March 2nd, 2012

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Ethereal Pop Princess Nozomi Sasaki to release debut album

Model and actress Sasaki Nozomi will be releasing her first album “NOZOMI COLLECTION” on April 18th. “This is actually a surprise since I’ve never expected to be able to release an album,” she stated.

Included in the album will be a song titled “For You“, in which Sasaki tried her hand at writing lyrics for the first time. According to Sasaki, she wrote the lyrics with a feeling of gratitude toward the people around her who have always supported her. The song is composed and arranged by Suetsugu Atsushi, the brains behind Kimura Kaela’s hit song “Butterfly”.

It was also revealed that one of the other tracks, “Diamond Days“, has been chosen as the ending theme song for Sasaki’s upcoming drama “Koi nante Zeitaku ga Watashi ni Ochitekurunodarouka?“, which will start airing on March 16th at 11:00 pm on Fuji TV.

In addition to the mentioned tracks, this upcoming album will also include “Kamu to Funyan feat. Astro“, “Jin Jin Jingle Bell feat. Pentaphonic“, “Papepipu ♪ Papipepu ♪ Papepipupo ♪“, and more.



I am actually really suprised she is dropping an album, gonna be amazing, can't wait for covers,previews and the amount of editions so I can save to bulk buy her number one on the Oricon!!

Japanese court musician Togi Hideki to release album “TOGI” in the United States

It was revealed on March 1st that Japanese court music artist Togi Hideki (52), will release his album “TOGI” on March 21st in the United States for his American debut.  Through the tone of the hichiriki (Shinto flute) and other traditional Japanese instruments, he aims to build a global network via universal music qualities of the instruments for Japanese court music.

The album will include a selection of music from all of his albums that have been released since his debut in 1996.  Moreover, a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine” will be included.

Dates for his American concerts have also been set.  On March 28th, he will perform at the Highline Ballroom in New York; on March 29th, he will perform at the Sankara Hotel; and on April 2nd, he will perform at Kennedy Center Hall in Washington DC.  Togi stated with enthusiasm, “I am grateful for the opportunity to debut in the United States as it marks a turning point for the one-year anniversary of the earthquake.  Now, I definitely want to showcase Japan’s magnificence through the power of music.”

Source and Image: Sanspo & tokyohive

Documentary show featuring A.B.C-Z to be broadcast via Fuji TV ONE

It was announced that a documentary program featuring 5-member group from Johnny’s Jimusho, A.B.C-Z, who made their debut through their DVD ”Za ABC 〜5stars〜“ on February 1st, will be aired via Fuji TV on March 28th at 12:35 am.

The title of the documentary is “‘A to Z’ ~Shijou Saikyou no Johnny’s Jr. Tsui ni Debut~“, and it will be an in depth program that follows and tracks the group until their debut, as well as the behind-the-scenes of their appearances on TV shows on their debut day. In addition, the rehearsal for their stage performance at the Nissei Theater in February will also be covered.  Fans will be able to see the hard practice and training sessions behind the group’s great acrobatic stunts.

Member Hashimoto Ryosuke commented, “The program shows the full of personalities of each member.  Don’t miss it!!

Though the program on the 28th will be 1 hour long, there will also be an expanded version (2-hours long) that will be broadcasted on Fuji TV ONE (premium channel via CS broadcasting service) on the 31st at 7:00 pm.

Source: Sanspo via tokyohive

2PM to Teach Korean on Japanese TV Channel

Boy band 2PM will appear on a Korean language education program set to air on NHK, Japan's major broadcaster. "2PM will host a segment of NHK TV's 'Learning Korean through TV' for a year from April 2," the band's agency JYP Entertainment said on Thursday.

The 25-minute show will be broadcast across the nation every Monday at 10 p.m. During their 5-minute segment, the members will explain common Korean expressions and phrases in addition to useful tips that can be used when traveling in Korea.

2PM attended a press conference for the program last Wednesday at NHK's headquarters in Tokyo. The band's Thai member Nichkhun said, "It may look odd to see me teaching Korean since I'm Thai, but if you write and use it more often, your Korean skills will really improve."

Asked what Korean word they want their fans to remember, Taec-yeon said, "I want them to remember 'oppa' (a word often used by women to refer affectionately to older men), even though this word is only used by women."

SID to release new single, “Nokoriga”

Visual kei band SID has announced that they will be releasing their new single, “Nokoriga“, on May 2nd!

Composed by Yuya (Dr), the title track is described as a melodious number with a sakura motif. The single will include a brand new song, “Graduation“, which is composed by Aki (B). It will also contain the live version of “Higasa” from the band’s live event, “JACK IN THE BOX 2011“.

SID will be performing their new songs through a live concert on March 16th at Zepp Tokyo. This live will be held especially for members of their official fan club, “ID-S“.

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Source & Photos: natalie & tokyohive

GACKT sings for high school graduates in disaster-stricken area

On March 1st, GACKT held a surprise live during a graduation ceremony at Tohoku High School Komatsushima Campus in Sendai.

GACKT called out to the 247 graduates, “As you leave this place, I want you to become a person who will be able to push the backs of other people. With these feelings, I will gift my song.

