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Rainbow unveils "Gonna Gonna GO!" short PV + 1st Japanese Album announcement!

Rainbow will release their 1st Japanese album on March 28th. "Over The Rainbow" will include a new version of Mach PV and their Premium Live at Shibuya Kokaido. Mach, A, Gonna Gonna GO!. 10 songs will be included in "Over the Rainbow".

Already available for pre-order:


Also was unveiled a short PV of their upcoming single "Gonna Gonna GO!"

Source: Visual Glow
we need the telephone

Singer/Designer MEG × RIU — Her Feline Bodyguard

MEG is a singer as well as the designer behind the CAROLINA GLASER brand. After having grown up alongside black cats, Meg currently lives with a black feline named ‘Riu’, who she first encountered at an animal shelter. Now seven years old, Riu shows off his beautiful black coat with an almost arrogantly regal demeanor.

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More information on Matsui Sakiko's debut album

According to Akimoto Yasushi's post on Google+, Matsui Sakiko's solo album has been confirmed. This album is set to be released sometime this summer.

What we can expected from the album would be instrumentals of various famous AKB songs, as well as theme songs, such as Google Citizens' Theme Song, Utsui Ken's Pressure Training Theme Song, ggrks Theme Song, Passion Theme Song, just to name a few.

Also, the Google Citizens' Theme Song will be an African tribal/ethnic music styled song.

These songs will be composed and arranged by Hattori Takayuki. Hattori-san happily agreed to compose right away. Also the CD jacket will be designed by the newly formed AKB Art Club.


Serina wants a carnivorous boyfriend to bite her gently

Serina, 26, a singer for AKB48 sister group SDN48, poses as a sexy vampire at a talk show event to promote the film “Underworld: Awakening.” The fourth film in the series, which opens in Japan Friday, stars Kate Beckinsale as the vampire warrior Selene who leads her forces against the humans.

The main topic of conversation at the talk event was Serina’s love life and when she is planning to marry. She said 32 would be a good age to get hitched. “If my boyfriend were a werewolf, he’d be a good pet to go out with in public,” she said. As for her type, Serina said, “I want a carnivorous boyfriend who can bite me gently.”

Anything else? “I value personality more than appearance. It would also be nice if he were telepathic,” she said.

we need the telephone

Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 to Be Animated for Crayon Shin-chan

AKB48's sub-unit Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 will be appearing in Crayon Shin-chan for two episodes on Mar 9th and 16th.

Mayu Watanabe, Aika Ōta, Haruka Nakagawa, Ayaka Kikuchi, Mika Komori, and Misaki Iwasa will appear as themselves for Uchū Kazoku Nohara Da zo (We're the Nohara Space family) story arc. As the title suggest, Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 will play as aliens from Warota planet.

Aside from their anime guesting, Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 will also sing for Crayon's Shin-chan 20th movie, Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi o Yobu! Ora to Uchū no Princess, which will be released on Apr 14th.

Hirajima Natsumi won't be participating for this project.


Overkill Could Damage Korean Wave, Oricon Chief Warns

A senior figure in the Japanese entertainment industry has warned against the flood of Korean singers, manufactured bands and actors who rush to perform in Tokyo, which has become something of a rite of passage for entertainers who made it in Korea. "I'm afraid that the rotation of Korean acts [through Japan] is too fast," said Koh Koike, the CEO of Japan's Oricon, which supplies statistics and information on music and the music industry.

The Oricon chart has become something of a Bible for Korean musicians. Established in 1967 and using album sales data collected from around 26,000 music stores across Japan to come up with daily, weekly and monthly rankings, it is a highly respected barometer of Japan's entertainment industry, comparable to the Billboard Top 100 Chart in the U.S.

Koike made the remarks in Korea, where he attended the first Gaon Charts K-Pop Awards on Wednesday. His advice paints a less-than-rosy picture of the future of K-Pop in Japan. "Right now, there is a fan base for K-Pop due to the physical appeal of groups like Girls' Generation or Kara, but I think what will matter in the future is the variety of music that Korean singers are able to offer," he said. "Korean singers who have recently become popular in Japan tend to stay in the country briefly and tour only major cities, but this won't help them win broad popularity there," he added. "The precedents set by leaders Dongbangshingi (TVXQ), Girls' Generation and Kara are very important for other Korean singers in Japan. If their album sales fall, this could impact other Korean singers as well, and that would lead to the perception that their popularity was just a flash in the pan."

