February 28th, 2012

Nakayama Yuma becomes another Johnny’s talent starting university this April


NYC member Yuma Nakayama will start studying at one of Japan’s oldest universities from April, reports Nikkan Sports.

The Johnny’s talent had attended the world premiere of Disney’s latest movie “John Carter” in Los Angeles on February 22 where he had commented on his future plans.

“I’m going to graduate from high school, and now I’ve been accepted to start studying at Komazawa University from April. I hope I can balance my work between university and showbiz.”

Other Johnny’s talents who will be starting university this April include Hey! Say! JUMP’s Keito Okamoto, who will be going to Sophia University, and Kota Yabu, who will be going to Waseda University.

But for now, it has been reported Nakayama had been taking in his first time on the red carpet in Hollywood.

“I enjoyed taking each and every step,” he said.

The Johnny’s talent is making his voice actor debut for the Japanese version of “John Carter”, where he voices the main character, captain John Carter, who is mysteriously transported to Mars and becomes entangled in a conflict on the planet.

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seems like a good trend..
and is there any truth to the rumor that SZ's Nakajima Kento passed Meiji? Nakaken!

Folder5 to release best album in March

It has been revealed that Folder5’s best album, “BEST COLLECTION ALBUM” will be released on March 21st!

Folder5 is a 5-member girls group consisting of AKINA, HIKARI (Mitsushima Hikari), NATSU, ARISA, and MOE. They had their debut back in 2000 as a spin-off group based on another Okinawan group Folder. Up til 2002, they had released eight singles and two albums in total.

In this best album, they will compile all single tracks, coupling songs, and songs from their original album for a total of fourteen songs including ONE PIECE’s opening theme song, “Believe”. This album will also include a DVD featuring music videos of their eight singles featuring these girls.

Check out the track list of Folder5’s “BEST COLLECTION ALBUM” below!

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Which celebrities had the most shocking nude photoshoot on ‘an an’?

Fashion & beauty magazine ‘an an‘ is famously known for featuring various celebrities in their nude figures and causing a wave of awe through their pictorials.

With that in mind, goo ranking decided to ask its users, “Which celebrities had the most shocking nude photoshoot on ‘an an’?

Let’s see which celebrities came on top of this ranking below!


1. Sakurai Sho (Arashi)

2. Mukai Osamu

3. Darvish Yu

4. Motoki Masahiro

5. Esumi Makiko

6. Kanda Uno

7. Yonekura Ryoko

8. Yuki Maomi

9. Kuroki Meisa

10. Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)


so Arama who did you think had the most shocking pictorial on this magazine?
mine will always be Jin's, srsly how can anyone forget that glorious eggplant?

my one and only goddess

Female Entertainer Who You Want As Your Lover

TBS conducted a survey amongst 5000 people nationwide (from teens to 60s) and came up with these results for the poll question.

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Amami Yuki to star in upcoming musical drama ‘Kaeru no Oujo-sama’

Fuji TV has just announced that actress Amami Yuki will be starring as a legendary musical star in a new drama called ‘Kaeru no Oujo-sama‘.

‘Kaeru no Oujo-sama’ is going to be a musical drama about a “Mamasan Korus” (“Mothers’ Choir”) that is on the verge of breaking up. Many great songs are going to be featured in the drama and Amami will finally get to showcase her beautiful voice again since her days as a top star of the famous Takarazuka Revue. Another highlight is going to be the performance of actress Ishida Yuriko, who will challenge singing and dancing for the first time in her career.

Amami’s character is going to be that of a legendary musical star who just returned to Japan after several setbacks on the Broadway in New York. Back home, she’s going to use all of her energy and experience to help a Mamasan Korus called “Chansons” from having to break up. In order to do that, she modifies the concept of a chorus by adding dancing to their performance. Naturally, this idea isn’t going well with everyone in the chorus, especially one very conservative housewife (Ishida) aggressively opposes her unconventional ideas.

Every episode is going to feature one or two famous songs from the 1970s (such as THE BOOM’s “Kaze ni Naritai” or Kome Kome Club’s “Roman Hikou“), various enka songs, and of course many great pop songs.