After singing the graduation song, “No ni Saku Hana no You ni“, GACKT expressed, “Dreams aren’t something you see. Dreams are something you fulfill. I am looking forward to your futures! Congratulations on graduating!

Tohoku High School has a reputation of nurturing athletes, as some of their alumni include professional baseball player Darvish Yu and female golfer Miyazato Ai. The teachers asked GACKT to sing for the ceremony as they felt he would give the graduates the power to step forward.

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Source & Photos: Oricon and Sanspo and tokyohive

Alice Nine "9" Natalie Interview Translation

We didn't need to do the impossible to show who we are

--Musicality that isn't caught up in genre, a grand worldview that envelops the entire album. This album, appropriately named "9," really shows off the special qualities of Alice Nine. What are your thoughts on it?

Shou (vocals): We're a band that's turned our hands to various genres since the beginning. We didn't go through that stage where we're a new band trying things out; we hit upon a sound that we liked on our previous album, "GEMINI," and "VANDALIZE" before it. On "9" it feels like we're returning to the standard Alice Nine, but we're taking advantage of the challenges we've experienced to give the sound a persuasive power. I think this is the album where we loudly proclaim, "This is who we are as a band."

Hiroto (guitar): I think some people will have the impression that we took the theme from "GEMINI" and expanded on it in this album, but I think instead we just opened up to our we current situation without thinking about it too hard. Of course there were many different challenges, but I think that we were able to cram in as much as suits us as a band.

Saga (bass): The scale of it arose organically. We weren't planning for it to come out that way; you could say that it was idiosyncratic.

--You've accumulated a lot up to this point. Why do you think you've been able to able to achieve this naturally?

Sh: Hmm... Well, back in January of last year we were able to have a solo live at the Budoukan. I don't think that we were able to do that on our own; it reaffirms our ties to our fans and our staff, and re-focuses our feelings for them. Also, because we were able to release an album like "GEMINI." Broadly speaking, I think those two things gave us the confidence. It didn't feel like we needed to do the impossible to show who we are.

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Original: Natalie
Full Translation: Jpopjrock


Gravure idol, Risa Yoshiki to release first album, 'Poche' on 03.28

Popular gravure idol Risa Yoshiki has branched out into singing the past year providing the excellent opening theme to 2011 anime GOSICK – “Destin Historie” – and has announced her first album “Poche” that is set for a March 28th release. For her singing she goes by the name of yoshiki*lisa. Though still limited, details on the new album follows.

So far only one edition is listed, Limited with a bonus DVD and the track list will be a total of 8 songs that will include covers of anime theme songs, new songs, and her single “Destin Histoire”. To support the release Yoshiki-san will hold a pair of mini-live events at Tower Records – Nagoya and Osaka on April 8th and Tokyo on April 13th.

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twenty4-7 are disbanding :(

J-urban duo twenty4-7 are breaking after 9 nine years in the music industry, and 5 years since their major label debut, they will release their farewell album coming April 4.

They follow SOULHEAD, as another J-urban act parting ways.

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jpc avex

their material is all over youtube so check it out! they have great voices
I was never a huge fan mainly cuz I forgot about them a lot,but it is sad seeing another act split.

NINKI ratings for the week of 5/3~11/3/2012

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Note 1:
The NINKI ratings are the results of a POLL conducted by Oricon indicating degree of interest/degree of purchase intention in an upcoming release. Although the ratings are never a true reflection of sales, it does give a strong prediction about where the single/album will place in terms of popularity amongst the Japanese public. However, they are NOT an indication of how it will perform in terms of chart positioning and total sales for the week.
Note 2:
According to Oricon's note under the NINKI page, Oricon researches about 870,000 of its members by random sampling of 400 members in their 10s until 40s. 50 men and 50 women are chosen randomly to participate in each age group. (However, some popular artists have had NINKI exceeding 500, so we can only assume that Oricon has extended the polling to around 600/700 people now.)

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It'd be interesting to see how far Jin has gone up or down with this album. As for me, I'm rooting for HY, SCANDAL, BUCK-TICK, 3daime JSB and Kana to do decently.


Added NINKI notes since there are still some people who are confused about NINKI ratings and sales/copies sold being different from each other.

Source 1, 2

Kato Cha and his 23-year-old wife hold wedding ceremony and reception

On March 1st, talento Kato Cha (69) and his wife Ayana (23) held a wedding ceremony and reception in Koshigaya City, Saitama. The couple caused quite a stir with their age gap of 45 years when they got married in June of last year.

For the ceremony, Kato wore a custom made pink tuxedo and Ayana wore a white wedding dress produced by Kanda Uno. Kato revealed that his wife’s engagement ring is from Cartier and their wedding bands are Tiffany.

With an embarrassed grin, Kato said, “I wasn’t nervous, but I was clumsy. I accidentally put the ring on her right ring finger and had to do it all over again.” Ayana also expressed, “Even before it started, Kato-san looked like he wanted to cry, so I cried.

