February 13th, 2012


Celebrity Baby News!

Talento Kinoshita Yukina (24) and comedian Fujimoto Toshifumi (41) of the duo FUJIWARA are now expecting their first child. Sources say that Kinoshita is in her 4th month of pregnancy and is due to give birth around August of this year.

Kinoshita and Fujimoto have been married since August 2010. Since then, Kinoshita has often publicly expressed her desire to become a mother, and now her wish has finally come true.

Kinoshita currently hosts the music show “Reco Hits!” and appears on various variety shows, as well as doing modeling work for magazines. It is said that she plans to continue working for now while possible, depending on her health during her pregnancy.

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Jin on the red carpet at the 54th Grammy Awards

Fuji TV covered the Grammys on the red carpet which of course featured Jin.  They've congratulated him on his marriage and told him he was number one on the Billboard  Hot Singles Sales. (At some point he said toppping those charts felt like miracles) One of the male studio reporters told Jin to take good care of Meisa because he is Meisa fan (he used the word 'okusan' which is the polite way to address someone else's wife) and Jin replied smiling saying he will tell his wife.

Source: you-and-jin
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The idol's mom, the underage boy and the media

The recent arrest of the mother of a Japanese pop idol for sex with a minor raises questions on how the media here handles such high-profile cases.

Usually, if someone who is related to a tarento (TV personality), or other type of celebrity, is arrested in Japan, the shukanshi (weekly gossip magazines) almost always report the names of the celebrities — though major TV news programs and newspapers don't always reveal this information.

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Arama Original: All about gyaru - part 1

Many of those who are interested in Japanese popular culture have an idea of what gyaru is, be it outdated or not. The word gyaru is a transliteration of the English word, gal, girl being transliterated as gaaru in Japanese. Yahoo dictionary defines gyaru as a frivolous young girl. In Japan, gyaru describes young girls who dress trendy and sexy. People have credited California girls, Namie Amuro and America’s hip-hop culture as influences to the gyaru culture. Gyaru has been frowned upon by general Japanese public. Why? Not only for their rebellious nature, but for their lack of conformity to the Japanese ideal beauty of white skin and black hair. The term gyaru have been around for decades and it started with the kogal.


Kogal is a type of gyaru popular around the 90s but it’s not as popular as it once was. The ‘ko’ in kogal comes from the Japanese word kodomo (child). Kogal are usually but not always teenagers. It is a subculture of conspicuous consumption among young women in urban Japan. One of the main factors of being a kogal is the need to be ‘kawaii’ or cute, and back in the day, their idol was Namie Amuro. The look of the kogal is based on the Japanese school uniform but with altercations such as loose socks, very short skirts and often bleached hair and tan skin. The bleached hair usually ranged from brown to a light shade of blonde, while their skin was usually light brown.

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I hope we won't get people calling gyaru trannies or psychoanalyzing them.

ARAMA Original: Drama Mega Recap/Discussion Post! Can you forgive me? EDITION

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EDIT: I forgot the source for the drama ratings. Source for recaps is my head ;)
OP: In case you can't tell, the monstrous writeup of Shokuzai episode 1 is why this writeup seems a little short. Now discuss! I realize the recaps are now behind; after I submit this post I will start working on next weeks and everything should be caught up by then :)

Want some more dramas added to the post? Feel free to mention it! Also, don't be afraid to discuss something that is not included in the recaps! Wanna write a drama scenario about Jinnifer's escapades this past week? Wanna ask for some drama recommendations? Wanna post do not spam fanart or gifs of this seasons dramas? GO FOR IT! You can do anything except talk about how awesome Shut Up! FBB is because it's a kdrama and doesn't go here :( :( :( :( fucking love that drama

Also, since we are pretty much halfway through this season: what drama has been your favorite so far?
we need the telephone

mao asada gets second place in four continents

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (Kyodo) -- Japan's Mao Asada had to make do with a runner-up finish as newly crowned U.S. champion Ashley Wagner came from behind to win her first international title at the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships on Saturday.

Two-time former world champion Asada had established a slim lead over Wagner after Friday's short program but she under-rotated her opening triple axel and also put a hand on the ice trying to land a triple lutz, while Wagner enjoyed an elegant, error-free skate to win with a career-high total of 192.41 points.

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we need more team japan on arama and i hope princess haruka gets better. ; ~ ;

Kamenashi Endorses Panasonic and Gets Bombarded with Akanishi Questions


Kame held a press conference today at Tokyo International Forum for his new CM for Panasonic.
Towards the end, the press rushed in questions and pressed for comments/ message from Kamenashi about Akanishi's marriage.

So how did it go?

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LOLOLOL sorry omg, I burst out laughing when I saw these. Just how much concentration did you use Kame?
he's usually a smooth talker, but, oh well..still laughing here.

flumpool's 4th Live DVD to be released at ASMART and concert venues only

ASMART started pre-orders for the dvd today at noon (JST). Here are previews of the dvd:

「reboot~Akiramenai Uta~」 from LIVE DVD「Special Live 2011」

「Kakusei Identity」 from LIVE DVD「Special Live 2011」

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Sources: ASketch Youtube Channel

Full release details at flumpool-ko.

what were you thinking asketch? fc exclusive items already torture us foreign fans, now making it a challenge acquiring this?   


Ieiri Leo ranks high on recochoku prior to her debut

The much-praised 17-year-old singer and songwriter Ieiri Leo, who is still going to senior high school, is finally going to make her official debut with her single “Sabrina” on February 15th. Online and mobile music portal Recochoku exclusively started distributing the full song for download prior to her debut and it already made it into the top five of the daily ranking for February 12th.

Ieiri commented about the success, “This is a song containing my feelings that I wrote in my small room when I was fifteen. On one hand it’s a bit embarrassing to let so many people listen to it now, but on the other hand I’m just incredibly happy.

On the day of her official debut, Ieiri is also going to tackle her first live performance for the few lucky people that were chosen from the over 1,000 applicants that wanted to get an invitation for this precious event. She basically has no live experience at all, except for the opening performance for the concert ‘MUSIC FOR ALL ALL FOR ONE‘ at the First Gymnasium of Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo in December of 2011. It was her very first public performance and she had to do it in front of more than 10,000 people who probably hadn’t heard about her yet.

Ieiri was discovered by producer Nishio Yoshihiko and trained at his music school in Fukuoka. He and his school already brought fourth talented artists such as YUI and ayaka. It seems like all signs are pointing towards a similar successful career for the young Ieiri.

I am luving this song<3
She has a really nice voice!