The voice training for the members of the “Chansons” already began earlier this month at Fuji TV in Odaiba, Tokyo. Just like after school lessons, the actresses are coming together every day in order to hone their singing voices.

Amami commented, “There are going to be a lot of refreshing and songs suitable for our generation, but I think there are also a lot of great numbers that the younger people will enjoy. It would be great if everyone was going to sing them together with us in their living rooms or together with their friends at the karaoke.”

Fuji TV is planning to air ‘Kaeru no Oujo-sama’ every Thursday at 10:00 p.m.

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glee for mamas? XD Anyway, it looks very interesting. :D
Bad Day

Miyagi Assembly member responds to Marching J's panda project

On February 27th, one of Miyagi city's assembly member Mika Yashiro responded to the concern of the Marching J donation money being used to lease pandas from China for a Sendai zoo. She wrote the following on her blog:

Concerning Johnny's aid in panda attraction

Today, three consecutive general interpollations have been held.

This has been mentioned in yesterday's blog entry, but right now, within questions on the Sendai City's "1 million people's Relief Project," a certain question has been brought up over and over again.

Concerning the popular topic about pandas will be leased over from China, this was a news that even the Assembly had not been informed about. We felt as if we were left out of the event.

Marching J, a relief project started by Johnny's Agency, will donate 5 billion yen to panda rental and breeding expenses that will span for 5 years. Ever since this announcement, the pros and cons have been flying all over the internet...

We the Assembly... "???"

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Translation: me

Since it's almost the end of Marching J, I wonder if they'll have a formal statement on this. But I believe she's a credible source. Btw, does blockquote not work on the layout?? Gave up.
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Yamapi apologises to fans, NEWS fans still hate him

Johnny’s talent Tomohisa Yamashita talked to his fans about leaving NEWS, reports Infoseek.

While shooting a TV appearance on music show “HEY! HEY! HEY!” on February 19, Yamashita shared his thoughts with the fans in the studio.

“It’s my first time after leaving NEWS so I am nervous, but I also really feel that safety the members gave me when they were with me.”

It has been reported Yamashita continued to explain the situation to his fans.

“I’m sorry. I know there might be fans who I’ve hurt but we didn’t separate as the result of a fight. We decided to grow in our own way so please don’t cry.”

Finally, the Johnny’s star said he was optimistic about the future of both parties, commenting, “I want to work towards a brighter and fun future with all of you, and those guys, and to do that I want to put everything I have into polishing up my skills, and continue to put smiles on your faces. I hope that you’ll come with me.”

It has been reported a number of fans in the crowd started crying. After the shoot, Yamashita came down and shook hands with every fan as they left. Some fans commented with, “I’ll always be his fan” and “I will support him”.

However, Cyzowoman reports a lot of fans were still unsatisfied. Some comments included:

“Didn’t he leave them? Get your act together. You wanted to do something right. Do you know how much you hurt the members and the fans? I wish he wouldn’t say stuff like this now.”

“Honestly, why now?? Just when things had settled down and NEWS were about to make a new start, why did he want to bring the topic back up?”

“Cruel! The four of them are working hard together so stop talking about NEWS!!”

The sad thing is that anything Yamapi says or does now comes out as negative to some fans. It may be an indication as to how difficult it will be for him to win back their trust...

source: momoedgewood

The Queens bare us with gifts once again

So Much News!

First: Perfume has Switched Labels! They are no longer affiliated with TOKUMAJAPAN and now are with UNIVERSAL. Most likely for their view for a more international expansion?

Second: Perfume now has an official youtube channel! http://www.youtube.com/perfume All videos now allow comments and likes! Go subscribe and support!

Third: A Mysterious new countdown website appears!? It's Perfume's new GLOBAL website! http://www.perfume-global.com/ There is a tweet counter on the bottom! Go tweet to increase it! They need 23306 Tweets!

Fourth: NEW CM SINGLE ANNOUNCED! 「Spring of Life」  is Perfume first new single of 2012! A Kirin CM will be appearing soon, and apparently it's been filmed in LA! (http://natalie.mu/music/news/65241) Here is a VERY short sample! (http://rewak.tumblr.com/post/18443645311/perfume-spring-of-life-tiny-sample-its-the)


Saeko reveals a two shot with ex-husband Darvish Yu

Talento Saeko recently revealed a snapshot with her ex-husband Darvish Yu on her official blog.