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Source: asianfanatics

Erika Sawajiri sucks at sex scenes?

Now that Ninagawa Mika has wrapped up filming her latest film, Helter Skelter, starring Sawajiri Erika. Rumors have been flying about what happened on the set. From going to work 2 hrs late and keeping everyone waiting without a single word of apology, to not being able to perform the graphic sexual acts in the manga. Rumor has it the film will have threesomes, lesbian sex scenes, and even a nude scene! All involving the saucy actress.

Sawajiri plays Ririko, a famous model who went through some drastic plastic surgery in order to achieve fame and apparently there are tons of sex scenes in the movie! The thing is though, Sawajiri sucks at sex. She sucks so much at actual sex that she doesn’t even do a good job at pretending. 

When director Ninagawa showed a cut of a sex scene to some female staff, they all said that Sawajiri sucks at sex. Why? They said she looked awkward, and it took her a lot of takes in order to get the scenes right. In fact, some acts she just outright refused to act out, even though she said that she’s willing to challenge her comfort zone in order to deliver a good performance. The thing that gets them the most? No matter where the other actor touches, Erika would simply go, “An~” instead of making any other sounds. When the actor sucked her nipple, she didn’t give any reaction even though it got hard.

Her rumored Spanish boyfriend even blabbed to a tabloid about how much she sucks at sex. Apparently she’s not like other Japanese girls, and would say no to many things he asked of her in bed. He thought she’d be fiery and passionate like a volcano, but apparently she was as stiff as a frozen maguro (tuna.)

Terajima Shinobu was said to be pissed at Sawajiri for not apologizing after being two hours late and showing up with a headache. Another actress, Momoi Kaori, was so disturbed by how stiff Sawajiri was that she asked, “Has she never seduced a man before?”

(Source: azashi.seesaa.net) translated by uso-ippai

NYC’s Nakayama Yuma to voice act for Japanese dubbed version of “John Carter”

On February 22nd, NYC’s Nakayama Yuma (18) attended the premiere event for the Hollywood film, “John Carter“, in Los Angeles, California.

“John Carter” is a live-action adventure film by Disney that will open in theaters across Japan on April 13th. It tells a story about a former military captain named Carter, who is mysteriously transported to Mars and is involved in a conflict with the inhabitants of the planet. Nakayama will be providing the voice of ‘Edgar’ in the Japanese dubbed version of the movie.

As his first time walking the red carpet, Nakayama expressed, “I enjoyed every step I took.” He also showed motivation for a Hollywood debut saying, “If there will be a sequel, I absolutely want to star in it.

Nakayama, who will be graduating from high school this spring, revealed that he will be going to Komazawa University. “From here on, I want to manage both my college life and entertainment activities,” he said.

Source: Sanspo via tokyohive

Morning Musume 1st Gen Member Ishiguro Aya To Be At Dream Morning Musume's Budokan Concert

After years of not having anything(on stage) to do with other former Morning Musume members, Ishiguro Aya a.k.a Ayappe, will finally be standing on the same stage as her former bandmates again. Ishiguro along with Tsuji Nozomi have been confirmed to appear as guests at Dream Morning Musume's Budokan concert along with all the other current Morning Musume members.

Despite no longer performing with the OGs, Ayappe keeps a rather good relation with the agency, remains in contact with some of the elder girls and made backstage appearances during the Elder Club concerts.

Rumor has it that the title of the tour 'Daiisshou Shuumaku ~ Yuushatachi , Shuugouseyo' "The end of the first chapter ~ Heroes, Time to Gather" implies Tsunku's intention to bring all the Musumes back at least for one night.

Getting Ai-chan, Eririn, KonKon or even JunLin won't be that hard; but GoMaki might still want to stay out of the public eyes; Sayaka and Asuka might want nothing to do with them; Aibon's appearance is almost impossible. 

Well, it's still gonna be the biggest Musume gathering yet.


NINKI ratings for the week of 27/2~4/3/2012

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Not surprised at Ikimonogakari getting no.1 next week, so go Iki! Only hoping that acts like Do As Infinity, Tommy february6/heavenly6, TOKIO, GReeeeN and FLOWER would surpass their NINKI. Also, it'd be interesting to see who gets the no.1 single as I think that both Yamapi and Mayuyu will battle it out.

Source 1, 2

Manabe Kaori dating singer Yoshii Kazuya

During Thursday’s live broadcast of Fuji TV’s morning news show “Tokudane!,” talento Manabe Kaori (31) publicly confirmed rumors that she is currently in a relationship with singer Yoshii Kazuya (45).

