March 3rd, 2012

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AKB48 + JKT48 mini concert streaming....tomorrow (or today) :P

As we all know, that AKB48 has come to Jakarta, to attend the J Pop Culture festival and having a mini concert on Feb 25th 2012. Well, for all of us who couldn't attend the show will have a chance to watch it via streaming at  AKB48 official YT channel and JKT48 G+ page , tomorrow (or today) at March 3, from 18.30 to 20.30 (Japan time). The actual concert will be streamed at 19.00 - 20.30, while 30 minutes before that will be filled with some interview with JKT48 members, using the "hangout" feature from Google+.

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Can anyone record this? onegai? I can't watch it tomorrow :3

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apparently, yamapi has a sex tape.

Yamashita Tomohisa, who left NEWS and has begun a solo career for himself, has now got something else creeping up. Suddenly, Yamapi’s sex tape video has apparently sprung up, and theres said to be a man walking around selling it.

Its said last year the man went to a weekly pictorial magazine and offered to sell the video for 3,000,000 yen. He also stated Yamapi’s partner in the video is a half-Japanese woman.

According to an editor at the magazine, “the video shows a naked man and woman in missionary position, but when the man turns his back we can’t surely tell if its Yamashita. We told him even if its the real thing, its not worth 3,000,000 yen. After that the man became silent and went home.”

The same man allegedly went to many different magazines, even the evening paper (where he had the video confirmed), and now has 4 sale propositions - but it still apparently has yet to be bought.

Speaking of half-Japanese women, Yamapi also had a relationship with Kagami Seira. 

If the video is real, and even if Johnny’s Jimusho pays twice the amount to retrieve it, the whereabouts of the video are currently unknown.



K-Pop Fans Hating on Momochi and Co.

Recently, the TV program Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke Eight had a recording that involves k-pop group, T-ara as well as three members of Berryz Koubou: Tsugunaga Momoko, Tokunaga Chinami and Natsuyaki Miyabi.

They scripted a show where Momochi(who is a regular on the show thanks to her Momo Attack) does her usual thing which involves crashing other people's show and telling people that she's cuter than everyone else. However, since it's recorded in front of T-ara fans, they completely ignored the staged comedy and started yelling stuff like, "You're really annoying!" "Die!" to Momochi, or "You're not cute at all!" to Miyabi. The three girls and the host tried their best to ignore the haters but they starting shouting, "Don't ignore us, get out of here." and such.

While Momochi is used to such abuse, Miyabi reportedly left with red eyes after the recording.

Stupid haters. They should realize that with Momochi on the show, the ratings will increase and give that k-pop group more exposure.

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Mihashi - Eh?? *sambil makan*
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miwa's guitarium songs preview + COTTON USA episodes

miwa's 2nd album guitarium song's preview~

EDITED : Seems like livejournal is having a very big trouble embedding this videos, please check it yourself x__x

miwa and COTTON USA episodes
episode 1 :
episode 2 :
Making :

And in case you forgot about EXILE+miwa+YMO+other artists project, "JAPAN UNITED with LOVE", here's the short PV I found.

source : miwaddicts LJ
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Kaela Kimura is making her 2012 comeback

After releasing her number one album 8EIGHT8 back in November and going on tour, Kaela is back releasing a new single [title TBA] on May 16. Only the DVD contents, which will include lives from her Budokan concert have revealed.

1.A winter fairy is melting a snowman
3.Make my day! 
9.喜怒哀楽 plus 爱 
10.Super girl 
E2.Magic Music 
全12曲収录 55分予定


\o/ excited!
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Tommy February6 makes a heavenly return

By: Daniel Robson

The pop music industry — it's enough to turn anyone into a schizophrenic. And Tomoko Kawase is perhaps J-pop's most fragmented personality of all.

 Rising to fame in the late-1990s as the singer in top-selling Kyoto guitar-pop band The Brilliant Green, she went solo in 2001 under the name Tommy February6, a super-cute throwback to the British and European chart pop of the '80s, with a subtly subversive streak. And then in 2003, she went solo again — this time as the darker Tommy Heavenly6, playing Avril Lavigne-esque commercial pop-rock that soundtracked countless anime.

And then she went back to The Brilliant Green for 2010's "Blackout" album. And now she's back as both solo artists at once. And now you're confused, so let's ask Kawase to clear it up, shall we?

"When I first decided to go solo, I wanted to make music as different as possible from The Brilliant Green," she recalls as she sits in her favorite seat in the lobby of Warner's Tokyo HQ, a brassy baseball cap placed sideways atop her head. "I wanted to make danceable music. So I went back to my roots, which was '80s eurobeat. When I was at school, Rick Astley was all the rage — he even did a soda advert on TV."