As March 1st also marked Kato’s 69th birthday, the couple now has an age gap of 46 years. Ayana shared that the age gap doesn’t bother her at all. When asked what made her fall in love with Kato, she replied, “The number one thing was that he’s reliable. He waited 6 months before we started dating and used the time wisely.” Meanwhile, Kato said happily, “We’ve gotten over the age gap. Now, she has me under her thumb. I’m undomesticated.

While Ayana stated that she wants at least 2 children, Kato responded, “I’m already at that age so… We are doing what we can, but I can’t keep up. I think 2 will be too much.” However, he seemed motivated as he said, “Since we set a record with our age gap, I also want to set a record with babies.

The couple was also asked if they had any concerns about infidelity. Ayana quickly answered, “I don’t,” while Kato uttered, “I’m worried because she’s still young. It seems she has many fans on my blog, so I’ll protect her desperately.

Finally, Kato announced that fellow The Drifters member Nakamoto Koji (70) will soon be getting married. “Eh? I wasn’t supposed to say anything? But it’s okay now right?

Source & Image: TV Asahi & tokyohive

Sashihara Rino gives Watanabe Mayu a kiss for topping the Oricon Daily Chart

On February 29th, AKB48 member Watanabe Mayu topped the Oricon Daily Charts with her solo debut single, “Synchro Tokimeki“.

The next day, Watanabe updated Watarirouka Hashiritai 7’s official blog with her feelings about her great achievement. First of all, she thanked her fans for watching her special internet live through Ustream and Ameblo Studio.

Watanabe reported, “I have some good news that I can hardly believe my ears,” and continued to doubt the results as she said, ”To take number one… I still can’t believe it.” She then thanked her staff, her mom, and her fans for all their support.

Watanabe also expressed, “I’m glad to be alive. I’m glad I worked hard without quitting until now. I’m glad I got to meet everyone. I’m thankful for this encounter and destiny.

Fellow members of AKB48 were also excited to hear that Watanabe topped the Oricon Daily Chart. Sashihara Rino wrote on her official blog, “My favorite Mayu!!! Oricon Chart number 1!!! Congrats!” She wrapped it up with a photo of herself giving Watanabe a kiss on the cheek.

Source: RBB Today and tokyohive


New flawless album release from a flawless artist

In other words: not everyone in J&A runs around getting 'going club, getting drunk' and impregnating women, or: Shamanippon Domoto Tsuyoshi will be releasing a brand new album full of perfection.

The album is scheduled to drop the day after his 33th birthday, on April 11th and it's titled 'shamanippon -ラカチノトヒ-' (rakachinotohi)

A new twitter account was created for updates straight from the studio, whereas the old account will still be up for random cryptic messages, I guess. The old account hasn't been tweeted from since September, but the bio was updated at least.

The album is scheduled to come in three different editions:

Limited Edition TYPE A 2CD+DVD
10 songs (2 only on this edition), 10 instrumental songs, 8 instrumental music videos + album ‘making of’ (50 min), special box packaging, 68p booklet.


Limited Edition TYPE B 2CD+DVD
9 songs (1 only on this and RE, 1 only on this edition), 10 instrumental songs, video for 'Shamanippon ~Kuni no uta~' + ‘making of’ (15min), special slipcase packaging, lyrics card.


Regular Edition
11 songs (1 only on this and B, 3 only on this), 16 p booklet


Source: Official Website:
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JpopAsia's Interview With Acid Black Cherry

September 21st, 2011. The date is an important one for Acid Black Cherry and his fans. On this day, ABC embarked on an ambitious musical project. The singer, also the vocalist of the rock band Janne Da Arc, released the first single in a series of monthly singles, all leading up to his new album, "2012", on March 21st.

JpopAsia got a chance to speak to ABC about his latest musical work. Check out our exclusive interview below:
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Source: JpopAsia
yoona ♥
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Ayu re-releasing her albums as "playbuttons"

On March 21st Ayumi Hamasaki will be re-releasing a bunch of her studio albums in playbutton form. The "album" is actually a tin button and you insert your headphones at the bottom. Albums included in this release are her thirteen studio albums, two mini albums and three greatest hits.

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so cool!! missing A BALLADS though...!
IchigOhchan 1

M Flo reveals MV for "All I Want is you"

M Flo reveals another MV for their latest album, SQUARE ONE. I hope this will restore some faith to this magnificent duo ^^ and because my previous upload has some trouble, I found another link which I hope is playable in any country.
Enjoy ^^

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Mods, please ignore my previous post.
And if anyone recognize the vocalist, please let us know. She has a lovely voice ^^
GD - F Yeah

New FRIED YELLOW PV Will Make You Laugh and Bawl

YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz released their new PV for the song また、ここで逢いましょッ (Let's Meet Here Again).

The song is dedicated to victims of 3.11 and was shot in Sendai.

YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz - Mata, Koko de Aimasho PV (FULL) from Masa2 on Vimeo.

The song is featured on YFCz's first soon-to-be-released album, and audio previews are now on the Officially Fried Webpage.

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Recochoku's Monthly Download Chart for February

Recochoku has just released the monthly charts for the month of February.

Check out the top ranking for digital singles, chaku-uta, and music videos over the past month below!

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cr: recochoku

OT but it would be great if we had another tag suggestion post!! i have a few in mind alr.