February 8th, 2012

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GKB47 suicide prevention slogan inspired by AKB48 criticized


The ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) has come under fire for using a catchphrase in an anti-suicide campaign that evokes images of popular all-girl group AKB48.

During discussions in the Diet on Monday, a DPJ member called the anti-suicide slogan “deeply inappropriate,” TBS reported.

The catchphrase, which was unveiled last month, has already been criticized by mental health professionals, as well as members of both the DPJ and opposition parties for the way in which it apparently handles the issue of suicide, while simultaneously leveraging the popularity of AKB48.

In Japanese, the slogan reads “Anata mo GKB47 sengen!” (“Declare yourself part of GKB47!”). The acronym GK is short for “gatekeeper,” which in Japan is used to refer to a person who recognizes symptoms of depression in someone else and recommends that they seek treatment, while the B stands for “basic,” which is reportedly an attempt to imply that suicide prevention is everybody’s duty and requires no specialist training.

The 47 refers to the country’s 47 prefectures.

DPJ member Daigo Matsuura brought a poster of the slogan into the Diet and criticized it for trivializing such a serious issue with its “utterly improper” use of the AKB48 brand, TBS reported.

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda also expressed misgivings, during a question-and-answer session. “To speak plainly, I too felt uncomfortable. I think I’d like to see further research conducted on the matter,” he said, according to TBS.

Deputy Prime Katsuya Okada admitted that the DPJ should have asked more party members how they felt about it. He told reporters Tuesday night that he will order the slogan withdrawn.

In 2011, the number of people who committed suicide in Japan was 30,513, surpassing 30,000 for the 14th straight year, according to the health ministry.

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misono is making her fierce comeback

Misono is releasing a collaboration single with ME (herself) and MONO COMME CA, a popular brand of household products. Features a little pig character for Valentine's Day, Maialino of MONO COMME CA designed by Shinichi Hara, who produces cover design of Ayumi Hamasaki's CDs. Comes with a bonus DVD with animation featuring Maialino

The Covers and listen to previews here

                DVD                                                                                      CD


anyone else excited for the return of the Queen of Rock-Pop-Alternative-Music
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Mother of AKB48 member Minami Takahashi arrested for obscene acts with 15-year-old boy

TOKYO (TR) – The Tokyo Metropolitan Police confirmed on Tuesday the arrest of the 44-year-old mother of Minami Takahashi, a member of the popular singing group AKB48, for performing obscene acts with a junior-high school boy, reports Jiji Press (Feb. 7).

“I was compelled to do several terrible things,” the mother was quoted by police in admitting to the allegations.

She was fined 500,000 yen for violating an ordinance regarding the healthy development of youths.

According to the suspect, encounters took place in November of last year with her son’s 15-year-old classmate at a residence in Hachioji City.

Takahashi, 20, is the leader of Team A of the all-girl singing troupe. Singles by the band last year claimed the top five positions for CD sales as compiled by entertainment ranking company Oricon.

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speechless...Takamina's feeling..


Where Nakai cock blocks LMFAO and Quest



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IDK WHAT I DID TO DESERVE THIS COLLAB BUT PRAISE SHISUS. But lol srsly, Nakai was born under a bridge, there's no other explanation for it. It was amazing and now Redfoo/Tsuyopon/Kim is an Ot3 of mine.

Weekly Oricon Chart: Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs

Popular singer-songwriter, ayaka has returned from a 2-year hiatus with her 3rd studio album, "The beginning," which has reached no.1 in the albums chart. The last time she reached the top spot in a single or album chart was in September 2009 with her best album, "ayaka's History 2006-2009." This album is self-produced by her own indie label, A stAtion. So far, all 3 of her original studio albums have achieved the no.1 spot since "First Message" in November 2006.

Meanwhile, Korean band, CNBLUE achieved their first no.1 single with their second major debut single, "Where you are." It has been 41 years since the last time a foreign band reached the no.1 spot in the singles chart, since Canadian band, Mashmakhan achieved it in January 1971 with "As the Years Go By" (the single was originally released in October 1970). For Korean male artists, they are only the 4th artist to have reached no.1 besides Tohoshinki, JEJUNG & YUCHUN, and Jang Geun Suk.

In the music-DVD chart, new Johnnys group, ABC-Z debuted with a DVD and managed to grab the top spot with "Za ABC ~5stars~." This is the first time in history to achieve no.1 with a debut DVD. Besides the music clip, making-of and interview clips for "5stars" and the accompanying track, "Suna no Glass," this DVD also includes footage from "ABC-Z 2011 first Concert in YOYOGI" held last year.

Posting the top 30 albums/singles and the top 10 music-DVDs. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2012. New release in bold.

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Albums chart looks fairly good-looking! But yeah, quite an un-appealing singles chart there...

