughout Japan had to undergo trials. That summer, I lost my two dogs who were like family to me, and I couldn’t report my celebration. I was thinking about telling all of you at a good time, but the media reported the news at the same time as my announcement.

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D☆DATE releases a preview of their short movie, ‘JOKER’

On February 3rd, D☆DATE revealed a 7-minute preview of their short film, ‘JOKER‘.

The movie tells a story about a group of thieves (D☆DATE), whose policies are ‘no killing’, ’steal from villains’, and ’succeed no matter what’. However, after stealing a certain treasure, their fellow member ‘Yoko’ (Omasa Aya) gets shot to death. The members start suspecting one another, and they try to root out the betrayer (JOKER) amongst the group.

This short movie can be found in the Limited B Edition of D☆DATE’s upcoming single, “JOKER“, which will be released on February 22nd.

Without further ado, check out the short movie below!

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source: Tokyohive