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As said on this interview, Tommy's working on some kind of "80's boyband" as part of the february6 fantasy.
Well, the teaser video can already be seen! The guys seem to be from heavenly6 support band. (They wear too much make up, sometimes it's hard to tell them apart)

I really don't know what to think about this yet.

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The brilliant songwriter and all-around nice guy, Jin Akanishi is about to launch his new album, Japonicana. Some netizens have already gotten their hands on a digital copy and thus on the lyrics of his songs. One in particular is very interesting:

That's what she said - lyrics
edit: Please note that the lyrics can be triggering for people who have experienced sexual violation in any way. Also note that due to the heated discussions a lot of the comments will be triggering as well and none carry warning labels.
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for a preview of the song:
lyrics transcription: me, myself and I

On March 3rd, “The 14th Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) 2012 SPRING/SUMMER” was held at Yokohama Arena.

TGC was first established in August of 2008 to ‘bring Japanese real clothes into the world’. Held twice a year, the event features fashion, beauty, music, and entertainment that conveys the current era. An unique feature of this event is that the audience can immediately purchase the outfits that are worn by the models on the runway.

Since this day also marked ‘Doll’s Festival (Girl’s Day)’, the event carried the theme, ‘The Largest Girls’ Festival’. It showed great success as a total of 27,000 women mainly in their teens and 20’s gathered at the event.

The main models included Sasaki Nozomi, Karina, Gouriki Ayame, Kinoshita Yukina, Nishiyama Maki, Tsuchiya Anna, Triendle Reina, Fujii Rina, Mizuhara Kiko, Michibata Angelica, Yano Mikiko, Yamada Yu, Rola, Akimoto Kozue, and Kanbe Ranko.

Additionally, child actress Honda Miyu, talento Aki Takejo, Saeko, Sato Kayo, Suzanne, Suzuki Nana, Minami Akina, Yasuda Misako, Yuki Maomi, and Natsuki Mari also walked the runway as guest models.

The event also featured performances by Nishino Kana, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Milky Bunny, and KARA.

At the end of the event, it was announced that “The 15th TCG AUTUMN/WINTER” will be held on October 13th at Saitama Super Arena.

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Rock bands RIZE and fade will be performing in Toronto, Canada at Canadian Music Fest, which takes place from March 21st to March 25th. In addition, they will also perform in New York City on March 26th.

The two bands will first play at Tranzac on March 21st, before heading to Tattoo Rock Parlour on March 23rd. More information on the concerts and tickets can be found at Canadian Music Fest's website. Their show in New York City will be at The Studio in Webster Hall on March 26th.

Furthermore, during fade's USTREAM session on February 29th, the band announced their plans for a new full-length album this summer. Although still currently untitled, it is known that the album will be released in Japan on June 6th.

RIZE and fade have a unique East meets West sound as they both have members with mixed Japanese and American heritage. Jesse McFaddin, vocalist of RIZE, is Japanese American, and four members of fade were born in the US, including Jon Underdown, who is also a part of GACKT’s YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz.


She sang her debut song "Good Day"  at the "Tokyo Girls Collection 2012 S/S" fashion event held at Yokohama Arena on March 3

It doesn't sound totally akward here :D
& luv her outfit
now if i can only find Nishino kana's performance........


Visual-kei band Raphael is up to something after being on hiatus since 2001. In mid-February, the band launched their official website with a countdown timer. The countdown timer is set to reach ‘0′ on April 7th.

Raphael originally formed in 1997 with vocalist YUKI, guitarist Kazuki, bassist YUKITO, and drummer HIRO. They accomplished their first one-man live in April of 1998, and made their major debut in July of 1999 with the single, “Hanasaki Inochi Aru Kagiri“. To coincide with the members’ graduation from high school in March of 2000, the band held a special concert, called “graduation“, at Nippon Budokan.

The band had a definite influence on the visual kei scene, and showed the power to lead the visual kei band boom. However, in October of 2000, member Kazuki passed away due to a tranquilizer overdose. Raphael later closed the curtains on their activities in January of 2001 after their tour, “Raphael Tour 2000-2001 Shinseiki wo Kakenukero!“.

Since then, YUKI and HIRO formed a rock band called “rice“. On April 6th, they will hold a one-man live at Harajuku Astro Hall to commemorate their 11th anniversary. YUKITO is also in a band called “Dance Dance Dance“, and held their first live concert in February.

Stay tuned to tokyohive for follow-up reports!

