February 19th, 2012

Japan Will Have a Space Elevator by 2050

According to the The Daily Yomiuri, construction company Obayashi Corp has announced it will have built a space elevator capable of shuttling passengers 36,000 kilometers above the Earth by 2050.

The company plans to use carbon nanontubes, which are 20 times stronger than steel, to produce the cables required for the elevator. Those cables will be stretched to a counterweight 96,000 kilometers above our planet, about one-fourth of the distance between the Earth and the moon.

The terminal station, 36,000 kilometers above Earth, will be reached by cars that can carry 30 people and travel at 200 kilometers per hour. An Obayashi official said:

"At this moment, we cannot estimate the cost for the project. However, we'll try to make steady progress so that it won't end just up as simply a dream."


Shark dumped in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park!?

At around 7:30am on the 19th, police received a phonecall from a park warden in Yoyogi Park saying "Something big, covered with a blue plastic sheet has been left in the park."  When officers from the Yoyogi Police Station came to investigate, they found the body of a 1.5m shark under the sheet.  It is being looked at as a case of illegal waste dumping.

According to the police, the shark was found in a bicycle parking area.  It had been cut open and its insides removed.  The weight, breed and time of dumping are currently unknown.


What the hell...?

Dazzle Vision opens for American rock band Evanescence!

On February 16th, Japanese screamo metal band Dazzle Vision performed two live shows on February 9th and February 10th.

Dazzle Vision was invited to open the shows for the American rock band Evanescence. Performing songs from their fourth album “Kirari“, which was released last year, vocalist Maiko sported her new electric-pink hair style for the capacity crowds at Zepp Tokyo and Zepp Nagoya.


Four Leaves Ko-chan Dies of Cancer

Japan lost one of its first - and most controversial - aidoru stars yesterday as former "Four Leaves" leader Kita Koji (photo, 2nd from left) died of liver cancer at a Tokyo hospital. He was 63. He is survived by a wife and 13-year-old daughter. He had been undergoing immunization treatment against the disease since it was diagnosed in May of last year, but kept the cancer secret from all but his closest family and friends.

Real name Matsushita Koji, Kita was an Olympic hopeful gymnast in his youth. But economic reality forced him to try a variety of jobs before being bitten by the showbiz bug. He became a roadie for the early Johnny's Jimusho group Three Funkies in 1964 and followed the group from Osaka to Tokyo. Two years later he was scouted by Johnny himself and Four Leaves was formed, with Kita's stage gymnastics bringing a whole new dimension to the pop music of the time. The group made their recording debut in 1968 and became the first in a chain of successful singing and dancing Johnny's aidoru groups that continues to this day. One period when aidoru groups went into decline was the late 1970s and that led to the breakup of Four Leaves in 1978 and Kita leaving Johnny's Jimusho the following year. Kita later revealed that the decline in his career was compounded by years of stimulant drug addiction that led to his arrest in 1979.

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Nico Nico Douga Sensation "Danceroid" Goes on Tour

from l to r top to bottom: Ikura, Maamu, Yuuzuki, and Aikawa Kozue

Popular Nico Nico Douga Dance group, "Danceroid" has announced their first national tour. They'll be stopping at various locations including Tokyo, Nagano, Sapporo and Osaka. Each show will also have multiple special guests. Tickets have already started to go on sale and seem to be reasonably priced.

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Sources: Danceroid Official Website, Danceroid@YT, AikawaKozue Trans Blog, Kozue@YT, Danceroid Leader Ikura@YT

I'm somewhat new to this community, so I don't know if this type of thing has been posted before or if people are interested...but I can't get enough of this stuff! To easily watch Niconico vocaloid dancers, check out this YT Channel. Also, I have no idea if it did this right or if I put in the cut alright....

MEG 07

MEG to release cover album on April 25th titled "LA JAPONAISE"

In late 2010, MEG left her label over at Universal Music Japan and signed over to unBORDE (under Warner Music Japan). She then announced her hiatus after releasing her best album "BEST FLIGHT," and then started living between Tokyo and Paris. Later on, in 2011, she released 7 digital singles throughout the course of 6 months exclusively on iTunes France, all of which are covers of popular Japanese and French songs. 