This week’s issue of FRIDAY, which went on sale the same day, reported on Manabe and Yoshii’s relationship. The article contained photos of Manabe entering Yoshii’s apartment building, as well as photos of her being driven to work by Yoshii in his Mercedes Benz.

Yoshii was once the lead vocalist of the rock band The Yellow Monkey (known to fans as “Yemon”). Manabe has reportedly been a fan of the band since her junior high school days. One source says that they met through a mutual friend last fall, and they instantly hit it off. Shortly after that, Manabe was reportedly seen in the audience at Nippon Budokan on December 28, during the final show of Yoshii’s nationwide tour.

Sankei Sports and tokyograph


Oricon CEO praises BEAST and T-ara

Japan's Oricon CEO gave a rare interview after the K-pop Gaon Chart Awards.

- DBSK, Girls' Generation and KARA are singers from South Korea who have already became well-known names in Japan. In the future, which singers do you expect to become popular there?

▶ I was actually surprised at the award ceremony. There is a lot of Korean singers continuously debuting who are talented. In particular, it was the first time I saw a live performance of BEAST. All the members were impressive and unique. T-ara's dance-pop and visual concept are unique too. In the future, I expect T-ara to be gain popularity in Japan.

-rest of the interview was omitted by translator- 

Sources: StarNews via Nate, translated by Nathaniel @ tiaradiadem

Dear to release debut album on March 7th

Futari De, Hitotsu Dakara feat. WISE PV

1. Kamisama Mouichido... feat. GIORGIO 13(NERDHEAD)
2. Saigo ni Hitotsu Dake feat. K.J.
3. Shiawase ni Naritai feat. CLIFF EDGE
4. Dear U~Part1
5. Zutto Kimi no Soba De... feat. Massattack from Supontenia
6. Futari De, Hitotsu Dakara feat. WISE
7. Feel My Love feat. YUTAKA(Full Of Harmony)
8. Dear U〜Part2
9. Believe Myself / Dear, KEN THE 390 & SHIKATA
10. Sayonara Sae Ietanara feat. Dear & CORN HEAD / SPICY CHOCOLATE

source, video

GKB47 slogan withdrawn; AKB48 agrees to act as official spokespeople for suicide prevention

Suicide is serious. It's horrible. It's touched many people in Japan, which has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. The ruling political part decided to take action to help prevent it: with a slogan and cute idols.

Earlier this month, the Democratic Party of Japan unveiled a new suicide prevent slogan: "Anata mo GKB47 sengen!" (あなたもGKB47宣言!) or, roughly, "Proclaim yourself as part of GKB47!" The slogan seemed inspired by one of Japan's most popular bubblegum pop bands, causing some politicians to dub the slogan as "deeply inappropriate". It even made country's prime minister uncomfortable.

According to Japan Today, the "GK" refers to "Gatekeeper", which in Japan is used to refer to those who notice signs of depression in others and helps them seek treatment. The "B" refers to "Basic", as if to infer that this is a basic responsibility that is shared by all. The "47" refers to Japan's forty-seven prefectures.

While the slogan certainly has good intentions, it sounds too close to AKB48, the most popular female pop group in the country. In Japanese parliament, the slogan was debated, with some calling it "improper", because the slogan not only seemed to trivialize suicide but inadvertently evoke the pop group.

"To speak plainly, I too felt uncomfortable," said Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda (via Japan Today). "I think I'd like to see further research conducted on the matter."

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I hope they go about this the right way.
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Oricon ranks female celebrities with ideal lips

recently conducted a poll asking 500 women from their teens to their 40’s, “Which female celebrity possesses ideal lips?”

First place for the “4th Beautiful Lips Ranking” went to actress Ishihara Satomi, who is known for her adorable, plump lips. After hearing the news, Ishihara commented, “Honestly, I sometimes feel insecure about my lips, but being chosen by everyone has given me confidence. Thank you, I’m very happy.

Check out the full results below and let us know who you would’ve voted for!


01. Ishihara Satomi
02. Takei Emi
03. Igawa Haruka
04. Ayase Haruka
05. Kitagawa Keiko
06. Angelina Jolie
07. Kojima Haruna
08. Kanno Miho
09. Ueto Aya
10. Itano Tomomi


no kou shibasaki, chara or kuriyama chiaki, invalid list tbh