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Japan Times

the february side wasn't that catchy tbh, but the heavenly was amazing, now I hope she doesn't take super long break again
how did you like the album arama?

Fukushima nursery gets Caribbean kids' letters

About 250 letters written by children in the Dominican Republic were delivered Tuesday to a nursery school in the city of Fukushima as part of a UNICEF project to cheer up children in areas hit by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

The letters were delivered to the Torikawa nursery school by Rie Yanagimoto, who worked in the Caribbean country as a nurse through the Japan International Cooperation Agency's overseas volunteer program.

Part of the "Tegami (Letter) Project" launched by the Japan Committee for the U.N. Children's Fund to connect children in Japan's disaster-hit areas with their peers around the world, the letters were written with colorful illustrations and encouraging messages for children in the Tohoku region.

More than 2,000 letters from 30 countries have been delivered to disaster-hit areas, according to the Japan committee.


Too cute...
Nagano - deep thoughts

All Members Over 30, Still in High Spirits! V6 is Getting Serious

Recently, V6 has been kind of amazing. Their latest single, Bari Bari BUDDY! (avex trax), was released on February 15, and it's become quite a hot topic.

Touted as "V6's fastest ever song," their dance moves are not only sharp and energitic, but also comedic. When they performed on TV shows, many such comments popped up one after another: "This gives me energy!" "What's up with V6?? lolol this is really awesome lolol" "It's been a while since I've been so into something!" "Lookin' good, lookin' good! [T/N: "キレてるキレてる" is also what Sakamoto yells near the end of the song, lol.]

Through the unforgetable, impactful melody along with the ojisans' extremely serious and sharp dance moves, V6 bring out an indescribable sense of fun.

2008 saw the end of their extremely popular program "Gakkou e Ikou! MAX" (TBS), which had undergone renewal, and after 10 years, "Viva Viva V6" (Fuji TV) and "Shin Chishikikaikyuu Kumagusu" (TBS) ended as well. "Mission V6" (TBS), which also received good reviews, ended last year. Now they are hosting "Otoko no Hensa-chi," and Kamisen has a yakiniku sauce commercial, so V6's TV appearances as a group have decreased a lot.

Perhaps due to such circumstances, in January 2012 there were threads on the internet with titles such as, "I can't tell if V6's members are still around..."

However, last year's August single, Sexy.Honey.Bunny! (avex trax), surprised many with V6's image change.

In the past, the younger subgroup Kamisen (comprised of Morita Go, Miyake Ken, and Okada Junichi) had always been the center of attention. In contrast, the older subgroup Tonisen had very few songs and solo parts. However, Sexy.Honey.Bunny! did a complete 180: Sakamoto Masayuki and Inohara Yoshihiko rocked most of the solo parts, leaving an intense impact upon listeners.

The recent single, Bari Bari BUDDY!, is also centered around Sakamoto and Inohara, who passionately sang to the light and quick beat.

Somewhere along the line, the main focus in V6 had shifted from Kamisen to Tonisen. According to an editor familiar with Johnny's, "Because Inocchi (Inohara Yoshihiko) got his break by doing Asaichi with NHK, he's kind of shifted to a central position within the group. Sakamoto's been doing a lot of musicals, so he has great volume and singing skills, and while Nagano Hiroshi's a bit plain, for that reason he's got a sense of stability. In the past all the attention was on the young, charismatic Kamisen, but now that all the members are over 30, 'youthfulness' and 'coolness' don't show up as strongly as each member's individual personalities."

Incidentally, the 3 members of Tonisen was backdancers for Hikaru GENJI's song, Tsurugi no Mai, in 1988. The backdancers formed a group called Heikeha, which also included TOKIO's Joshima Shigeru, Yamaguchi Tatsuya, and Kokubun Taichi. In recent years, they've held "reunion talks" on The Shounen Club Premium (NHK), and even held a special Christmas live event.

Even though they were originally a group of backdancers, Tonisen has gained acclaim for their singing and dancing abilities. With them as the main focus of V6, they can actively adopt new types of solo parts, expanding the breadth of the types of songs the group can sing.

With the continuously hardworking "Anigumi" Tonisen as the main members of V6, some have speculated that the group is actually an example of "great talents mature late." We will be watching the group's future activities and expansions into new genres with eager eyes.

Source, translated by yours truly.

I don't know where this author's been this whole time, but Sakamoto and Inocchi have always gotten the solo parts in songs from day one. But still, it's always great to see sempai groups (and Heikeha!) get shout-outs, even if it's from a tabloid!

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