Congrats to the top 3 albums especially ayaka. Love them all! Also congrats to ClariS' first top 3, and Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi-san for sneaking in the top 5. :)

And yay EXILE JAPAN surpass Negai no Tou's 6th week sales again!

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Today’s issue of the Sports Nippon newspaper (February 9) reports that former KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin (27) and actress Kuroki Meisa (23) are planning to get married. The newspaper further claims that Akanishi and Kuroki have informed their agencies that Kuroki is in her second month of pregnancy.

More details will be released soon. Confirmation of the news is still pending.



thank you lady_mercury for the video!
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71st Television Drama Academy Awards

Best Drama

1. Kaseifu no Mita

2. Youkai Ningen Bem

3. 11 Nin Moiru

Best Actor

1. Kamenashi Kazuya

2. Sawamura Ikki

3. Sakurai Sho

Best Actress

1. Matsushima Nanako

2. Fukada Kyoko

3. Kanno Miho

Best Supporting Actor

1. Hasegawa Hiromi

2. Suzuki Fuku

3. Takashima Masanobu

Best Supporting Actress

1. Anne

2. Kutsuna Shiori

3. Kitagawa Keiko

Theme Award

Kazuyoshi Saito

congrats to Kaseifu no Mita & Yokai Ningen Bem casts and staffs, well deserved.

also yay Kame, though the drama was pretty boring but his acting was excellent. smh @kitagawa keiko

....surprised no kimutaku :O

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A Matsuda Shota post


Theatrical release is scheduled for March 3, 2012.

Matsuda Shota chosen as the new CM character for ‘Nacchan’

the cm ----> here(just skip to the end but cute makinf of)

It’s been revealed that actor Matsuda Shota has been chosen as the new CM character for the soft drink, ‘Nacchan‘.

Since the product was launched back in 1998, popular actresses including Tanaka Rena, Horikita Maki, and Sakuraba Minami have served as its CM characters.
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omg he looks hot in Liar Game and Ashida Mana looks cool as a villain
Horrific dancing

Meet Uggie , Nintendo's new spokesdog

Who needs a spokesperson when you can a much cuter and furrier spokesdog? Nintendo this morning has named Uggie, the pooch who starred in the Oscar-nominated movie The Artist, as their official spokesdog of the month to promote Responsible Pet Ownership Month (as well as nintendogs + cats).

Isn’t he cute?

Read on for the announcement from Nintendo.

In a move that’s got tails wagging from Hollywood to Manhattan, Nintendo of America is teaming up with Uggie, the talented Jack Russell terrier known to moviegoers as the canine co-star of The Artist. Starting today, Uggie will sink his teeth into a memorable new role as Nintendo’s first-ever “spokesdog,” spreading the word about the interactive fun of nintendogs™ + cats for the Nintendo 3DS™ hand-held system.

To help celebrate February as Responsible Pet Owners Month, Uggie will lend a paw by showing how the game includes valuable tips on how people can maintain happy, healthy relationships with their furry friends in real life. Though he previously announced plans to retire after this year’s awards season, the chance to team up with Nintendo was too doggone good for Uggie to resist.

Uggie is no stranger to the spotlight, having appeared in numerous television commercials and films during the last decade. As Nintendo’s spokesdog, he’ll appear alongside his owner Omar Von Muller to promote nintendogs + cats and the Pearl Pink Nintendo 3DS system, which offers a wide range of wireless features and entertainment experiences that can be enjoyed in 3D without the need for special glasses. In particular, Uggie and his owner will show consumers how nintendogs + cats can not only provide players with an adorable, customizable companion but also teach them skills that can translate to real-world dog or cat ownership. With February as Responsible Pet Owners Month, it’s the perfect time for this partnership.

“Uggie didn’t have to sit up and beg for his role as Nintendo’s spokesdog,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “It’s truly our pleasure to work with a star of Uggie’s magnitude, especially to help animal lovers and portable gaming fans discover the fun of nintendogs + cats.”


SMAPxSMAP is ending soon?

SMAPXSMAP is rumored to be ending this spring. The reason being that ratings have dipped and it costs too much to produce the show. The decision about ending the show was pretty set at around June last year.

Part of the reason is because Fuji’s programming management changed hands last yr, and also because SMAP’s manager doesn’t really get along with Julie. Julie is said to be the one to take over after Johnny dies. And Julie didn’t think SMAP would sell, but Iijima (SMAP’s manager) managed to make them the biggest idol group in Japan. With SMAP on the decline lately, Iijima’s power in the company is also on the wane.

In its wake will be replaced by a 2hr Johnny’s program. They’re thinking either Kanjani8 or Arashi for that slot. (With rumors of VS Arashi ending soon… maybe it’ll be Arashi?) Since both groups have heavy support from Julie.

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