Saeko titled the update “BEST FRIEND”, and wrote, “Although we have separated, he will always be an important person.

Saeko and Darvish Yu filed for divorce on January 19th. However, it seems like the two are on good terms and continue to meet with each other.

Saeko also revealed that Darvish often gives her advice when she is feeling down. She expressed, “I’m grateful for Yu-kun, who continues to support me even now.

Many fans were relieved, while others were taken by surprise to see that the two were getting along so well after the divorce.

Source: Cinema Today
Image: Saeko Official Blog & tokyohive

Otsuka Ai to release a new picture book and song for the first time in 2 years!

Pop singer Otsuka Ai recently revealed through her official website that she will release a new picture book, “Neko ga Suki ni Natta Kirai na Neko” on March 30th as a sequel on her debut picture book “Neko ga Mitsuketa Akai Fuusen,”  which was released back in March 2010. She has also announced that she will release a new digital song titled, “Gomenne.” and will only be available to those  who purchase her upcoming picture book.

In addition, the singer’s debut book will begin distribution through Android on the same release date of her second installment.

Source: Otsuka Ai Official Website & tokyohive

Nakai Masahiro, Esumi Makiko & AKB48 to be the MC for TBS’ new music program

It was announced that SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro, actress Esumi Makiko, and idol group AKB48 has been chosen as the MC for a yet-to-be-titled music program on TBS which will start in the middle of April.  The music show will feature three or four artist groups every week, and will comprise of performance and discussion segments.

AKB48 member Takahashi Minami commented, “For AKB48, this is our first experience to be the regular MC for music program.  All members are very excited about this.”  Every week, around 10-16 Senbatsu AKB48 members will appear on the program along with Nakai and Esumi, and two or three of those members will take turns as the MCs.

The new music program will be aired every Tuesday at 9:00 PM on TBS.

Source & Image: Sanspo & tokyohive


Ready for another chapter of the Jin AkanishixMeisa Kuroki saga?

We all know Akanishi Jin is married to Kuroki Meisa. We also know that certain people are not so happy with how he handled the situation. There are also certain senpais (cough cough Ninomiya Kazunari) out there who might or might not be super mad at him for cockblocking their pending marriages and drinking parties. What we don’t know is that ever since Jin returned back to Japan, he has become the victim of bullying!

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I dare y'all to find a tv show more entertaining than this.


Foo Fighters Cancel Japan Tour 5

It has been four years since the American rock band, Foo Fighters, have done a Japan tour. Although it was planned to happen next month, the band announced that they will cancel their tour.

The Foo Fighters are a popular band not only in America, but in Japan as well. The band expressed that they were truly sorry for canceling their tour and that it is a total waste. The vocal/guitarist Dave Grohl had a diagnosis of his throat and after careful analysis was told that he wouldn't be able to sing at their upcoming tour. Dave Grohl said that he was very sorry to discourage all of their fans, but that the Foo Fighters would try to come back to Japan in the near future.

The following are what have been canceled:
March 5th @ Tokyo Shibuya-AX
March 7th @ Yokohama Arena7
March 8th @ Zepp Sendai
March 9th @ Zepp Nagoya
March 11th @ Zepp Osaka

*Tickets for the tour between March 5th and April 8th will be refunded via PLAYGUIDE.


Jamiroquai + 2nd Wave of Artists Announced for "Summer Sonic"

The Summer Sonic 2012 rock festival which will occur in August has just announced the second wave of artists to appear at the festival. For the first time ever, Jamiroquai and Franz Ferdinand, two British bands will make their appearance at the rock festival.

Jamiroquai is a band which the world has not really seen yet so keep an eye out for this band. Besides the previously mentioned bands, Pitbull, Foster the People, The Vaccines, and Kindness will appear at the Summer Sonic 2012 rock festival.

Ticket pre-sale will start on March 1st. Regular ticket sales will begin on June 2nd at 10am. The artist line up and schedule will be released at a later time.