Now, MEG marks her official comeback to Japan's music scene! With her new cover album titled "LA JAPONAISE" (French for The Japanese in female form). The album will include 4 new songs, and 6 of the previously released iTunes France digital singles. The album will include covers from popular songs in Japan from animated works, such as Rouge no Dengon (Kiki's Delivery Service), Motteke! Sailor Fuku (LUCKY STAR), DISCOTHEQUE (Rosario+Vampire), and others from anime such as One Piece, Naruto, and City Hunter. It will include several producers such as Nakata Yasutaka, The Shanghai Restoration Project, the telephones, THE LOWBROWS, and more.

Although MEG's management is now under unBORDE/Warner Music Japan, her releases will be under King Record's sublabel Star Child. Check out the full tracklist below~

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Hey! Say! Jump is on a University Roll, Keito Okamoto passed Sophia University


Another Hey! Say! JUMP member will start university this April – Keito Okamoto has been accepted into one of
Japan’s best international universities, it was announced on February 18, reports Nikkan Sports.

Okamoto will study at the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Sophia University, located in central Tokyo, after he passed the university’s general entrance exams, including a good enough TOEFL mark and English essay.

It has been reported the exam results were announced around the end of January. Okamoto, his father and Johnny’s senior talent Kenichi Okamoto, and their pet dog crowded around the computer at their house to read the news on the university’s exam results web page. The Hey! Say! JUMP star has been living together with his dad, who has supported Keito over the years, driving him to and from work if their schedules allowed it.

The faculty Okamoto will join from April teaches all of their lectures in English, and it was his first choice for university.

“They use English as the first language in classes, not many places in Japan offer this.

“I want to learn more English, and I’m interested in international marketing as well,” he said.

It has been reported Okamoto spent his free time during concert tours in his changing room reading textbooks.

A number of celebrities have graduated from Sophia University’s Liberal Arts faculty, including BENI and Crystal Kay. Thelma Aoyama is currently studying there as well.

Other Info:

Sophia University is known for their hard admittance rate, so Okamoto had to constantly study behind-the-scenes during his concerts and other entertainment activities. Reportedly, he always had a reference book in his hands. When the concerts overlapped with his examination date, Okamoto’s fellow members and staff understood his situation and allowed him to miss the concert. Aside from Okamoto, other Hey! Say! JUMP members currently attending university are Inoo Kei (21, Meiji University) and Yabu Kota (22, Waseda University).

credits here and here

OMG, congrats!! sweet dad!
Chinen should seriously consider entering Uni, he's an honor student for nothing.

Kuraki Mai- Premium Live One for all, All for one

Ashita e Kakeru Hashi (with Orchestra) from Premium Live One for all, All for one
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Kusanagi Tsuyoshi to play a medical intern in new Fuji TV drama

Today it was announced that SMAP’s Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (37) is going to star in a new Fuji TV drama called ‘37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku ~Kenshui Junjou Monogatari~‘ next season.

The drama is inspired by a true story and portrays the hard struggles of a 37-year-old man who decided to quit his job as a salaryman at a food company and is now working as a medical intern at a university hospital.

Kusanagi commented, “I’m happy that I finally get to play the role of a doctor. Moreover it’s a true-to-life character at the same age as me and not some superhero doctor, which makes it an even greater role.

Physician and writer Kawafuchi Keiichi (52) serves as the inspiration for the character. After graduating from Tokyo University, he became a professional pachinko player and started to work for several companies. He even turned into a hikikomori (a shut-in) for a whole year, until he finally decided to get back on the right track and entered Kyoto University to study medicine at the age of thirty. At the age of thirty-seven he became a medical intern at a university hospital.

Kawafuchi wrote down his experiences and published two essay-like novels, one in 2002 and a sequel later in 2011. He commented, “Even before the casting of Kusanagi I thought to myself that he might be the perfect choice for this role. He has exactly the image of a man who looks quite unreliable at first, but turns to be pretty stubborn with a very strong conviction.

The drama is going to focus a lot on the harsh working conditions at a university hospital and the interaction with the patients. The protagonist is a man who wants to become ‘a real doctor’ and therefore often clashes with his superiors and teaching doctor that tend to be younger than himself. Therefore the producers also liked to emphasize that it’s not a medical drama, but a hospital drama.