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HKT48's Team H was revealed tonight during their first stage show at the HKT48 theater. The 16 girls in Team H are:

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AKB48’s upcoming anime, “AKB0048“, has announced the names of three more voice actress who will be providing their voices for the ’succession members’!

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On March 3rd, rock band L’Arc~en~Ciel started their biggest-scaled world tour at AsiaWorld-EXPO ARENA in Hong Kong. The tour is slated to pull in over 300,000 in total.  The vocalist hyde shouted to an audience of 10,000 in Cantonese,

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Music Lovers:Terry Ito, Hiroyuki Amano (Kyaiin)

only ones i could find, they performed more though

Last night, a producer of one of Arashi's regular shows, VS Arashi posted this tweet.

"VS Arashi! heads overseas. Beginning with older episodes, it will start airing in Hong Kong. It would be great if we could promote it to more places around the world! This year's VS Arashi will be done in full spirit of facing new challenges!"


VSA is an awesomely flawless show full of crack, rainbows and sparkles which has little language or cultural barrier, doesn't have a food segment, and can be enjoyed by anyone! Even Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz enjoyed Rolling Coin Tower!

Korean girl group CHI-CHI will be releasing their Japanese debut single, “Karakawanaide!!“, on April 25th.

“Karakawanaide” is the Japanese version of CHI-CHI’s “Don’t Play Around“, which was originally released early last year in South Korea.

The single will come in 3 different versions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and a Regular Edition. The DVD for Limited Edition A will come with the MV for the title track, while Limited Edition B will come with the making-of footage along with off-shots.

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K-POP will raid Japan again this March. Stars who are big in Japan including DBSK, Kara, Girls’ Generationhave been getting ready for tours in January and February. So they weren’t able to release new albums in Japan. However, they will comeback in March with newly released songs.

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U-KISS seems to be on a roll in Japan as they have once again ranked in the top on the Oricon Chart.

Ranking on Oricon is nothing new for the boys as their Japanese debut single, “Tick Tack”, (released in December, 2011) has ranked as high as #3 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart and #5 on the Weekly Chart.

With the release of their first official album ‘A Shared Dream’, the boys ranked #6 on the Daily Album Chart, and their single “Forbidden Love” ranked #9 on the Daily Single Chart. As of the today, the boys have gone up in rank as their album and single have ranked #2 and #6, respectively!

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The movie “Liar Game -Saisei-” (-Reborn-), starring Matsuda Shota and Tabe Mikako, opened in theaters on March 3rd. The cast of the movie attended a stage greeting in Tokyo to celebrate its opening day.

Matsuda has been playing the role of the protagonist ‘Akiyama’ since the drama adaptation in 2007. He commented, “So far the genius Akiyama always was able to keep this composed and triumphant look on his face, but this time he’s reaching his limit. Nevertheless I still tried to keep his composed expressions, which I hope will be reflected on the screen.”

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Matsuda Shota deserves more love

Kana Nishino has announced that she will be going on tour this autumn. The tour is titled "Kanayan Tour 2012~Arena~".

Details of the tour have not been released yet. An announcement is coming soon.

Kana Nishino's latest single "SAKURA, I Love You?" will be released this Tuesday, March 7th. Afterwards, the singer will release another single on May 23rd tentatively titled "Watashitachi".


50 years since their debut, The Beach Boys announced that they will be going on their world tour which will stop by Japan in August in Chiba, Osaka, and Nagoya. It will be his 2nd time since 1979 that core member Brian Wilson will return to Japan.

This time's tour will center the original members of the band which includes Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks. Their world tour will begin in Arizona State (USA) on April 24th and from there tour around the United States until July. After that, they will perform in Japan on August 16th at the Chiba Marine Stadium , the 17th at the Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium, and the 18th at the Nagoya Civic General Gymnasium. The songs to be sung will surely bring back old memories of this great band.

It has also been announced that a new album (Title/Release date TBA) will be released this summer. The leader of the band, Brian, commented that its kind of nostalgic to be here with everyone for 50 years and that standing up on stage again is very exciting.


Violinist Emiri Miyamoto decided to collaborate with rock band Glay's TAKURO for her new single titled "Hikari". Miyamoto as a part of "NEWS ZERO" came to know GLAY and because of that was able to ask a member of GLAY if they could collaborate and TAKURO answered back that he would be able to. The new song will also appear on her new album titled "renaissance" which is set to be released on March 7th. A part of the sales will go to the relief fund to help Japan.

The new album will include the pro orchestra from the Miyagi Prefecture as well as the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra. Miyamoto will also be on TV on March 11th on the show titled "Fukkou TV Minna no CHIKARA 3.11" which she will appear along side the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra.