Comedian Uno Kentaro finishes first among celebs in Tokyo Marathon

The 2012 Tokyo Marathon took place on Sunday. Kenya’s Michael Kipyego won the race with a time of 2:07:37, beating Japan’s Fujiwara Arata (2:07:48) and Uganda’s Stephen Kiprotich (2:07:50). Last year’s winner, Hailu Mekonnen from Ethiopia, finished 4th with a time of 2:08:17.

As always, many Japanese celebrities also participated in the race. Comedian Uno Kentaro, of the duo Genkis, finished fastest among them, with an impressive time of 2:38:19. However, he failed to top his personal best of 2:37:05 (achieved at the Osaka Marathon last fall). Uno had been hoping to beat comedian Neko Hiroshi’s 2011 time of 2:30:26, which set the all-time record for a Japanese celebrity in the Tokyo Marathon.

Talento Nishitani Ayako finished the race in 3:15:50, setting a new record for a female Japanese celebrity.

AKB48’s Akimoto Sayaka ran the marathon for her second year in a row. Last year, her time was 6:50:06, but she improved by more than an hour to finish the race in 5:34:13.

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Sports Hochi
Yahoo! SportsNavi and tokyograph

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KAT-TUN Break The Records again!

It was revealed that popular group KAT-TUN’s 6th original album, “CHAIN” (released on February 22nd), topped the Oricon Weekly Album Ranking for March 5th with its first week sales of 110,000 copies!

This feat will mark their sixth consecutive album to top the Oricon Album Charts since their first album, “Best of KAT-TUN” (released in March 2006). This record has surpassed rock band The Checker’s record of topping five consecutive albums and with this, KAT-TUN broke the record for the first time in 24 years.

“CHAIN” is their newest album after one year and eight months, since their June 2010 release of “NO MORE PAIN” and will include 17 songs in this jam-packed CD.

Congratulations for this incredible feat, KAT-TUN!


50-50 feelings ngl, sales are decreasing as I expected ;__; . but this is one of their best album so w/e, congrats KAT-TUN and Hyphens


Take a look at the performers and models list of the 14th annual Tokyo Girls Collection

The 14th annual Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) will take place on Saturday, 3rd March, 2012. This year's theme is Sherbet Garden.

TGC offers a new style of fashion show under the theme of "Unleashes Japanese REAL clothes to the world", held in unparalleled scale twice a year since August 2005. TGC opens its doors not only to buyers, journalists, and the fashion industry, but also to general consumers mainly among young female aged 20's-30's. Hence, TGC fashion show consists of relevant and achievable clothes for them. TGC fashion show is unique in that it is closely linked with e-commerce and audience can immediately purchase clothes presented by models on the runway. In addition, TGC brings a set of their favorites such as entertainment shows and artist lives. These facts enable TGC to earn $40MM valued PR exposures.

Please click on the images to make it bigger.

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cute @!

Oricon: 28.5% of Japanese Teens Have Illegally Downloaded

11.3% of survey takers will continue; 56.1% knew about 2010 copyright law change

The market survey firm Oricon Communications released the results of a questionnaire on Thursday that asked people if they illegally download content from the Internet. Between January 31 and February 13, Oricon conducted the online survey among 1,000 people ranging from middle school students to people in their 40s. According to the results, 28.5% of Japanese middle and high school students have illegally downloaded, but only about half of all respondents knew that Japan's Copyright Law has been amended.

A similar survey has been conducted every year since 2010, when the Japanese parliament made it illegal to knowingly download copyrighted material without authorization. Under the country's former Copyright Law, Japan allowed prosecution against people who upload copyrighted material without authorization, but it was legal to download the exact same material for private use.

In the past year, 17.4% of respondents said they illegally downloaded, a small decrease from 18.7% in 2010 and 19.2% in 2011. The percentage of illegal downloaders was highest among middle and high school students (28.5%), followed by college students (24.0%), working adults in their 20s (13.5%), and people in their 30s and 40s (10.5%). Among middle and high school students, 21.5% said that they will illegally download in the future, which is almost double the percentage of all survey takers (11.3%).

56.1% of all respondents said that they knew the Japanese Copyright Law had been altered, compared with 51.6% in 2010 and 50.5% in 2011. The largest percentage of people that knew about the change were college students (63%), followed by middle and high school students (61.5%).


number should be higher, but I have no clue how Japanese ppl treat this topic, here it would be 90%