Although the title may suggest a connection to the ‘Boku‘ series starring Kusanagi, which has already spawned three touching dramas and one movie, the producers explained that this isn’t the case. They stated, “The ‘Boku’ series ended with the movie ‘Boku to Tsuma no 1778 no Monogatari‘. This new drama isn’t part of the series.

Fuji TV is going to air ‘37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku‘ every Tuesday at 10:00 pm.

Sources: Sanspo [2] & tokyohive

cute @!

Angela Aki gives birth!

Angela Aki just updated her official Facebook page  informing her fans of her happy news.


Hi Everyone! I just gave birth to a healthy baby boy. “Motherhood” has opened up a new chapter in my life, and my heart is dancing with joy. I have a tour coming up this year, so I plan to come back full force! Hope to see some of you there!


congrats \o/
her cover album is flawless btw
cute @!

Matsuda Shota and Sasaki Nozomi attend stage greeting for “Afro Tanaka”

On February 18th, actor Matsuda Shota and actress Sasaki Nozomi attended the first stage greeting for the upcoming movie, “Afro Tanaka“, at Shinjuku Piccadilly.

The afro Matsuda had to wear became a topic of great amusement at the stage greeting, especially after Sasaki revealed, “Matsuda-san would put on his afro and make strange movements, so I couldn’t help but laugh every time. I also got to wear the afro myself, and Matsuda told me, ‘It suits you’. I don’t know if I should be happy or not…”

Matsuda laughed as he replied, “The power of the afro is great.”

This movie is based on a gag manga by Noritsuke Masaharu, currently serialized in the manga magazine, “Big Comic Spirits“. Its story revolves around Tanaka Hiroshi (Matsuda), who struggles to find a girlfriend after his high school friends start to get married.

The manga’s comedic flair found its way to the set of the movie. Matsuda revealed, “Right before we started shooting, the director made us play a strange game. When we arrived, he told us, ‘Get into your underwear!’” He added, “That made no sense at all.”

In response, director Matsui Daigo explained, “Because of that, we were able to become so close. We got in a circle and introduced our characters…”

As for his vision for the movie, the director said, “I aimed to make a movie thatwould be loved by both fans and people who don’t know the manga. I had the support of Shota-kun and the rest of the cast.”

The stage greeting was also attended by co-stars Tsutsumishita Atsushi, Takana Kei, Endo Kaname, Komakine Ryusuke, and Hara Mikie.

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omg can't wait for this amazing movie, they are so cute together much better than that bridge troll she was rumored with awhile back

Acchan blacklisted from dramas with Johnny's?

There’s a rumor going around right now that Maeda Atsuko of AKB48 is being blacklisted from costarring with Johnny’s.

Why? Apparently it’s all because of Yamapi’s drama. The two of them are costarring in the TBS drama Saiko no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ right now but the drama has been getting single digit ratings for the past few episodes and the blame has been put on Maeda.

“They’ve been measuring the ratings by the minute and it seems that scenes with Maeda has been the lowest. Yamapi’s scenes tend to get double digits so the low overall rating is mostly due to Acchan’s scenes.”

“The blacklist for Johnny’s is only comprised of women. They’re mostly unpopular actresses or actresses that have been rumored with Johnny’s. There are cases where they don’t get blacklisted permanently but there are also cases where the girls are banned from costarring with a Johnny forever. But on what basis they use to put them on the blacklist is mostly a mystery. It’s safe to say that Maeda is put on there because of the low ratings she kept pulling in her dramas though…”

People have been saying that Yamapi is the next Kimutaku. The guy’s also been in many hit dramas, so it’s really a surprise this drama is doing so poorly in comparison to his other ones. Right now they’re looking to re-tool the script to get the ratings up again.

(Source: blog.livedoor.jp) and uso-ippai

Random UFA people: Up Up Girls plan to release first single "Going My ↑" + a bit of info.

Up Up Girls is an UFA group made up of former Hello!Pro Eggs Sengoku Minami (20), Furukawa Konatsu (19), Mori Saki (18), Sato Ayano (17), Saho Akari (16), Sekine Azusa (15), and Arai Manami (14). They regularly perform at various venues.

They also go by the name UFZS, which is a kpop dance cover group, although they've recently started singing as well. They have announced that they plan to eventually debut in Korea, but there is no official date.

Here they are performing their new single 
"Going My ↑":

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Sources: 1, 2, 3

Please keep the crying about Akari to a minimum, kthx.