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We’ve all heard some pretty interesting stories about the lengths celebrities will go to in order to hide a relationship. From masks to sunglasses to hats, the more acreage of their faces they can cover, the better. Oshima Yuko went one step further though…

“First, she’d surveyed the apartment entrance from around 30m away. After watching for around 10min to see that no strange person is around, she’d make a mad dash towards the entrance. That’s something she does on a daily basis. It seems that she’s still traumatized from the photos tabloids took of her while returning home.” This trauma might be back in 2010, when she accidentally admitted to visiting her boyfriend when a reporter ambushed her with an interview on her way home.

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Covers for Be Genki! < Naseba Naru! >

Regular Edition

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And if you DO hate them, go look at ManoEri's 3rd album covers to get an idea of what they could look like.

She lives true to herself and shines with an overwhelming charm. A songstress that Japan is proud of: KODA KUMI

She’s a diva who always blows a fresh wind through the world of J-Pop: Koda Kumi-san draws attention to the image of a cool, sexy and at times charming woman. She announced her marriage late last year. She shares her secret to “shining truly” in fashion, love and work.

Q. What to do when you hit a wall?
“It’s important to persevere and believe you can overcome your obstacles. Believe in yourself and you’ll be fine!

Q. What’s needed to be your true self?
“Don’t be swayed by people’s opinions. Cherish your family, friends and lover and you will find your true self.”

You need to believe in yourself and never give up in order to make your dreams come true.

“These days I think that, both in relationships and at work, the more things you gain the more things you have to sacrifice.” She debuted 12 years ago. She has many enthusiastic fans that are inspired by her fashion and words: Koda Kumi-san is influential.

“Saying that I feel the need to praise myself would be an exaggeration but when I look back on these 12 years I feel that hard work pays off. It’s like the saying: from small beginnings come great things. The word “ero-kakkoi” became popular. When I was criticized for my sexy outfits, my boyfriend at the time encouraged me and I consulted my mother while desperately trying to establish my own style. But my boyfriend and I were different types. If I hadn’t been blessed with my wonderful staff and fans who accept me, I doubt I’d be standing where I’m standing now. Thinking back now, the more “Koda Kumi” pushed, the more “Kuu-chan” felt sad and restrained herself – I often made sacrifices, especially in my love life. Love is crucial to a person’s growth and it gives you many things, but I always placed “Koda Kumi” first in the end. But I was able to experience great things at work and meet great people thanks to placing her first. While establishing my own solid style, I was able to meet my wonderful husband. It’s important to believe in yourself when you’re having a difficult time. Don’t be swayed by people’s opinions. Never compromise on the things you want to protect.”

Her consistent conviction is widely supported by women who want to be strong, sexy and feminine. “Even though there are changes going on in my private life and I’ll be turning 30, I want to be a sexy, cool woman that other women look up to. I definitely don’t want to become meek.” Her new album JAPONESQUE is filled with this fighting spirit of hers.

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source: Blenda magazine, translated by verduistering@lj

she is like Aphrodite *__*
goddess of love <3

DiVA and DDATE, if ya didn't know


sorry for the Chinese streaming sites, whenever I use a youtube link it goes private :/
also LOOOOOOVE DIVA's new song, need the pv now and happy none of the new girls sing
Release date is 04/18


I don't think anyone has posted anything about this song yet. Love the song, but it cracks me up every time idols dance to ballads. 

Itano Tomomi, long awaited 3rd single has a release date! It will hit the chars on April 25th. As of now there is no title.

<2012.04.25 Release>
板野友美 3rd Maxi SINGLE 「Untitled」

・<type-A> KIZM-147/148(CD+DVD) ¥1,600
・<type-B> KIZM-149/150(CD+DVD) ¥1,600
・<Regular editon> KICM-1391(CD)   ¥1,000

Goo CM + Samantha Thavasa All stars

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Kanjani8 are going to have an even busier 8th anniversary year- it was recently announced that a superhero film titled "Eito Rangers" starring the members themselves is set for release on July the 28th!

Centred around a legendary hero named "Captain Silver" played by Tachi Hiroshi, the film will be set in the future (2035 to be precise) in the midst of a battle against terrorists.

The "Eito Rangers" originally formed part of a skit corner in Kanjani8's concerts, dreamt up by member Yokoyama You- the rangers were notably absent from 2011's dome tour, but are set to make their comeback in style.
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"Eito Rangers" will be directed by Tsutsumi Yukihiko and filming begins on the 6th of March.
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Anyone wondering what she'll be doing?

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